A Thorough Tongue Lashing

Featuring Domina Victoria Rage All photos ©Spectrum House, LLC 2013


The other day, I intercepted a call that made my blood boil.


After years of having my phone number publicly posted on the internet, you can imagine I’ve fielded a wealth of inquiries – mostly serious, but plenty of wankers, time wasters and other unsavory characters. It’s an occupational hazard that you’ll sometimes get some rude people or prank calls…you just have to let it slide and move on with your day.

This call was different in a way I’d not yet encountered; cloaked in the guise of a gentleman simply looking for a good time, this caller said one of the most distasteful things I’ve heard to date.


“I’m not like your other clients, I just like to (insert fetish here). I’m really just a  clean cut, honest guy, I’m not a weirdo, not a creep -” I cut him off here.


Why is this so infuriating? Well, this boy is someone who’s seen reputable Dommes for a LONG time,  one of my very own duo partners served as a reference for him. I doubt she’d heard this little gem come out of his mouth, but there it was. Plain as day, this guy is sitting on the phone with me, elevating himself by making a sweeping generalization about ALL of my other clients (and me by extension) in hopes of somehow making sure I felt he was a safe and  ‘normal’ guy.

No caller, you’re not like my other clients. You’re rude, you make baseless assumptions and you in fact *are* a bit of a creep. You judge others who see me in a negative light because your imagination tells you my visitors are likely ‘unkempt, weird or creepy”. Judging anyone based on what get’s them off is like judging people based on what type of breakfast cereal they like – and that is clearly absurd. Besides, if you know what *I* do behind closed doors, I’m sure you’d be appalled and I simply don’t have time for someone with that much negativity in them.


Who exactly do you think I see? What “class” of visitors do you typical envision that I entertain? Despite your very wrong perception, I see gentlemen; perfect gentlemen….and that is exactly why he and I will never meet.

For the record, and since I know many of you often wonder and inquire, there is no ‘average guy’ who comes knocking on my door.

Ages range from sprouting visitors in their 20′s to gentlemen in their 80′s.  I’ve seen soldiers, welders, the unemployed, security agents, fire men, off duty police officers, lawyers, doctors, family men, single guys, neurosurgeons, teachers, book store clerks and more. I’ve seen men who pay for my time as if it cost as much as a cup of coffee and men who save their dollars for MONTHS to gain my audience for an hour. I’ve seen men of all races, religions and backgrounds.

I’ve seen first timers, literal virgins and men who have done this ‘so many times’ they wanted one last horrah before hanging up their kink hat. I’ve seen men with multiple degrees and a level of intelligence that leaves me in awe and I’ve seen men who needed a little extra help and attention. I’ve seen men of all levels of physical fitness, body shape, look, style, and type that you can possibly imagine. I’ve seen decorated and honored men and those who have a lifetime of regrets and a police record.  I’ve seen what feels like half the hard working staff of Boeing, Amazon and Microsoft and men who have never worked a day in their lives. I’ve seen men so confident and creative that they ask for a session by composing their introductory email like a poem and men so nervous and intimidated that I can hear the literal shaking in their voices on the phone. I see men who view me as their equal play partner and men who submit so fully that I control their very lives.

There is no creepy here. There is no ‘general’ here.

Everyone is different, various levels of success, various positions in life, various life situations. You know what matters to me? None of that.

I don’t consider the details of someone’s life when seeing them. I don’t care if you’re wearing an Armani suit and driving an Aston Martin or if you still have dirt under your nails and your work clothes on. None of that matters when you’re disrobed, tied up and gagged – you’re all on equal ground there.

When you call me to discuss the details of our play, I have no judgement. You deserve to see me no matter who you are, what you do and what you look like; my requirement is that you’re a gentleman.Fortunately, 99.9% of you are just that and everyone who’s ever seen men in the flesh has acted to those standards without incident. Your kinks will never define you and no matter how ‘weird’ one person might consider the bulk of what I do, their personal prejudices don’t matter worth a damn.  All of this, every stitch of it, is entirely normal to me, and since you’re calling for MY attention, I’m the only opinion that matters here….and you have my acceptance.

You caller, do not…and I invite you to rethink your statement and reconsider how you present yourself….. because bluntly, your attitude was appalling, childish and unacceptable.





Cat Got Your Tongue? Sharing Your Desires With Your Dominatrix!

I’ve never been indirect with my intentions. 
If I’d like to whip someone, I tell them,  I don’t feel a need to invent reasons or concoct some imagined scenario to justify myself…. I simply inform my playmate that I feel they need to be disciplined and I’ll be using my lash. It tends to make things easier for both of us when you’re just honest and straightforward. I take this approach in all avenues of my life and as you can likely guess, it’s worked out quite well for me. 
Now, I don’t expect this to work for everyone all the time, however within the confines of my space, I expect my playmates to behave similarly. I don’t want you to shy behind some sort of faux virtue in hopes that one day, I’ll compose a scene for them that just hits the nail on the head – by chance. Really, in the width or breadth of my kinks (assuming the scene ideas are left entirely in my hands) this could take quite a while to discover your individual wants and needs. I expect you to be straightforward; and no, I don’t consider open dialog and communication to be topping from the bottom. I allow you the freedom to tell me what you really crave and by ‘allow’, I really mean demand.
I know what you’re thinking…since I’ve heard it a million times from red cheeked men, blushing furiously at the thought of sharing their deepest desires with a near stranger. How on earth do I compose my thoughts enough to convey them? How to I just tell you?

Well my lovely, scary as that question may be, you’re a bit braver than you think. By the time you’ve reached by dungeon door, you’ve already admitted quite a bit about yourself already. Namely, that kink is more than a fleeting urge. You want it, you want it enough to pay for it, to get ready for it, to schedule and show up for a play date. And as you park in front of my studio, taking that fateful walk to my door, you’ve had a million chances to turn tail and run, but you don’t. Your desire has outweighed everything else….and then, you knock. That’s a primal desire overpowering your self inflicted nerves. 

I respect that urge, the curiosity that lead us out of the cave to explore new realms and find out what was over the next horizon. Those primal pioneers that pushed ever forward to conquer the world had the same blood running in their veins as we do now, and in that expansive and forward thinking spirit, I invite you to do the same with a journey inwards into yourself. Venture into the darkest avenues of your lusty spirit and ask yourself what it is you really want. 
Do not hide from yourself  - do not hide from me. Allow the same bravery that led you to my presence in the first place guide you to a bit more self realizing honestly and let’s explore the depth of what you really need to find peace and gratification. 

New Dungeon – The Priory of Perversion – Now Open!!!

Featuring Domina Victoria Rage All photos ©Spectrum House, LLC 2013

Let’s face it, this is the post you’ve really been waiting for…

With much pleasure, I’m unspeakably proud to announce that my dream dungeon is now officially open! 

After two long weeks of unpacking, organizing and decorating, all the pieces of my kinky little puzzle have come together to complete this project. Quite honestly, as excited as I may seem about all of this, you boys truly won’t know the depth of my joy in this move.

You see, every Domme has a vision of what her ideal play space would look like and what it would contain. Very much like how we envision our perfect home, wedding, partner or last meal; this is simply the leather version. For years, I’ve slowly and methodically collected the implements of my darkest desire and scouted various cities and neighborhoods all across the US until finally, here in lovely Seattle, I’ve found the perfect spot to call my own. And… with it being a purchased property that I own; I’m content in the knowledge that I can do whatever I’d like to it as the years pass on… expand it, modify it, knock down walls, rip up floors, install all manor of crazy gadgetry – anything I want, without restraint and without hesitation. Oh yes, there’s some sweet satisfaction my dear boys.

At present, my studio is 4 rooms in total: The Adrenaline Room, Seductive Sleepover Sanctuary, The Clinic and one room not yet named. I can’t quite tell if I want to go ominous or sultry with it, but I’ll keep you posted. Overall, it’s 1200 sqft, soundproof and terribly private. For the Summer I do have a very large backyard and a very secluded park just down the street; really an ideal situation.

So, while I admit my schedule is booking up briskly, I have plenty of time free to entertain new visitors, returning guests and loyal regulars who’ve anxiously (but patiently) waited for me to settle.

Consider this my version of ringing the dinner bell…. come and get it boys (cause I’m about to give it to you hard!!!)

Warning: Visitors coming in during my first week of availability should be advised that I have been sans play for 2 full weeks. My energy level will be extremely high and my stamina will be relentless. Bring your A game or stay home we’re you’re safe.




Hello Stranger, are you ready for me?


I’ll come right out and say it, I love novices.

Admittedly, with my schedule often dominated by my dearly beloved regulars, I don’t have as much time as I used to for such appointments. However, this month I’ve been graced with some thoroughly amazing encounters featuring brand spankin’ new playmates. Let me tell you, it’d just been the most revitalizing experience.
I’ve always had a particular place in my heart for the nervous newbie, and that stems from a certain bit of confidence I have in my ability to help people be a bit more self accepting. Despite all appearances, I’m a nurturer at heart and seeing someone embrace that part of themselves for the first time, and being able to facilitate that, simple makes my heart swell.
You have to admit, there’s something romantic about taking a reluctant, shy or simply inexperienced partner and creating the moment that makes them eager to dig a little deeper within themselves. For that reason alone, the way I structure a first appointment is like no other…and for any of you teetering on the decision of taking the plunge with me, let me break that down for you a bit.
At its core, a first time scene structurally consists of putting you at ease with me, helping you feel accepted in your sexuality, and then taking whatever fantasies or interests you have and giving them to you exactly; all within the bounds of you comfort level. In that sense, a first appointment is unlike any other. I’m here to take you where you need to go, where you might have been waited ages to go. I want to satisfy the long held urge, to indulge the curiosity, to show you that fantasy and reality can often intertwine just beautifully and give you a taste for more… that’s the point.

All the boundary pushing, edging towards distant, deviant goals and heavier play can come later. The first time, the deflowering,  it’s all about pure unadulterated satisfaction.

While my playmate is reveling in that gratification, I get to sit back and absorb all that beautiful energy. Absolutely everything I do to them is virgin territory, I am their first and I get to be the one to share those incredibly personal and meaningful moments. It’s bliss….and I eat it up like candy.

I’ve made a point for a while now to mention in various ads and portions of my website, that you don’t need experience to come see me. Those seem to be comforting words and I’m glad for that. Everyone starts somewhere and there’s no imagined measure of experience one must have to be considered “ready” to visit a Pro Domme. You are fine just as you are…Really, in every sense!


Believe me my dear virginal suitors, even I, after all these years, still have a flutter in my heart when I cross a new client. I might have the intuition to quickly sort out what they need and how they need it to be given, but this isn’t because I’ve had years of scenes under my belt, it’s because I live in the moment and in those moments, those people, their bodies, their rapid heartbeats and baited breath, tell me everything I need to know when I speak the right words or tie them up in just the way they were so deeply hoping that I would: it all becomes clear.
You are no more or less prepared to meet me, then I am to meet you. The only difference, is that I am always up for it….but it’s on you to initiate first contact.
Now, shall we get better acquainted?


Counting the days until closing….


Just as predicted, everything is perfectly on track for the closing date of my new place, as well as the subsequent packing and moving of all my worldly possessions. As the days tick on and the deadline gets closer, my excitement level is rising ever higher, to the point where I’ve been spending every free moment picking paint colors and mentally arranging the placement of my dungeon furniture…not to mention, contemplating some new purchases and a photo shoot! (We’ll see – please don’t email me with suggestions)


I’m just wanting to keep you boys in the loop that things are going according to plan, and to formally remind everyone that the very last day to see me in my current studio will be March 25th, just 9 days left! Admittedly, I do have very limited availability, but there are a few open spots for one last hurrah in the place you’ve come to love.


I plan to be unpacked and ready for sessions beginning Tuesday the 8th for the general masses, and yes, this is a firm time frame you can count on if you’d like to book in advance – which I encourage.


Training pets or submissives will be able to book some time with me from the 5th on, so I can get a feel for the new layout and break in my space in style. I do realize this is contrary to my typical schedule, but given the circumstances, I’m making the exception.


Lastly, I just wanted to thank you guys so much for your well wishes, support, congratulations and tributes. I can’t possibly tell you how easy you have all made this transition for me. It’s been a very stressing issue to coordinate all of this, but your emotional backing, patience and flexibility has helped enormously. Not to mention those of you who have literally brought me Lowes cards, taken chunks out of my amazon list or straight up offered to help in the moving, lawn moving, or other domestic duties that come along with the deal. Who else could possibly be so lucky?


If any of you are still hoping to help in some capacity, I could always use it! My Wish List is still riddled with domestic and kinky wants/needs that would be a very welcome addition to my household.


I’ll keep you boys posted as things start to get set up, but hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze out one more blog post before I fall off the grid for a bit. Here’s looking forward to welcoming you all to the new play space next month!


A Personal Relationship with a Pro Domme

There are many types of people who darken my door step, and their intentions can be divided in many facets. But, when it comes down to it, I find there are two main groups of visitors I come to make a fond acquaintance with…
1)Those who are looking for some ‘no strings attached’ kinky play
2) Those who crave something deeper and prefer a monogamous d/s relationship with a Dominatrix.
The former is incredibly fun. Sporadic and intense visits that serve to scratch an itch or add some spice to the day for both of us are just lovely! There isn’t too much beyond our time together, but it’s that very spontaneity that makes it so enjoyable.
The latter is what this post is really about; those who want a Mistress, a dominant woman they can dedicate themselves to, or at least a part of themselves to.
Most of the time, when such suitors come forward with those hopes, it’s coupled with a deep fear that they will be flat out rejected. What Pro Domme really needs a personal submissive? Don’t we get enough kink at work?
Well, let me tell you…. the lifestyle ones are going to need something a little more personal.
I get my kicks every day, sure, it’s great and I’m often left totally satisfied by letting my imagination run wild all day in the dungeon. However, you are neglecting one important factor: most pro Dommes are service Tops to a certain degree.
We spend a considerable amount of time tailoring sessions to each particular client, which we will ultimately also enjoy, but is it what we would have done if you said you wanted your scene to consists of whatever kinks your Mistress wants? ,,,,,and ONLY what she wants? Honestly, it may turn out a little differently.
Personally, I’ve woken up on many a day and had my mind set on something different then what my schedule called for. Did it make me enjoy those day’s scenes any less? Hell No!!! But, I did look forward to my next opportunity to unleash whatever pent up desires were rampant in my brain.
Personal slaves, submissives, pets and partners are wildly important in the world of a Lifestyle Mistress. They provide a much needed balance.
I have many levels of ownership in my life and since so many people are curious about such a thing, or actively inquiring, I’ll give you a little peek into what those deviations from the typical Pro Dom/client relationship looks like.
Clients/Suitors: This is the very basic level of a relationship. These individuals I may see only once or whenever the mood strikes them and it is simply because we have compatible interests and schedules. They like what I offer and how I look doing it while I’m offering it. It’s terribly fun, but intentionally impersonal, in this scenario I am simply their facilitator of kink.
Pets: A little more serious, this group is the majority. They are regular visitors who may see me as well as a few other ladies. When in my studio, they very much belong to me and our scenes are a mash up of what we’re both interested in. I’d say outside of our sessions, I do think of them often; and fondly, but I am not a part of their daily lives.
Submissives: This circle is a bit narrower, you’d say that I am their Domina, they serve or visit no other. They carry on a life outside my dungeon, but are often tasked with certain requirements to carry out in my name. They have certain life goals they must achieve in my honor – for their betterment – and devote their time in my studio to satisfying whatever wants or needs I may have.  Often times, my desire will be to make sure they are well taken care of and all their interests are indulged, but they leave this choice to me. As they are mine, these dear boys may bare non permanent ownership marks or may be required to wear certain jewelry items that are person between us as a symbolic reminder of our dynamic.
Collared slaves: I have two such lovely beings. While it may be a bit cliche, I use the word “slave”  very carefully and deliberately. In both cases, they have devoted themselves to me as a woman, a Mistress and as a Professional. They live their lives with a constant thought of whether or not their actions would please me. 100% devoted to me as their Woman, this is the most intense and entangled I can be with someone in a D/s capacity. I am not a hidden part of their life either: this is a real life open relationship.
While all of these various categories exist for me, this is not a guide that could be used with any other Mistress, this is simply my view as it relates to my reality.  I happen to be an incredibly possessive woman; anyone who has met me in the flesh would say that it is one of my defining qualities. My desire to control, own, and dominate someone, mind body and spirit is what makes me such a natural dominatrix… And the amount of personal “self “I bring to the dungeon with me, is incredibly evident, making those who desire such control, feel comfortable and safe under my guidance.
With that said, I know how many of you may want to know how I see our relationship and where you may stand, especially as the years tick on in our dynamic. My hope is that this sheds a bit of light…but truthfully, if nothing more, my point is that you can absolutely have a more personal relationship with a professional Dominatrix! Just because you compensate for her time and contribute to the lifestyle, toys, clothing, and space she uses to fulfill her fantasies and yours, doesn’t take away from the amount of personal emotion she may pour into your time together.
While I might be a true professional on the surface, I am personally never more complete than when I’m looking into someone’s eyes and they tell me point blank that they are mine to take over…

Victoria Rage And Her Parlor Of Pleasure & Pain

Seattle Fetish Photography and Press Kits

If you saw my Twitter update earlier last week, you’ll already know I have some rather large and amazing news to share with you. And if the title doesn’t give it away completely, let me spill it to you now….
I’ve bought myself a little slice of the American dream and a new dungeon space is in my immediate future!
Having just done the inspection today and seeing the property pass almost flawlessly, I’m quickly sorting out the details that will lead up to my highly anticipated transition at the end of the month-ish.
With my fingers crossed that all goes according to plan, March will be my last month in my current space. Hence why I’m making my announcement NOW and not in a few weeks.
As many of you are regular visitors that I’ve dearly enjoyed for years, you’ve seen my studio spaces evolve into ever larger and more elaborate venues, leading up to the point where I could stumble across that perfect spot that would fulfill my every want and need. Finally, I’ve found exactly that and I’m ready to put my heart and soul into my dream dungeon.
Now, I know some of you may be concerned, so let me put you all at ease right away; the location is just a stones throw away from where I am now. That was a huge requirement when I started looking in the first place.
This is by no means a drastic relocation and it will NOT make it any more difficult to get to me.
For reassurance…. I’m still just 1.5 miles from downtown, still super easy to get to, still off a main road, still have abundant free/discreet parking, but will now have the added bonus of being set back slightly in the suburbs (privacy/silence/discretion).
A few other benefits? A fully finished 1100 sqft daylight basement, 100% soundproofing, 3 massive playrooms, a stunning fire place, private and discreet entry, an easier ability to offer same day sessions and more frequent overnight ability!! Phew – that was a mouthful.
As I’m not one to sit around, my schedule during this transition will be minimally impacted. Sessions are only anticipated to be interrupted between March 28th-April 4th, though admittedly this is a rough estimate based on my closing date of March 27th.
I will be available at my current dungeon all the way up to (and including) March 27th and will resume full force in my massive and immaculate new space on April 5th. Of course, I will keep you all posted if this changes at all.
Now, for those of you who have already asked what you could do to help or if there’s anything I may need…
At the moment, more than ever Amazon.com or Lowes gift cards are much appreciated and very very useful! Of course, no such gifts are required: just appreciated. I’d be just as happy having each and every one of you over face to face to break in all my new square footage. I will need a LOT of playtime so shake off all this domestic energy.
I’d also appreciate a little patience when it comes to responding to email correspondences for the next month or so. 
Since most of my bookings are done by phone, they are very easy for me to answer, but emails tend to be more conversational and are often lengthier and removed from scheduling. I’d just ask for typed messages to be kept as concise as possible and be patient as it may take a few days to hear back from me unless you’re requesting an appointment.
Again, if any of these dates change, I will naturally let you dear boys know, but otherwise all I can say is how unspeakably excited for all the fun Ill be having with you deviants!

New Website Is Finally Finished!!!

Featuring Domina Victoria RageAll photos ©Spectrum House, LLC 2013
After a solid month of designing, typing, decision making and general climbing up the walls in anticipation; my new website is up and running!

This has been a long time coming, as I’ve spent countless hours (more like days) of my life previously creating my own pages without the assistance of a trained professional. Finally, with the help of the Veda team, I have in place the very last revision of my content you will ever see….and I have to say, I absolutely love it!
If you haven’t taken a peek just yet, feel free to check it out right now! http://victoriarage.com/
For ease of use, you’ll notice a few new nifty features including a click and expand gallery, separate mobile site and a much more streamlined look. Regrettably, I did have to do away with the Twitter feed on the side bar, but I’ll still be using that away from my website for last minute availability, random updates and photos, for anyone who’d like to keep in the loop with my daily happenings outside our scheduled appointments.
One last feature I absolutely love is that I’ll be able to add loads more content on this site, so stay tuned for additional session photos, videos and a video tour of my dungeon!
I have one more bit of news in the timeline too, as if a totally overhauled website wasn’t enough…. For those of you who are hip to what’s going on, I’ll say that the offer on my new studio space has been accepted and now, I’m just waiting for the inspection THIS MONDAY!!! If all goes well my dear suitors, I’ll be making a formal announcement of a new (much larger) dungeon space that I’ve purchased just a stones throw away from where I am now. Fingers crossed everyone, I’m so hoping this process goes smoothly!

I can resist anything except temptation ~ Oscar Wilde


I have a little ritual when I drink wine or indulge in any other intense sensory experience….

I’ll pour myself a nice tall glass, using my finest Italian crystal stemware and let it sit on the table. Typically, I’m working online or doing some other clerical nonsense when I’m leading into cocktail hour, so it’s a hard motivator to get my work done. I won’t touch it, I won’t sip it….I’ll just have it in my vision, forcing me to focus as the spicy sweet scent wafts in my direction.

I do this for a reason, even with something so simple, I want to lust for it and enjoy the temptation. I want to crave it so badly, I can already taste it….and only then, when my senses have become absolutely desperate for the sweet flavor to course down my throat, will I take my first sip. The desire itself is just as intoxicating as my Cabernet.

As with all things in life, you should savor and long for your indulgent moments. Whether that’s a fine meal, a decadent purchase, tickets to your favorite event or seeing your beloved Dominatrix: anything that you do for the sheer enjoyment of it, you should take it in, let it fill you up and let it overwhelm you. And if no one else has told you this before, it’s perfectly alright to allow yourself to slow down, live a bit outside your hectic mind and be swept up in simple pleasures.

You’ve earned a moment to let go and allow the temptation of those moments seduce you: you just need to open yourself up to those moments of seduction. 

Human Nature: Express Yourself Don’t Repress Yourself

When it all boils down to it, I have Madonna to thank for my career….let me show you why.

I was 9 years old when I first saw this. 9. Not 16, not 18, not in my early 20′s – I was 9.

During a blisteringly sunny Florida afternoon, I was parked on the living room floor, burning away the hours of a weekend watching MTV. Out of nowhere, I recall in perfect detail, looking up to catch flashes of shiny black and porcelain white dancers physically acting out one of the most intense visuals I’ve ever seen. My throat was tightly locked a stunned silence as goosebumps slowly began to cover me from head to toe. Latex, chains, people being pushed around and tied up…


My interest in power play had come well before this video.

The first time I was caught spanking a playmate, I was 5 years old. Though I’d like to go on record by saying, she had actually asked me to do it. I’m not sure why, but I didn’t hesitate for a second in helping her explore her curiosity then or any other time in the future she sought me out for similar ‘treatment’.  Despite the obscure pleasure we both derived from our friendship, I realized I enjoyed our games WAY more then she did…. and in a very different way. It sparked something in me, something my other friends didn’t seem to share and something I quickly learned that I couldn’t openly talk about. I felt alone and unable to channel my curiosities into anything aside from a bit of playground cruelty.

Those feelings made me feel so different and often times entirely alone, until that fateful summer day 4 years later. There she was, Madonna on MTV, covered in rubber and spanking her background dancers with a riding crop. I wanted to be her, but more importantly, now I knew these feelings indeed had an outlet….and I knew that I wasn’t alone. Somewhere out there, even if it was only Madonna and her dancers, I had kinky kindred spirits.

While I’m sure I would have ended up as a Dominatrix no matter what my early inspirations might have been, she was the first latex clad lady I’d laid eyes on, and for her willingness to create a video like that for mass consumption, she has my eternal gratitude.



Seattle Crushed It And I’m Spreading My Good Mood With A Feburary Special

Who doesn’t love watching a good annihilation? I know I do, but last Sunday was the first time I’ve ever sat down to watch a game, giving it my absolute and undivided attention.

Seattle Win

Tragically, while I love competition, I’ve never been much of a sports fan. After moving around so much during the last decade, I feel that I haven’t been settled long enough to claim a ‘home team’. And yes – as far as I’m concerned, whatever state you currently live in – you SHOULD be a fan of the team. That’s just the way it goes. You can like other teams, but you are legally required to LOVE the state team if you’re going to be into sports.

This Sunday, not only did the Seahawks get my attention with an amazing Super Bowl win,  they’ve gained my love and fandom in their near flawless victory over the Broncos. It was stunning frankly. About 15 minutes into the game, it was obvious how things were about to go down…you could just feel it in the atmosphere. It was like watching a pack of lions chase around a confused and helpless family of gazelles in the wild. I casually looked at the score at the end of the 1st quarter, and with a serious sense of satisfaction in my heart, I opened myself a beer and sat down to enjoy the rest of the slaughter….cheering on my team.


(Denver, this is going to hurt a bit….)

LionRoarEvery good victory deserves a little celebration and all loyal blog readers who take the time to visit me deserve to be rewarded. So, for those of you who book with me THIS MONTH ONLY, I’ll be adding something a little extra special to our time together. Just be sure you mention this post when calling to book – lest you be left out in the cold…..like the Broncos.

My website will tell you everything you need to know regarding how to book: www.victoriarage.com


Side note: To save myself a TON of response emails from those who are too curious to let the ‘something special’ be a surprise. I will say it’s all dependent on the individual and what I think would be most satisfying to you. Some things I have in mind though would include a surprise double domme scene, some extra play time, surprise forced bi, a scene in public (only if you’ve expressed interest in this in the past) or a break from chastity (not you GH or VG – your dates are set for that). You’ll just have to show up to find out for sure!



No Rest For The Wicked

Yeah, so it’s pretty obvious that I’ve had a busy kick off to the year. After that little break I took for Christmas, my engines were revving to get back to the swing of things and unveil some little secrets I’ve been keeping up my sleeve. A new playmate, new furniture, new role plays and now I’m working on a brand new website! Of course, the address will remain the same, so don’t fret my lovelies, you already know where to find me.

Featuring Domina Victoria Rage All photos ©Spectrum House, LLC 2013


I’ve long been the designer of my own content and without any formal training or education in such things, it’s a labor that an obsessive person like me devotes FAR more time to then necessary. Time I’d rather spend exploring my passions or simply languishing in the company of friends.  I’ll be working in collaboration with a professional developer who will create something unique, elegant, more user friendly, and with FAR more options: videos, mailing list, larger clickable gallery and perhaps even a little area for ‘members only’.

Naturally, I will still be the author of every word published, but having an easier interface to streamline things will allow me to focus on more inspirational tasks.

Speaking of inspirational tasks, I’m beginning to count the days before Spring, when I will be offering outdoor play for those who’d like to explore a little debauchery in a natural setting. I’ve always envisioned having a small play space shrouded privacy with tall evergreens, wind blowing and glimmers of sun peeking through. There’s no more beautiful opposing composition than the feeling of freedom in the open air while being tightly bound and toyed with.

And how lovely is it that in such scenery, there’s an abundance of places to restrain?! I do have one scene idea in mind that sticks out… a lonely man out camping in the clearing just before nightfall, his campfire glowing, his mind at peace – trees rustling in the wind. Perhaps rustling a bit too much…. He ignores any thoughts of approaching danger to lay down for a peaceful nap, when suddenly he’s woken up to a disturbing site; a militaristicly dressed woman, rope in hand and a wild glow in her eyes.

“You’re all alone out here aren’t you boy”, she asks coyly. “I’m sure no one will hear your screams….”Tree

New Role Play: Mind-fucking my professor! (humiliation, chastity, sissification and forced bi)


I had been teaching at the University for several years when I first met Victoria. Every year there were always one or two especially good looking women in my classes, but Victoria was special. She was partial to tight black dresses which helped show off her amazing curves. As if that wasn’t distracting enough she would, from time to time, wear sexy high heels or boots.

I’m afraid I stared. I couldn’t help myself. My eyes would simply snag on her cleavage or on her heels as she dangled her shoes from her feet. And she noticed. I could tell from the way she smirked at me after I stared a while. Hell, the entire class probably noticed.

Today she looked especially fine. She looked so beautiful with her hair hanging over her shoulder and a lovely black dress which showed off her full breasts. And her heels were even more wonderful than those I’d seen her wear before: shiny black stilettos with a really high heel. Thank God that it was a lecture I knew backwards and forwards because all I could think of what how hot Victoria looked…

After I finished the lecture I noticed Victoria remained seated. Once the other students filed out she walked over to me and said, “I couldn’t help noticing how you stare at my heels. Maybe you’d like to kneel down and give them a big kiss?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. She wanted me to kiss her heels? I blushed, looked away, and mumbled, “No.” She said, “Are you sure? I don’t mind. In fact I’d enjoy seeing you groveling on the ground kissing my heels.”

She put her hand on my head, began to push down, gave me a sly smile and said, “Go ahead professor, you know you want to. And I wore these heels just for you!” That was it. She wore those fabulous heels just for me? I went right down to my knees and began kissing her shoes. God they were lovely.

I kept kissing them and began to realize what I was doing. I was on my knees before this sexy young girl showering her stilettos with kisses. And anyone could just walk in. The next class was going to start before too long after all. That was too much; I’d just die if someone caught me. I started to get up and she said, “You better not! If I allow you the privilege of kissing my shoes you had better do a good job! I’ll tell you when you can get up.”

I blushed but I couldn’t refuse her. Besides if I did…I might not be able to kiss them again. So I kept kissing them and giving them an occasional little lick. And she said, “That’s a good little professor! I think you belong at my feet kissing my shoes!”

Finally she let me up, gave me a little pat on the head, and strolled out of the classroom. Wow. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. She’d pretty much just waved her hand and I had fallen to her feet and began kissing her shoes. And…I wanted it again. She was so sexy, and there was something about being at her feet that tickled me deep within my soul.

That very night I thought of her. How wonderful she looked. How very easily she had dominated and humiliated me. And I masturbated.Damn it was good. I couldn’t wait to see her again…


I only had classes with Victoria three days a week so I was really looking forward to seeing her on Wednesday. God I wanted to fall to the floor at her feet, kiss and lick her shoes, and listen to her giggle as I abased myself. I felt like I’d do anything if she’d just allow me to kiss them.

Finally…it was Wednesday. And she was wearing those uber-hot black heels again. Half way through my lecture she even winked at me. I nearly lost it. I did get a huge erection, or as huge as it ever got anyway. Fortunately my slacks were loose enough that I don’t think it was too visible.

Once the lecture finished she remained behind just like on Monday. She gave me a little smile as she walked up to me and said, “Was there something you wanted professor?” Ahhh, she was going to make me beg. So embarassing to beg this young girl but I did, “Please Victoria, may I please kiss your shoes?” She gave me a blinding smile and said, “Of course you can professor!”

So just like last time I dropped to my knees and rained kisses down on her heels. But then she leaned back against a desk and said, “I think you need to clean the soles too. Do a good job now sir.” I hesitated, God only know where she had been walking. But I licked the first sole clean even though it tasted a little foul. Then I started licking the second sole. And I couldn’t help myself…I started sucking the heel.

She gave a delighted little laugh, “Wow professor! I had no idea you were so into sucking! I wonder what else you’d like to suck? Maybe if you’re really good I’ll introduce you to my boyfriend. Of course he’s a real man: he doesn’t kiss my shoes, he fucks me silly!” I burned with shame. She wouldn’t really do that would she? Make me submit in front of her boyfriend? Make me suck his cock?? But my damned cock was getting even harder.

When I finally stood up she noticed. She gave it a little pat and said, “Well someone seems to like that idea! I’m sure I’ll have lots of fun with you on Friday.”

That night I masturbated again. But this time I was thinking of her boyfriend. A big, strong man with a huge cock. It felt so shameful but my little cock exploded when I imagined myself wrapping my lips around a big cock while Victoria watched.


When Friday rolled around Victoria showed up at my office before our class started. I started to kneel but she stopped me, “Just a minute professor. If you want to kiss my shoes again you’re going to have to do a little something for me.”

“What would you like me to do Victoria?”, I said. She replied, “Oh nothing much. I just want you to be chaste for me!”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Without even thinking I burst out with a loud, “What??” She said, “Well if you want to be my little bitch then you have to prove how devoted you are. I’m certainly not going to allow just any sissy to suck my boyfriend’s cock!”

She pulled a silcone chastity device from her purse and waved it before me, “See this? I think it will be the perfect size for your little cock. It will help keep you nice and secure so you don’t succumb to those nasty urges that I just know you have. But don’t worry, if you’re a good little bitch I’ll let you cum now and then!”

I didn’t want her to lock up my cock, but how could I say no? She was so beautiful and so dominant. And…maybe she would let me suck her boyfriend’s cock. Wasn’t that worth it? And…the more I thought about it the hotter it seemed to have her control my cock. I really would be her bitch if she locked my cock away…

So with trembling hands I took my pants and underwear off. She was practically bouncing up and down with excitement. When my erect cock sprung into view she said, “I just knew it! You do have a tiny cock! I’m sure no one will miss it if I keep it locked up for a good long time!”

And before I knew it she had that chastity device securely imprisoning my cock. It wasn’t going anywhere and neither was my cock. I could see it through the chastity device and watched in horror as it tried to grow and…stopped. It wasn’t painful but it also wasn’t getting erect. It was obvious that I wasn’t getting an erection again until she unlocked me.

“Now you can kiss my shoes professor. But remember to do a good job. If I’m not happy you’ll never get out of that device!” So I did. I dropped like a stone and kissed and licked her heels like my life depended upon it.

When I was done she patted me on the head and said, “That was very nice sir! I like it when my bitches show how enthusiastic they are. But I almost forgot! There’s one more thing I’m going to need you to do. From now on I want you in panties.”

And she pulled a pair of sexy thong panties out of her purse. I was practically choking with humilation. What if someone noticed? But I put them on as she stood there glowing with satisfaction. “I’m going to skip class today professor. But I’m sure you won’t mark me down. I’m also sure that you’ll be very eager to see me Monday!”

I weakly nodded as she gave me a little wave and left. Leaving me in my new panties and chastity. I already wanted to grab my cock and stroke to a huge climax. But I couldn’t. And somehow I suspected that it would be a very long time before I was able to touch my cock again…


On Monday she came to my office again. It had only been four days since I had cum but damn I was horny! And, of course, looking at her didn’t make it any easier. My cock wanted to get hard so badly! But it couldn’t, not while it was trapped in that infernal device. And she knew it! I could see it in her eyes and in her satisfied smirk. She knew what she was doing to me.

“Hello professor, I hope you had a good weekend. I certainly did! I fucked like a rabbit!” I couldn’t help groaning at the thought, though I knew she’d never do that with me.

“It was fine” I said. “But maybe you could let me out for a bit?”

“Let you out? Don’t be silly! It’s only been a few days. Though I suppose if you want to get out for a bit I can think of something to hasten the day…”

“Oh yes! Please, I’ll do anything!”

She said, “I’m glad to hear you say that! With an attitude like that you’ll make a fine bitch for me!” Then she pulled a bra from her purse and handed it to me, “I’m sure that this is no big deal compared to a chastity device but from now on I’m going to need you to wear panties and a bra.”

God, she really was turning me into a bitch. But even that made me hot. And maybe if I wore it she would let me cum. So I put it on. It was a substantial feeling push-up bra. And when I put my shirt back on I could see it. It looked exactly as if I had breasts. B-cup at least.

I pointed to my chest and whimpered, “but people will see!”

“Don’t be such a wimp! All you need to do is keep your jacket on and you’ll be fine. If you want something to worry about then worry what you’ll do when I make you wear breast forms!”

Breast forms? Oh god. Surely she wasn’t being serious? What could she possibly be talking about? It already looked like I had a B-cup. Was she going to make me wear a fake C-cup? Bigger than that? All day? There’s no way. Surely someone would notice and that’d be so humiliating. After all there was no explaining away a pair of large breasts. There was only one explanation for a man with a bra or breasts. He’s a sissy. No doubt a cock hungry sissy. I could feel my own cock try to swell in its cruel little cage as thoughts of being a cock sucking sissy swirled around within my head.

I didn’t know what to do so I bowed my head and meekly said, “Yes Victoria”. She gave me a little pat and said, “Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll enjoy being a sissy. You already love being my bitch after all!”

So from then on I was her pantied bra-wearing sissy. And I was constantly aware of it. Especially the bra. It was tight and not something I could forget about. Every day I worried that someone would see it. And…I think a few people did notice. Maybe I was paranoid but I caught a few of my students staring. Maybe they noticed, or maybe Victoria told them. Maybe the whole school would learn that I was a sissy.


I was getting so horny! And she wouldn’t let me cum. Even after I wore panties and a bra for her every single day. Finally after two weeks of chastity I was desperate. I broke down and begged her on my knees for release.

She gave me an amused look as I knelt before her and said, “Of course you can cum! I’m not cruel after all! In fact I am feeling so kind that I’ll let you choose how you want to cum. You can either cum while I cane your ass or while you suck a dildo. But if you choose the cane you better not ask me to stop. Because if you do I’ll put you right back into chastity whether or not you cum.”

“And if you choose the dildo you had better do a good job because it won’t be a dildo next time. It’ll be my boyfriend’s cock and you’ll only get off when he says you suck cock like a pro!”

I didn’t know what to do. A cane or a dildo? I wanted to pick the cane but I was scared. What if it hurt so much that I couldn’t get off? I’d just die if she locked me back up before I could cum! But if I picked the dildo I just knew I’d be on my knees sucking her boyfriend before the month was up. But…it’d be worth it. I’d have to suck him really well. But if I did, if I was a really good cock sucker, she’d let me cum.

So I looked up at her and said, “I’d like to suck the dildo please.” She clapped her hands and said, “Oh goody! I was hoping you’d pick the cock! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and enjoy it even more once you suck my boyfriend off.”

Then she sat down, pulled a large realistic looking dildo out of her magic purse, and placed it at her groin. Wow! There she was. This beautiful, sexy woman, with her tremendous cleavage, and…a huge cock. And there I was. At her feet throbbing and getting ready to suck cock for the first time.

I slowly slid my lips around that thick shaft and began to bob up and down the cock. I was sucking and stroking, sucking and stroking. All the while she was carrying on about how well I was doing sucking cock and how much her boyfriend was looking forward to having a personal cock sucker. It seemed to go on and on and on. Afterwards I just knelt there twitching as the aftershocks reverberated through me.

And when I finally recovered…Victoria locked my cock up again. When would she let me out again? How many times would I have to suck her boyfriend’s cock before he said I did a great job? Would I ever be a man again?


New Year – New Dungeon Furniture – New Submissive Playmate

First and foremost, Happy New Year my lovely pets and pervs!!!

I hope you all had as much fun in 2013 as I did, but now I’m ready to attack 2014 like weak prey in the wild – starting with this post, a 2 partner that I’m condensing into one so I can get back to the festivities and spend a little less time slaving (that’s your job) over my computer.

So let’s get to it!

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that my new dungeon furniture FINALLY came in! I’ve been patiently waiting for these pieces since late Summer and now, they’re all ready to be used and abused.

The first piece is something I’ve been wanting to own for YEARS, especially since I’m so terribly fond of abductions and overnight scenarios. This all metal frame is as sturdy as it comes and the table top is composed of incredibly soft and supple leather, complete with more attach points then even I can shake a stick at!

Naturally, I forced my slave in there to give you a true feel for the dimensions…



This photo, I admit, was taken hastily so it truly doesn’t to the table justice. Even so, you can really get a sense for how captivating it is in person. It’s so beautiful and so thoroughly imposing!

The second item is going to replace my St. George’s Chair – a home made item structured in wood, that just really seemed to be better in idea then in practice. The new St George’s chair is again, all metal, and covered in soft well padded leather. You can really imagine spending quite a bit of time seated here, can’t you. Legs spread, arms tethered, open and vulnerable…. I’ll stop there…

securedownload (3)



Moving on, I have a lovely wild flower of a woman, Miss Poppy Black, who will be available as a submissive ONLY for scheduled appointments with me. Privately kinky for the majority of her adult life, she finds that her personal preferences lie mostly in power exchange and a wide variety of explorations. She would describe herself very
much a ‘sensation slut’, with a bit of a love for various role plays. Bondage, spanking, forced exposure, erotic coercion, sensory play/deprivation rage among some of her favorites.

IMG_4099 copyI know it’s a lot to take in, but that’s very much in my style….give you more than you can handle, but make you love every minute of it!

Here’s looking forward to an amazing and ever more erotically intoxicating 2014!!!


The Last Blog Post Of The Year



You will all have to forgive me for forgoing a super festive title, but I’m sure we’re all a little ‘holidayed out’ right now and I’m just not feeling clever enough to come up with something more inspired than “Seasons Beatings”.

I do love the end of the year celebrations, I’m really a Christmas person. One of those Christmas people too – I will absolutely stay up until 4am to wait for snow and happily drop everything I’m doing to bake up 200 gingerbread cookies, but even I can take only so much. I’m ready for a break!

Speaking of such…

I’m sure you’ve noticed by the massive banner on my website and the continuous forewarning on my twitter and blog, that I’m taking a couple of weeks off to relax, recover and recharge. I’ll be leaving my phone in the dungeon so I won’t be tempted to return texts, calls or emails until I return, but rest assured I will get back to each and every correspondence when I’m back.

In the meantime, I wanted to leave you all with a big, warm and sticky thank you for all the fun I’ve had this year. Those of you who visit me in person, offering your body and mind to me for use and abuse, you keep me a sane woman. In all the cities I’ve worked, over the long string of my career, never have I met a more enthusiastic, open minded and fearless group of people to explore my kinky lusts with. It’s been an immense pleasure to enjoy you.

My readers, you have my gratitude as well. Your attention (because let’s face it – I like to be watched), encouragement and constant well wishes have inspired me to be a little more public and a little more indulgent. As isolating as this profession can be, you’ve made my world feel broader, and the idea of having captive viewers to share my smut with, leaves me with a constant wicked smile.

I hope you all have an amazing holiday season and a beautiful New Year. I’ll see you deviant darlings in 2014!


Now…time to shower…this sappy post has me feeling a little filthy.


Latex, Unusual Insertions and Piercing – Oh My!


Last weekend, I had an absolutely amazing Saturday. It was one of those days where everything is right in the world and everything you do seems to be somehow heightened by the electric energy emanating from everyone you cross. I know I don’t have a chance to share what goes on behind closed doors as often as I’d like, but this is one of those rare exceptions where I can spill the details to my hearts content….and fortunately, it happened to be one of those days where all of my scenes were a little more edgy than normal. I know how you boys love reading the ‘harder’ things I do.

So what made my day so special?

First and foremost, a very long awaited scene with my latex fetishist, including a brand new latex body bag we had been expecting for ages. Dressed head to toe in his sleek black catsuit and gas mask, he was securely zippered into the tight rubber prison. The zippers were all too appropriately placed, allowing me all the access I needed to electrically torture his poor exposed cock in the midst of this unflinching bondage. My penetrating electro sound kit plunged deep into him as I worked the controls in fluctuating intensities, some pleasurable – some painful, all at my whim.


securedownload (1)

After that, it was time for a visit from my personal slave, Glory Holes! He’s suitably named, as I can all too often be found making him suck my strap on (or my bulls) and otherwise force him to be available for my general use and abuse. I was in the mood for a little candle waxing that day, so after strapping him tightly to my table, I used up 3 hot tapers on him before realizing I had some left over birthday candles….and those candles happened to fit perfectly into his chaste cock. Poor glory holes is in extreme chastity to me, so this candle in his urethra is the closest thing he’ll have to intimacy for a loooooooong time. We’ll call it ‘indefinitely’.

He does take a good picture though, doesn’t he?

photo (3)

Last but not least, I had a visit from a boy belonging to the enigmatic Ms Savannah Sly!

As many of you know, she’s on an adventure exploring the great down under, so I was tasked to keep an eye on one of her devotees in her absence. In true dominant form, I was left with a list of things she wanted her boy to experience (single tail whipping and piercing), though little did I know at the time, he was NOT a fan of needles!

Nevertheless, his adoration for the lovely Mistress prevailed when I revealed the piercing was done by her divine instruction. He summoned the courage to take 2 needles through his sensitive nipples despite the fear and pain he would have otherwise been overwhelmed by. Mind over matter is such a gorgeous phenomenon when applied in this fashion. When all was said and done, he was so happy to have been pleasing to both of us. Such a sweet slave!

securedownload (3)

So there you have it, an amazing day spent with 3 wonderful boys. I’ve had such a long string of breathtaking sessions lately and I hope to share more with you after the New Year! In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed hearing about my villainous pursuits as much as I enjoyed enacting them.

Repost: Triple Penetraion Scene!

I’m back from my Thanksgiving vacation and oh how have I missed you naughty boys! It’s amazing how much a nice bit of rest can really amp up your imagination, unfortunately that’s only been in the form of session ideas instead of blog topics. While we’re staring down the last month of the year, I can’t help but notice my focus turning away from this blog while I set my sights on what matters most to me: connecting with lovely regulars and enjoying their kinky company.

I intend to resume my writings in full force (and then some) beginning in January, but for now, I wanted to offer a repost of one of my most popular entries to date. Since it’s a bit old, I hope this comes as new material for some of you! Written 3 years ago at the spur of the moment, my infamous triple penetration scene!



Anyone who’s even vaguely familiar with me, knows I have a fondness for penetrating…I’ve donned my strap on more times than I can begin to count, forcibly shoved my plastic cock collection down many a quivering throat - and now, have realized in one beautiful moment this morning, that I can indeed penetrate a man in 3 ways simultaneously. Think about it for a minute…see if you can figure out how before I tell you…

So here is is….69 position…he lies bound to the floor, limbs spread eagle, waiting to open up and accept my insertions… I hover above him, head to genital, genital to head…I begin my lowering my strap on into his mouth, he is required to suckle my thick extension while I slip a well lubed equally thick dildo straight into his awaiting asshole… From here, I require him to use his muscles to hold the dildo inside himself while I ready the final piece of my “violation puzzle”… a sterile, frozen urethral sound. I begin gently, encouraging the round edge into the head of his shrinking cock, but despite his sudden shock of sensation, the sound slips easily into his body – stopping about half way down. I watch intently as it glides easily inside of him staying fixed on the shivering boy beneath me.

Now that this little slave is filled in every way possible, I leave the sound in place and begin ramming his tight ass with my thick – realistic dildo. Of course for good measure I sync the penetration of my strap on into his mouth with the rocking of my insertable below….

Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

Don’t worry casual visitors, if you’re curious or aching to have this treatment for yourself – all you need to do is ask… doing this just once isn’t going to cut it for me.


And 3 years later, doing it hundreds of times hasn’t been enough for me either.

Who’s Game?


New Role Play– Burgling the Wrong House

A new role play for your amusement, written from the perspective of a poor sap who broke in to the wrong house – my dungeon!

Burglar hand holding crowbar break opening door


The Robbery
I needed some cash bad but didn’t know how to get it. Then I thought of burgling someone. It seemed like the perfect solution: simple and low risk. But then I started thinking about it more. Who could I hit? I could try a house in some rich neighborhood, but what if there was an alarm? Someone with a gun? A noisy neighbor?

Then I thought of a woman I had seen in a friend’s apartment complex a few times. She was a hot brunette and she dressed like someone who was loaded. That seemed perfect. My friend would let me in, it seemed unlikely that she would have an alarm, and being seen by a neighbor seemed unlikely too.

So I found myself in front of her door the next day. To be safe I knocked on the door. I was ready for a cover story if she answered it. But when the door didn’t open and I didn’t hear anything from inside I jimmied the door and went inside.

I found myself in the kitchen which didn’t seem too promising. I really needed some cash or jewelry or electronics. Something small and valuable. So I stepped into the next room and…holy fuck! It was full of weird tables and benches. And the walls were covered with whips and paddles! I was getting a bad feeling about this…but I was here and I did need some green. So I looked around some more, trying to avoid looking at the implements on the walls. And then I heard a key turn in the front door…

Fuck! I thought of hiding and looked about, but there was nowhere. And then the door opened and she was there! It was clearly time to bail so I put my hands up and said as calmly as I could, “I haven’t taken anything so I’m going to leave now.” She gave me an incredulous look and said, “Were you tying to rob me?”

“Not any more…all I want to do is leave and never come back.”

She said, “I think I have something to say about that.” Then she stepped closer. And bam! She kicked me right in the balls…hard. I dropped to my knees, she pulled some handcuffs from her purse, and cuffed my hands behind my back.


The Choice
After a minute I recovered and barked, “What the fuck is this?”

There’s a blur of movement and I feel the sting as she slaps my face hard. “Keep a civil tongue in your head or your balls will feel the point of my shoes again.” Then she smiles, “Most women would call the cops when they come across a man trying to rob them. But I’m going to give you a choice: either I call them and you go to prison or you agree to play with me.”

“But if you don’t play well I’ll call the police. And you know what will happen once you’re in prison. Before the week is out you’ll be some gorilla’s bitch and he’ll pimp you out everyday for a package of cigarettes. You’ll get more cock than a hooker in Thailand!”

Oh god. I could just see it. Some huge tattooed thug pushing me to my knees. Taking out an enormous cock and making me suck it. And fucking my ass. No way. No fucking way. But what could I do? I didn’t have a lot of options with my hands cuffed behind me. I could try and over power her. But I was on my knees and I didn’t like the odds. And if I lost I’d really be screwed. Assaulting a woman…the judge would bury me.

So I swallowed hard, looked up at her, and said “I’ll play with you.” She gave a little smile and bent forward a bit, “You’d better play well! If you don’t it’s off to prison with you!”. Goddamn. Did she have to say that while leaning forward like that? Fuck. She’s even hotter than I remembered. I so don’t need to think about being punked in prison while looking at her fabulous cleavage.

She tells me to be still and pulls my wallet out from my pants. She calls her girlfriend and gives her my name, address, and driver’s license. I lean forward and rest my head on the floor…now I am really screwed. There is no choice…I have to do what she wants…whatever she wants.


She has me stand and then slaps me again, “Are you going to be good?”

I blink away a few tears and mumble, “Yes Ma’am”.

She has me undress and then binds me securely..very securely to a device shaped like a large T. She gets close and whispers in my ear, “Do you know what’s going to happen now?”

“No Ma’am”

“I’m going to whip you…hard. I’m going to whip you until you beg me to stop.”

I try to be brave. She did want me to play well after all. But I can’t help shivering. I’m sure it’s going to hurt. It will probably hurt a lot…but no matter what it has to be better than spending years in prison on my knees. It just can’t be worse than being a bitch in prison…

I wait and I wait…but nothing happens. Damn…she is going to whip me. Isn’t she? Isn’t she? Then she cracks the whip and I jump. “Are you ready sissy?” I can’t help trembling but I say yes. And she starts whipping me. Ohhhh. It hurts but it’s not so bad. I can’t help moaning a little bit, but I can take it.

Then there’s a pop and my back is on fire. And unlike before the pain stays. And again…pop…pop..pop. Damn, that hurts. It’s so much, I don’t know if I can take it. Without even thinking I start crying out, “Please…please…please”. Then I remember prison and her saying I need to play well. But damn it hurts! Haven’t I played well enough?

She says, “Try and take it like a man sissy.” And she strikes me again and again. It’s too much. Way too much. “Please stop…please stop…please.”

“Oh, I’ll stop sissy. All you have to do is beg to suck my strap-on”. Then she whispers in my ear, “But you’d better do a great job sucking cock. Because if you don’t I’ll fuck your tight little ass with it!”.

Then it’s back to the whipping. Oh god! I can’t suck cock! Pop…pop…pop. But…but…it’s not a real cock. It’s not going to cum in my mouth. And If I do it really well she won’t fuck my ass. Pop..pop. “Please…I’ll suck your cock! I’ll suck it like a high class hooker! Please let me suck your cock!”

“Wow! You really are a sissy! Maybe you’d enjoy prison.” I just hang my head. I can’t believe what I about to do. But I have no choice. I had no choice since I decided to rob her. All I can do is suck her cock as well as I can and pray that she doesn’t decide to fuck me.

When she turns me around I can’t look at her. So I stare at her feet. And she is wearing black stilettos. Shiny black stilettos with a really high heel. Shit! I start getting hard and of course she notices and laughs. “Like the idea of sucking cock sissy?”

Sucking Cock
She has me kneel facing the wall while she gets ready. Oh god. I’m going to suck cock. But it’s this or prison. And it’s not a real cock…it’s not a real cock. But I have to suck it really well. I have to do it just like a call girl would. I have to go to town on that cock. I probably even need to pretend to enjoy it. Oh god…

Then she has me turn around. And she is wearing a cock…a big black cock hanging between her legs. A much bigger cock than mine. I gulp and she crooks a finger to beckon me closer. On my knees I shuffle over. All the while my eyes are fixed on her cock…not her wonderful breasts, not her sexy heels, not her smile…on her cock.

And i get there. Still staring at that cock which is now inches away from my face. She takes it in her hand and slaps my face a few times with it. “Give it a big sloppy kiss sissy!” What can I do? I have to suck her cock. I just have to. So I do what she wants and give it a sloppy kiss right on the head. She pats my head, “There’s a good little cock sucker.”

Then before she says anything else I lick the shaft up and down and take the tip into my mouth. I wrap my lips tightly around the shaft and start to flick my tongue against the underside of the shaft. It kills me but I even moan a bit. It’s not real cock after all and if I do well enough…if I’m enthusiastic enough maybe she won’t call the cops. And this nightmare will end.

So I slowly take it deep into my mouth. I keep my lips pressed tightly against that cock and slowly work my head up and down, up and down. All the while tonguing the underside of the shaft and head. She gives a delighted little laugh and says, “That’s how you suck cock!”. I cringe a bit but then I feel my cock start to swell.

What the fuck? I’m not a cock sucker. I don’t like cock! But now it’s actually starting to get hard. I pray to god that she doesn’t notice, but then I feel the sole of her stiletto rub against my shaft. She doesn’t say anything but she knows…she knows. I got hard sucking cock. I flush with shame but keep sucking and she keeps rubbing. And she keeps rubbing. I’m getting excited, very excited, while I am sucking her huge cock. I can’t help thinking…maybe I do like sucking cock? I feel even more shamed, and even more excited. Too excited, but just before I am about to blow she…stops.

“Looks like you enjoyed that cock sucker. But I’m not here for you to get off while you suck dick!”

She points to a padded bench and says, “Go lay face down right there.”

My head is swimming and I just want this nightmare to end. Without even thinking I lie down on the bench and she quickly binds me into place. As she fastens the last of the bonds I realize how I am bound: with my head down, my ass up, and my legs apart…


Being Fucked
This is not good. This is not good at all. She’s not really going to fuck me is she? I sucked her cock! I sucked it so well! She can’t be planning on sliding her huge cock deep into my ass! I struggle a bit but I am not going anywhere. Then I think, well maybe she is just going to do something like paddle or cane my ass and I calm down a bit.

But then I feel something cold probe my back door and she says, “Are you ready sissy?” I can’t help myself and start babbling, “Please…please…please no!”

She laughs a bit and says, “Oh yes sissy! I’m going to fuck your tight little ass long and hard!” Then I feel the tip of that big cock enter my ass as she leans forward to whisper in my ear, “And you’re going to enjoy it…I’ll see to that.” I let out a little moan and say, “No….” as she slides it in deeper and deeper.

God, she has her cock so far into me and it’s filling me up so much. My head swims…I really do have a cock all the way in my ass. Then she slowly pulls it out and it actually starts to feel good. My god! The only thing worse than getting fucked is liking it! I’m so ashamed that I bite down and try to remain as unrespsonsive as possible.

But then she starts working the tip in and out…in and out…in and out. It feels so good that I can’t help myself and I moan and she says, “I knew you’d love being my bitch.” Then she begins to fuck me…slowly and deeply. And it does feel good. There’s no denying it: she’s fucking me and it feels wonderful. I try to remain stoic and hide what I’m feeling and I think that maybe it’s working.

But then she says, “Tell me you love it sissy!”


“Tell me you love it…or I will stop”

Stop? She’ll stop? God it’s good. I don’t want her to stop. I really don’t want her to stop. And I have sucked her cock…and she is fucking my ass. It’s not like saying it would be more embarassing than that. So I do, “I love it…I love it!”

“See! I just knew you’d love cock in your ass just as much as you do in your mouth!”

I’m moaning for real now. With shame and with frustrated desire. And she fucks me and fucks me until I feel like my head will explode. Then she stops. And as I lay there limp as a dish rag she releases me from the restraints and cuffs my hands behind my back and my angles together. And I find myself helpless at her feet…feet shod in shiny black stilettos. My head is still spinning but I can’t help but stare at those so sexy shoes.


A Phone Call
Until I hear her take out a phone and make a call. I can’t believe it! After everything I did! After everything I’ve been through! She’s calling the cops! As I gaze upwards at her in disbelief she says, “What? Did you think I’d just let you break into my dungeon and try to rob me?”

“But don’t worry sissy. I’m sure you’ll adapt to prison in no time. I’m sure that before the first week is through someone will make you their bitch. If you’re lucky he may even pimp your mouth and your ass out to anyone with a pack of cigarettes!”

“If you’re smart you’ll practice tonight. Just offer to blow a guard. Maybe he will give you a candy bar as a reward!”

I can just picture it. In jail…in prison…on my knees sucking cock after cock. Being bent over and having to take a cock in my ass. Being someone’s bitch. Having to drop to my knees and suck whenever he snaps his fingers. I blush, my breathing becomes ragged and…my cock starts to swell…again.

She laughs and begins to play with it using the sole of her stiletto, “Oh yes…a slut like you will just do just fine in prison!”




Special Thanks to Glory Holes!

More New Photos & Year End Updates !

Featuring Domina Victoria Rage All photos ©Spectrum House, LLC 2013



I admit it, I’ve been avoiding my blog like a bad ex lately. I’d say I was sorry, but it’s been a nice break to set this on the back burner while I take care of some other neglected facets of my Domme life.

Speaking of, for those who have asked about it, I was all geared up to present an awesome post about the Sub-Sub dynamic (a partnership where both individuals are submissive) and even based it off of a couple I recently helped with this conflict. Unfortunately, since exploring outside their typical comfort dynamic is a new experience for them, they’ve paused their permission for me to publish my write up.  I entirely understand and respect their caution, especially sine they’d like to have a success story for a contribution to conclude my entry. Here’s wishing them the best of luck! I can’t wait to see how their experimentation turns out for them.

For the time being, I’ll update you boys a bit on all the tidbits that typically get posted in rapid fire on Twitter so as not to overwhelm you all with constant short blog posts.

First and foremost, I’ve dyed my hair red but I will NOT be keeping it this way.

It was an impulse and isn’t very noticeable in the red lighting of my dungeon, but until Monday, this is what I’ll look like.

(except I won’t appear as a make up free selfie taken right before my shower)


I’ll be going back to deep brunette with dark copper streaks on the 19th, so if you miss my raven tresses, don’t fret! But, if you happen to find my comic book character look appealing, you can still be ensnared and tormented by the seductive red headed version of me until Nov 16th!

Also, a little note about the cage bed and metal St George’s chair I’m having built by Metal Bound.

These items were supposed to have been received over a month ago, but as is typical with kink manufacturers, production is going much slower than promised. I was informed everything would ship last Monday but never got a tracking number, all I can say is that I anticipate the arrival ‘soon-ish’.  Oddly enough, I’m having no issues being patient for the arrival of these two dynamic pieces, but as soon as they come in, I’m going to be positively relentless in wanting to break them in. Prepare yourselves!

Last but not least, I’m going on a true vacation at the end of the year! I’m sure most of you will be distracted anyway, but from December 22th to January 2nd, I’ll be off the radar entirely. I will not be traveling but I will be unreachable so I can slip into the holiday spirit and catch up with friends. If any of your hear of any review board parties or other kinky holiday events going on during this period, please let me know. I need go get out of the dungeon a bit more and this is the perfect time to start. I think that’ll be my New Year’s resolution in fact.

I’m BACK…. Oh and I have a new photo for you to perv on!


I’m back boys and good lord am I worked up!!! Hopefully, you didn’t miss me too much, but I sure did miss having you all stripped down and tied up!

Portland was predictably wonderful, nothing but clear skies (sort of), great food, fabulous scenes and a trip down memory lane as I strolled into my favorite bar, Vault, for a night of girls-only cocktails and gossip.

Just as predicted, I’ve come home renewed, refreshed and hoarding a massive goodie bag of new toys from Spartacus Leathers. I’ll still need a couple of days to settle in, but I’ll be ready to resume play dates on Wednesday the 6th.

If you’d like to get on my schedule and welcome me home, I’ll have my booking line open again starting tomorrow (11/4), and I just can’t wait to hear from you!



Happy (Early) Halloween!


Dearest Seattle Boys,

Since I’ll be otherwise engaged when the time comes, I wanted to be sure to wish you a very Happy and Hellacious Halloween! I genuinely hope you all find a way to enjoy the day of debauchery and indulge your inner demons to their fullest!

Just in case you do’t get a chance to fully satiate your wicked side, I’m welcoming advance bookings (today and tomorrow) for my return from Portland, November 6th and beyond.

While I’m very much looking forward to reconnecting with my PDX perverts, some that I haven’t seen in several years, my heart really is here in my ‘home’ dungeon! I’ll miss you while I’m gone this coming week, truly I will!

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a few things to look forward to since I always come back baring gifts! Just as soon as I step back into my studio, I’ll have a brand new blog post about The Sub-Sub Couple Dynamic and a slew of new photos from my recent shoot at Spectrum House Studios! I had such a blast that day and it really shows in the images, I just can’t wait to share.

Lastly, I’ve received a shipping update from Metal Bound and it looks like my new cage bed and metal St George’s Chair will be shipping out next Monday! I can already tell November is going to be pretty action packed.

I’ll catch you all when I get back!




Wanted: Fresh Meat

It’s been a long hard Summer…

A swell of Seattle tourists, seasonal submissives and a parade of endurance style scenes – often breaking the 8 hour mark, had left me in a bit of a post Summer pant. The last season was like taking on a tidal wave and being left standing in the calm wake with my pulse still racing. I loved it,  I’d dare say that I even thrived off of it, but it’s a stark contrast when the yearly “October lull” takes over. Traveling visitors who dominant my schedule go back to lives as they know it elsewhere and my local playmates settle in with their annual flu – right on schedule.

I’ve caught my breath… but now, I’m back to feeling ravenous.

A previous post I made offered a casual welcome to new visitors. I haven’t been able to open my schedule up new faces lately due to simple time constraints, but now is the perfect time to officially put myself out there and make that opportunity known.

If you’re new to BDSM and pondering what personal evolution a scene with me might stir up, it’s time to indulge your curiosity! As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’m a very open minded and versatile Top and tend to adjust my style to the needs of each individual visitor.There’s no need to come to me with an expectation of what our scene should be like, just keep a open mind and let’s see were the flow of things takes us.

To assuage some typical first time fears; I’ll tell you up front that I don’t require my visitors to enjoy pain, desire marks or even have experience. Novices are entirely welcome, as are those who may have a bit of play already under their belt.

Of course, if you’ve been playing for YEARS and prefer a high intensity scenario – I’m game for that too. Variety is the spice of life after all!

I’ll be available during the Fall months from 11am-11pm Tuesday-Saturday.

Advance planning is highly preferred but same day scenes are occasionally possible so never hesitate to ask! Double and triple Domme scenes are also readily available for more expansive and multifaceted encounters.

Come find your place: www.victorarage.com

Creative Concepts

A Cruel Game With My Boy Jerome (Part 3 – Final Installment)

tumblr_m6q4jg7ISJ1ratf2co1_400 - Copy

I led Jerome to my car, an odd twist that had him a bit on edge from the start.

I always believe a gentleman should escort the lady – not the other way around – so Jerome couldn’t resist in asking why my car was the vehicle of choice. As sweetly as he asked me, I couldn’t help but offer a response which afford him no comfort  “I don’t want you to have any alternative way of leaving our next destination.” “Furthermore, you will not say another word the rest of the evening unless it’s an absolute emergency.”

The car ride, while short, was a blissful silence as he shifted restlessly, perhaps attempting to guess along the way where I was taking him. Finally, we arrived at a somewhat lavish dinner party that was being held by another close friend of mine. It was a lovely D/s mixer, held in the lofty homes of the Magnolia neighborhood. The setting itself was gorgeous, the hostess and her harem of submissives catering the event were positively breath taking! I couldn’t help but wonder how well a diaper could conceal physical excitement. 

Tonight, I would be co-hosting this event, which was really code for adding a bit of extra dominant feminine energy to the room and making sure everyone was having a wonderful time. It’d still be another half hour or so before the guests were set to arrive, so one of the Mistress’ servants took Jerome off to the back room to prepare to assist. He was taken by surprise, an unfamiliar house, an unfamiliar staff and somehow without speaking, he was to fulfill a function in the evening’s festivities. I’m sure he’d hoped to stay closely by my side, shy boy that he is!

The house slave handed him a few accessories to wear for the evening and invited him to strip down to his undergarments. He’d be given 10 minutes to change before reporting to the foyer for instructions. Unsurprisingly, it took him the better part of 20 minutes to change into his uniform of the evening (posture collar, wrist and ankle cuffs, nipple clamps and gag). He’d never had to put such things on himself before and they looked quite ridiculous (even by my standards) in contrast with the diaper. All other servants of the house had brought along elegant thongs or boxers, clearly knowing ahead of time that they’d be on physical display. He was drastically out of place!

Seeing he was ready, I elected to give him the instructions myself, and they would be the final piece of humiliation between he and I…..

He knelt on the floor, looking up at me with pleading eyes as I held his face in my hand.

Jerome, you will be answering the door and taking the coats – nothing more. The female servants will direct the guests to the main room for the party. You will speak to no one, you will not attempt to mime answers or respond in any way. Simply open the door, gesture to take their coats and let the ladies do the rest. They will alert me immediately if you disobey.

Only one more thing darling…..

Each time the ladies take another guest to the party room, you will relieve yourself just a bit in your diaper.

His eyes widened in shock.

“I know you have to go my dear, I’ve not offered you a restroom ALL day, in fact no one has and I’m sure it’s been on your mind.” He nodded. “Then each guest will be let in, and once they’ve departed from your sight, you may relieve yourself just a bit. It will take a enormous amount of control on your end, but if you fail, I’ll make a huge scene in front of all these guests on how infantile and naughty you were to wet your diaper!” He pleaded in protest as hard as he could against the gag but I it was a forced pleading. He wanted this and it was SOOOO obvious.

“Well then, I think we understand each other!”

I helped him to his feet and straightened him up before taking a glass of wine and adjourning to the courtyard. It was just about sunset at this point and the first guests had started to arrive. I only wish I could describe some of the sights as sounds; this being an encouraged high protocol play party, but alas – I’m sworn to secrecy. As often as I could manage, I peeked in on my boy, amused with his priceless attempts to fulfill my orders and conceal his plight.  The hostess and I couldn’t help but approach him and openly giggle at his predicament every so often, she having as little mercy as I did for his embarrassment and being rather tickled that only she and I knew what was going on as each guest was welcomed inside.

Around 7pm, I decided to relieve him of his duties, and he was so grateful when I directed him to the shower and gave back his clothing. For the first time in our relationship, I let him take his time relaxing and absorbing the day in a hot shower. This would mark the end of our appointment in a traditional sense, but 20 minutes later he emerged unexpectedly….

I had handed him back his street clothes and was going to give him a lift back to his car. Of course, he knows me…knows me very well.. and had decided on a change of plans that would leave me smiling for the next few days. With the help of one of the servants, he had reattached the leather costuming of the house staff and though he ditched the diaper, someone had loaned him a pair of boxers. He crawled from the hallway, to the courtyard (a decent distance) on cold marble floors with a rose in his mouth, dropping it at my feet and nuzzling my legs.

“Thank you for an amazing day, Mistress”, he said. 

A Cruel Game With My Boy Jerome (Part 2)

Is you haven’t read the first installment of this session, catch up here first: http://victoriarage.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/a-cruel-game-with-my-boy-jerome-part-1/

abdl spanking


The address I passed to my boy happened to be the home of a very well loved disciplinarian, Madam Knight.

Of course, he had no clue that spanking and paddling are her specialty, but I’ve always been partial to women with a short temper and a firm hand! Having personally witnessed many boys go over her lap, I can say with all certainty that even *I* wouldn’t cross her…but in a matter of moments, Jerome would be on the receiving end of her special ministrations.

My only regret was not going along with him, just to see him squirm and assess whether or not this ‘friend’ of mine knew he’d be arriving in a diaper with a tampon shoved deep in his ass. The diaper was bad enough, but the tell tale sign of the tampon string would really push things over the edge as she bent him over her knee.

Of course… I had indeed mentioned the humiliating accessories, but I requested she feign surprise and disapproval. She does disapproval VERY well. As he approached the long porch that leads to her door, he noticed the flicker of candle light in the window, which apparently reminded him of me. I do hope this lulled him into some false sense of familiar security because before he could knock, Madam Knight was already loudly instructing him to simply enter. (Foot sensor under the door mat starts a recording through her call box – clever, clever woman!)

Gorgeous as always, she was seated in a very tall, armless black leather chair in the middle of the dim room. Her toys and tools spread out across a velvet table runner according to size and severity. Everything within sight and pulled out specifically for who and what she had in mind.

Jerome claims he tried to ask for his spanking as ordered, but she didn’t give him the chance.

“Place the envelop on the table and approach me”, she ordered.

He flustered to get the envelope out of his pocket and onto the table.  Her perfume filled the room, vanilla and lilac, beckoning him closer than her words to approach did.

“I want you to disrobe down to your underwear and place yourself over my lap”, she said.

The fact that she specifically said “underwear” instead of “diaper” made him shake in his boots. This lady had NO CLUE  how he was about to display himself!! I’m told he took a solid 3 minutes to simply pull down his pants, but Madame Knight held her constitution and silently waited, arms crossed and eyes glued firmly on him. It was agony!

The moment his Dockers hit his ankles the diaper was freed and crinkled loudly in the otherwise silent room.  She just stared… continuing in silence. Another minute ticked past and both of them just froze in their places. I admit, I love Ms Knight because she’s a psychological sadist and nothing is more excruciating than waiting in a pregnant pause for someone’s reaction.

“Well then, baby boy. You think it’s appropriate to force your little fetishes on me?” – she hissed.

Jerome was stunned, he expected her to laugh, maybe even display a bit of disgust, but cold steady disapproval? He didn’t know how to process that (and I knew may have clued her in on that).

“Na…no noo, miss! I was dressed by my Mistress this morning”, he whimpered.

She shot out of her chair, meeting his eye level and keeping a very firm gaze…

“Do you know how many excuses I tolerate in this house? None! And do you know how many boys I allow to come in here with either bad behavior, sub par appearance or attempts to take my discipline in a kinkier direction? None!”

“Now, you may claim your Mistress dressed you this way, and maybe she did, but did mention that you were to keep your diaper on? Or let me ask you this, does your Mistress even know you’re here?”

She was so fixed on him that he was actually scared. Genuinely scared, so much so that he couldn’t answer her. (priceless!!)

“Pull your diaper down little boy and put yourself across my lap.  It seems that  you need a very memorable lesson in proper presentation!”

He was probably just relieved to lay himself over her knee, anything to break her scolding eye contact! She moved through a series of paddles, brushes and slappers, mixing in firm strokes of her shockingly strong hand every once in a while. His backside growing from rosy to scarlet and finally purple as she finished her line up.

At this point, I had arrived silently and was sitting on the porch, just out of sight but well within earshot. I could hear Jerome’s squeals and please for leniency, but he’d have none of that today. She gave him perhaps the most thorough ass warming of his life and only a few minutes before he was set to depart, she noticed the tampon string.

“What the hell is this???” She tugged lightly at the white cotton string, pulling it ever so slightly so he could feel it with renewed sensation. He moaned… but said nothing.

Another minute of absolute silence……

I opened the door and Jerome looked up, frantic but happy to see me. Surely *I* would explain why the tampon was there!!!!

“I see you have my boy there Madam Knight, has he been behaving?” I cooed as I walked into the room.

She held up the string and tugged it again, Jerome moaned VERY loudly this time, perhaps his visual connection to me is too strongly linked to pleasure.

“I’d say he’s been “behaving” only if you have a very flexible definition of obedience and propriety, Ms Rage. Do you see what he has in his ass? A Tampon!!!! Surely you train your boys better than this!” She hissed as she shoved the tampon further inside of him.

“A tampon you say? My boy???? I certainly do teach better manners than that!”, I said as I yanked him off her lap and threw him over the table of implements, forcing him to bend fully and the waist and spread his legs wide to maintain his balance. “Honestly, Madam Knight, I’m beside myself here. I think I might need to borrow your cane. Immediate correction is needed here, don’t you agree?”

Before I could look up, she was already standing about 3 feet away from me with a long flexible cane in hand. Great minds think alike I suppose! I do hope we didn’t wake the neighborhood as we corrected my poor boy. Not once did he try to defend himself and admit it was my bull and I who put him up to this, he simply took the strokes on his already reddened little ass.

When we were done, hugs and kisses were exchanged all around as Jerome pulled up his diaper and pants in a scramble to recompose himself. Every so often I caught a glimpse of his attempts to stiffen his smile. I’m so glad he enjoyed it, but now is not the time to be caught enjoying your discipline ;-)

Outside, the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. The cold air played a nice contrast to the heat of the moment, giving everyone a second wind for the day.

He looked at me with such a happy expression, I didn’t quite know how to respond.

“Back to the dungeon, Mistress?”

No Jerome…we have one more stop. I grinned.


To be continued…

Travel Notice: Portland Oregon (October 30th-November 4th)


While sitting around the house the other day, I was reflecting back on my 3 years here in Seattle. I can’t believe all the fun I’ve had and everything I’ve accomplished in such a short time! Everything from moving from one dungeon, to another and finally to a third (and largest I’ve ever had), to establishing my career and reputation to a scale I could have only hoped for, and finally, making a fantastic assortment of friends within the local kink/adult community. I know it’s cocky – but hell – I’m damn proud of myself!

….Then it hit me, the one thing I haven’t done, at least as much as I wanted to, was travel. In fact, my very last excursion was over a year ago when I drove down to San Francisco! It was positively eventful, which is why I’m stumped as to how a whole year has passed without me venturing out again!

Where did my year go?

While I have to admit that I found it hard being away from my local devotees for a full 2 weeks,  I had an absolute blast engaging a few kinky partners that I may only see once in a blue moon – or never again!

With that in mind, I decided enough was enough and planned a little trip to Portland at the end of the month!  Being the rigid preparer that I am, I made sure my agenda would be full before I finalized anything, so sorry darlings, I don’t have any more open spots this time around. However, don’t despair! Little did I realize that I left quite a following behind in PDX, and with such a quick fill up of my agenda, I’m thinking about making PDX a quarterly (or at least semi annual) stopping point for some home away from home fun!

So what this boils down to….

Portlandians: If you’d like to see me while I’m in town and we’ve already met, send me an refresher email of your interests/availability and I’ll contact you when I’m planning my next trip! If we haven’t had the pleasure of getting together just yet, I’ll also need you to include your screening information (2 solid provider references from the last 18 months) to get yourself established. All sessions scheduled for visiting cities will require a 50% nonrefundable deposit if you’d like to secure my time. Also, I should note that my rates will be slightly different to cover the additional costs of renting a studio space with plenty of equipment for our time together. Those details will be discussed during the booking phase.  Email: Victoria.rage@yahoo.com


Seattleites: Consider this a simple notice that I will be unavailable entirely (sessions, phone and email) from Wednesday October 30th to Monday November 4th. Until then, my agenda has plenty of time free for naughty interludes before I head off! If you’d like to get together, you know the drill! Let’s have a little fun together ;-)



A Cruel Game With My Boy Jerome (Part 1)



My boy Jerome is a hard pet to keep entertained, I suppose it’s fortunately that I enjoy a challenge every now and again!

He was one of my very first visitors here in Seattle and he’s been a faithful and regular client for the past 3 and a half years. As you can imagine, at this point in our relationship, there isn’t a whole lot I haven’t done to him. So, when he recently asked for a scene completely out of the ordinary, and something that would push him to the edge, I switched my line of thinking from what would I do to this client in a professional setting to what would I do to this man if we stepped outside of our typical roles and expectations. My answer came to me in the middle of the night, two days before he was to arrive to my dungeon for the unexpected session of a lifetime.

He would endure an unbelievable set of humiliation (his favorite) assignments!

In the past, our humiliation games have been limited to bits played out in the dungeon or in front of a very small group of my close friends or fellow Dominatrices: all very safe and predictable environments. Public scenarios have always been on his mind, but he never quite had the courage to ask for it. 


I kicked things off by asking him to meet me at my favorite salon, he’d be picking me up and driving us back to the studio once I was finished getting my hair done…or so he thought. I instructed him to arrive promptly at 11am, to park close and to text me when he had settled in. Sure as can be, he texted me at 11am on the dot. “Are you ready Domina? I’m here when you need me.”

My reply was short and sweet.

“Go inside and ask for Cheryl. Don’t argue, don’t ask questions. Take photos when she’s done with you and text them to me to get your next assignment.”

With a simple, “Yes Miss”, he was off to begin his day of torment, shame, excitement and surprise.

Jerome walked into the salon and with his cooing British accent, obediently asked for Cheryl. His voice, I’m told, cracked as he struggled to choke out his name and request. It’s such a shame I missed that!

Cheryl said she quickly led him down to hallway to the back room before he could get a look at the salon menu. The room reserved for ‘intimate’ body waxing. I’d always thought they used this space at  the far end of the salon so that you had to do a walk of shame as you head up to the register to pay, but realistically it’s just in case someone gets a bit loud when having the hair ferociously ripped from their nether bits.

Cheryl said my boy looked outright pale when she finally went through and described what a Brazilian was, how she’d have him position himself and that he’d have to undress to begin.  She did leave him a tiny white gown to wear for ‘privacy’ but made a little crack that the only draping in the store was for ladies; he’d have to make do with this. (my suggestion). As someone who has personally donned a privacy gown, it doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. It’s more of a joke really.

I can only imagine Jerome on his hands and knees getting his balls and ass cracked waxed. To be sure, it hurts tremendously, but being put into that position, to have someone do what Cheryl did… that’s just humiliating!!! She did the whole thing too….every inch, every crevice, clean and tidy. 

Jerome dutifully send me the photos of his freshly waxed bits and pieces once the ordeal was over. He was ‘bald as the day he was born’ – his words, not mine. I couldn’t help but notice the raging erection in the photos. Apparently, he simply couldn’t regain his control after this one.

His next set of instructions were given. Swing by the CVS across the street and buy the following items: adult diapers, baby powder, lube and tampons. Don’t buy other items to pad the look of your purchases, text me a photo of the receipt. 

Naturally, the store was packed and there were plenty of witnesses to see him unload his shameful little basket. He tells me that his worst problem during the shopping trip was that he still couldn’t get rid of his hard on. As bad as my little list was, it was made infinitely worse by having to buy those things and simultaneously try to downplay the massive anaconda in his Dockers. Jerome was very blessed by the Gods of endowment so this must have been as subtle as a nun buying a vibrator.

He worried what I’d make him do with this list of terrible things, but soon all would be clear. I assured him that the purchases were going to be the very last of his concerns in a just a moment.

The fateful text of his receipt hit my phone and I directed him to come to the dungeon where I could get him ready to meet a new friend. You see, another thing to know about Jerome is that he’s always had one boundary he called a “flexible limit”: forced bi. He would never be able to ask for it, could barely imagine himself being ‘made’ to engage a man in real life, but he couldn’t stop thinking about it in a love/hate kinda way.

He arrived in lightening speed, so he either hit every green light in the city or broke a few traffic laws on the way to my studio. My bull and I were more than ready for him in all his hurried excitement. 

I took his bags as he entered, my bull already undressed and ready for action, took my boy forcefully into the medical room, shoving him hard onto his knees before he could put up any genuine protest. I watched his cock punch through Jerome lips as the thrusting started…. You know, he was surprisingly skilled by the look of things for someone who was so inexperienced in cock sucking. Maybe he’d been fantasizing more than he wanted me to believe! Nevertheless, it kept him plenty occupied as I sorted out his purchases on the nearby table.

He kept trying to steal glances my way, despite having his mouth full and his head firmly clasped in the grip of my bull. I gingerly laid out a diapering station, complete with a pair of panties I’d have him wear over this wrinkly baby pants. Just as I finished getting things prepared, I heard my bull grunting and groaning as Jerome lovingly swallowed down his reward. Greedy slut indeed!

What I had planned next would test Jerome’s love of humiliation to the very limits. And I was SO excited to see if he’d attempt to gracefully bow out.

My bull helped him from his knees and onto the diapering table. I smiled as I watched him lubricate one of the newly purchased tampons and slide into into Jerome’s waiting (but reluctant) ass. His entire body was crimson with embarrassment, but he knew that at this point, whatever else I had planned for the day would be absolute.

Once fitted with a bit of Tampax, my bull continued the process by putting a nice snug diaper on him, baby powder and all, then a pair of filly little panties. I made sure to snap a few photos for future blackmail play. You know, just in case I ever need to spice things up a bit more.

I allowed him to redress, though it was the slowest redressing I’d ever seen as he attempted to fit his wrinkly undergarments into his otherwise fitted pants. “The next task”, I said ” will be to go to this address, knock on the door, and once you’re let inside, hand this envelope to the lady of the house and ask for a bare bottom paddling.”

His jaw dropped.

Is this a friend of yours? (he sounded so desperate at this point).

“Do as I’ve told you… She will report if you’ve strayed from my directions.”



To be continued….

Fall Updates & The Return Of The “Shape Up Challenge”


Lovely Kinksters,

I know this comes a bit belated, but Happy Fall my deviant darlings!

It’s the season I’ve long anticipated and we’re finally here with leaves falling, gray skies and 60 degree weather; I couldn’t be happier. While I expect to be out and about more often, I will save plenty to time for play in the dungeon, updating you with new photos, kinky blog posts (you won’t BELIEVE the session write up I’m working on now!) and plenty of good old fashioned pervy goodness!

Starting with the first bit of naughty fun, I’m bringing back the Fall Shape Up Challenge!

Not familiar with it? Check out my initial posting from last year: http://victoriarage.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/announcing-my-fall-shape-up-challenge/

This ended up being a massive success to everyone involved and the process of seeing so many people meet their goals was absolutely fantastic! If you’re a regular visitor and would like to enter this year’s challenge, just let me know during your next visit. The winner of the raffle will be announced on New Year’s Day!

Moving on a bit, if you haven’t ventured to my website lately, or haven’t made it past the picture gallery, I’d like to mention that I’ve made the last in a series of changes to my rates, hours and booking procedures.

They are relevant to *everyone* so before your next visit, give that a look!

To clarify: any bookings made after 9.27.13 will be listed under the NEW tribute and hours. Any bookings made before 9.2813 on will continue to fall under the previous listings. If you have questions, feel free to drop me an email: victoria.rage@yahoo.com

Since I always like to add a little sugar to my spice, I’ll  soften the blow and leave you with something to lift your spirits….and my skirt.


Here’s wishing you all a sinfully salacious weekend!


New Toy Review: Vac Bed And PES Box

I don’t often find it necessary to review every new toy that comes through the dungeon, I either love what I bought or I return it and bitch about it on Twitter. Fortunately for me, every recent new arrival has been a keeper, but a couple items in particular deserve a little commentary.

Let’s start with the vac bed.

Words just can’t convey the intensity of what it’s really like to be tucked away inside, but I’ll give it a shot by saying off the bat – it’s not for the faint of heart. Some models come like this, with the face out of the bed.


See…nice and cozy!



My model, for reference, is designed for FULL enclosure and looks like this.

Mine does have a ‘cock hole’, this photo doesn’t display that.


Now, on the surface this doesn’t look like a big deal. Sure, it absolutely implies a deeper sense of helplessness for the enclosed victim, but let me tell you….once your zipped inside, the blackness of the latex cuts you off from the outside world and time seems to stand still. You become SO acutely aware of how little control you truly have at this point and all of this is before the suction begins.

With your face pressed against the air hole, your eyes are no longer able to steal away glimpses of light. That hole over your mouth becomes your survival. Of course, I’m leaving out the obvious: me standing over you with full control of the vacuum to ensure your safety: even with this, your mind already begins to play tricks on you. That hole becomes the most important thing in the world.

I turn the suction on and slowly, forcefully, the air is removed from the bed. The foreboding sense of the world closing in around you is VERY real and very very potent, but it all happens in a flash. There’s a second part of the sensory mind fuck here…. the one that keeps items like this so popular and highly sought after. The pure sensory deprivation.

Of course, by this point your thoughts quite as you acclimate to your surroundings. It forces you to accept your predicament because, very frankly, there’s nothing else you can do about it. You must either submit….or panic. Most find themselves blissfully falling into their head space, enjoying the feel of the heavy rubber caressing and hugging every inch of skin, closing out absolutely everything except the all encompassing anticipation. It can either be terrifying or glorious; and this is before I do anything to you while you’re in there.

I give this product a standing ovation.

Now, onto the PES device…

I’ve always wondered why most retailers simply don’t carry PES items in their e-stim collections. I know it’s a bit pricey but this is clearly a quality item that’s built to last…and t’s hardly the most expensive electro toy on the market. Why then, was it so illusive?

I’m fairly certain now that I have my answer, and it’s a bit of a mixed bag. PES has some remarkable attachments for their power boxes and I selected 4 to get myself going on the right foot and found them all to be twisted and amusing in their diabolical design. I don’t think anyone would argue that as far as accessories go, PES might be the most creative manufacturer out there. By contrast the box is entirely underwhelming.

It puts out adequate power, but as you might expect, I demand more than just ‘adequate’.  I also don’t find there to be sufficient variations in the electrical patterns! I realize I’m spoiled by superior products, but I frankly assumed perfection, judging solely on how much thought and care they put into the attachments. So why the scathing comments? It has one basic sensation that I can deepen, speed up, slow down or intensify. That’s it. Even the drastically less expensive Zeus boxes, that you can find just about anywhere, come with more variety in the pulse patterns.

I hate to admit it, but I was disappointed. Well, I should say I was disappointed right up until I realized I could use the PES attachments with my Erostek power box!!!!! Now there’s an interesting revelation. I can use the best electrical accessories on the planet with the most powerful and sophisticated box on the market. Oh yessss…..

(Basil did you hear that?)

Of course, I’ll still use the PES box as a great portable device. It absolutely has a place in my dungeon, just not as prominently as anticipated.


My Interview with ’25 Of The Best’!

I do more than my fair share of serious BDSM based interviews for the kink community, and while I admit getting a kick from talking about my naughty side, when an opportunity for a more silly, fun and slightly off the wall questionnaire comes my way, I jump at the chance to display my often downplayed personal persona.

Sorry boys, this post isn’t about sizzling sensuality ;-)

25 Of The Best is a blog dedicated to interviewing all women weird and wonderful, so poke around and enjoy!

My Page: http://25ofthebest.blogspot.com/2013/09/domina-victoria-rage.html


Domina Victoria Rage is a Professional Seattle Dominatrix, Lifestyle Sadist & BDSM Blogger (1). On her website, Victoria explains “I have been dominating and exploring the kinky side of life since I was a young woman, fortunately for me, along the way there was no shortage of pervy or submissive volunteers at my fingertips! It comes as no surprise to anyone in my life, that I entered the world of Professional Domination back in 2002.
Passion is the driving force behind everything in my world. I do not make excuses for it, nor do I give in to restraint or hesitation when there is no need to. I simply can’t help but eagerly follow my own lusts, helping others in a sane and controlled environment; to do the same. I am a firm believer in self-exploration, self-indulgence and living life without hesitation!!!
Though our daily lives do not ALWAYS afford us an opportunity to let our inner selves out, I enjoy the ability to offer a sanctuary from judgment, hindrance and distraction. I am the catalyst and facilitator or your deepest fantasies.
It doesn’t matter WHY you enjoy the things you do….just accept it….enjoy it….and let me open your eyes to something exquisite” (2).
Photos Courtesy of  www.victoriarage.com
Visit Victoria at her Website
Follow Victoria on Twitter
Victoria’a Blog
   Domina Victoria Rage answers 25 of the Best
Who was the last person you told “I love you”?
Victoria:  Probably my Grandmother.
What will you find in your refrigerator if you looked right now?
Victoria:  Nothing useful at all! An unreasonable amount of cheese for starters, cookie dough and lots and lots of condiments, but no actual food.
What was your favorite childhood toy?
Victoria:  The neighborhood boys.
What is the worst tasting thing you have ever eaten?
Victoria:  Raw chickpeas!!!!! These were a regular (and very depressing) fixture for Wednesday night dinners back in boarding school. It was absolutely VILE!
In the film of your life, who plays you and what is the title?
Victoria:  Humm, I’d say Katherine Isabelle as my actress and I would skip the title. I’d just go all Beatles/Metallica on my movie.
What was the last expletive that you used?
Victoria:  Probably fuck. I say it a LOT in my line of work.
What is your favorite horror movie?
Victoria:  Killer Clowns from Outer Space! As a child it horrified me but as an adult, I still love it for the campy fun.
Has the greatest moment in your entire life happened yet?
Victoria:  I’ve had a lot of great moments, but life always gets better and better. I think the best is still ahead of me.
Do you remember the last time you saw a random act of kindness and can you describe it?
Victoria:  In person, I honestly can’t remember….but people sure seem to like posting their good deeds on the internet so I’ve come across plenty of those. None that stick out in particular.
If your iPod could only hold 3 songs, what would they be?
Victoria:  My iPod can only hold 3 songs? Sounds like it’s time for a new iPod!
1) Phantom of the Opera - (Nightwish’s cover)
2) Under Pressure - David Bowie/Queen
3) Magdalena - A Perfect Circle
What are you currently reading?
Victoria:  A few medical text books and The Complete Works of HP Lovecraft.
If a sad looking random stranger approached you on the street and asked for a hug, would you?
Victoria:  Yes, absolutely yes.
What was your last awkward moment?
Victoria:  Waiting at Starbucks for my coffee while the barista attempts to interrogate me about my job in front of a small group of other waiting customers. Being a Dominatrix, I tend to skirt the issue. 6 various questions later to narrow down my chosen field, he hands me my coffee – and it’s wrong.
If personalities had an odor, what would you smell like?
Victoria:  Leather!
Describe your perfect “me” time?
Victoria:  Exiting a very hot shower on my way to bed, AC on full blast in the bedroom, my sheets are freshly laundered and a new episode of Top Gear on the TV.
What is your favorite condiment?
Victoria:  Sriracha mayo.
What is your greatest life lesson so far?
Victoria:  Do whatever it takes to be self sufficient! When it really comes down to it, the only person you can count on 100% is YOU.
What is your theme song?
Victoria:  Christian Woman - Type O Negative
If you were a cartoon character who would you be? Why?
Victoria:  Jessica Rabbit because even as a cartoon, I still have the hots for her.
What do you do when you feel sad or depressed?
Victoria:  I keep calm and carry on! I don’t have time for melt downs.
If a turtle loses his shell, is he naked or homeless?
Victoria:  Naked….and he should probably put on a sweater or something.
Describe the perfect kiss using no more than 5 words?
Victoria:  I actually don’t like kissing!
What is your greatest fear?
Victoria:  That one day spiders will evolve to a point where that have smash proof exoskeletons and be double their current size.
What is the best dish you can cook?
Victoria:  I can’t cook savory items but I can bake like a madwoman. Triple chocolate brownies are my specialty.
Do you truly feel loved?
Victoria:  Abundantly so.

Thank you, Victoria!

The LATEX VAC BED is here!!!!!!

My parade of toys is slowly trickling in, and with each new package a rush of excitement overwhelms me as I’m given the chance to break in my toys.

The most recent arrival was the long awaited latex vac bed!

securedownload (1)

I know this one has been hotly lusted over for some time, not just by me, but by years of visitors asking (and sometimes begging) me to splurge and get one! It makes such perfect sense for this to be a staple piece in my studio between my fetish for rubber and deep personal interest in inescapable bondage. I can’t imagine what’s taken me so long!

Anyway, now that I’ve had a few days to explore all the little nuances that make this toy so great, I’ve come to realize it’s so much more than just a vehicle for intense latex enclosure. Oh yes! This vac bed is just amazing for things like breath play, sensory deprivation, mind fucks and total power exchange. I’m sure you noticed the small breathing tube protruding from the top of the bag: that tube is the ONLY air I allowed this pet. You simply can’t provide a more intense D/s dynamic than surrendering yourself so completely!

Just out of frame there are a few ‘access holes’, for lack of a better term. I’ve had plenty of fun engaging in some delightfully wicked cbt and sounding while someone was pinned down and enclosed. The possibilities are endless!

Now for the boring safety lecture:

Of course it’s perfectly safe, despite how terrifying I can make something like this seem! I am slow to suck the air out (at first) and give plenty of time for my pet to acclimate to the sensation before turning on the suction and letting immobilization take over. I stay immediately next to my enclosed toy the entire time they are inside the bed, my eyes watching the breathing passage like a hawk to make sure it’s free to deliver the life giving oxygen my playmates require.

In the event of an emergency, it takes me 1.8 seconds (yes, I’ve timed it) to turn off the vacuum and open the bag to allow full passage of air to circulate. I will demonstrate the procedure of how to communicate any issues (loud moans) and perform a live rehearsal with them in the bag prior to actual play. I feel with this level of power exchange, you being confident in my ability to react to any negative issues is 100% vital.

Now….who wants to be incapacitated?