Hypnosis, Domination and Probing You Deeper


When you’ve been playing as long as I have, you reach a point where you’re eager to probe a bit more than peoples physical tolerances and interests…though frankly that never gets old.

I’ve always loved twisting someone, watching their physicality mold to me as I alter their reality via role play, bondage and various pain or pleasure scenarios. It’s powerful, intoxicating and entirely breathtaking to enjoy having that much control over someone’s temporary state of being.

Lately, I’ve had a bit of a fascination with mind control – and I don’t mean the military style brainwashing you might immediately imagine. What I’m talking about is erotic mind control via sensory deprivation, ASMR audio input, binaural beats and direct and specific physical stimulation.

Sounds fun already, doesn’t it?

Binaural beats have been used for quite a while, most often with people trying to meditate or sleep; I happen to use that type of audio relaxation to fight my insomnia when it stretches on for days. It forces a deep mental relaxation and penetration of suggestion all the way to your subconscious…and once you’re in someone’s subconscious, you’re permeating them on the deepest level. Couple that with some kink focused spoken word elements and you’ve got a very potent combination.

For the rest of this month, I will begin experimenting with a few session styles, melting mind control into my otherwise all encompassing scenes. The audio files I’ve comprised so far are based around several selections; meditation, slavery, femminization and obedience training all ranging in various durations to entice those both wanting a small sample of hypnotic play and those wanting a deep and immerse experience.

As some of this takes a bit of prep, those curious to join me in these ministrations will need to let me know *when booking* your appointment so I can best tailor things to your individual experience.

Now…who’s ready to let me in deeper?

Holiday’s and Happenings

How did you spend your Thanksgiving my salacious sweethearts?


Did you don your festive best and  surround yourself with more food and family then you knew what to do with?

Sounds fun, but as you might expect, the domestic vision of turkeys, pumpkin pie and a plethora of familial faces just isn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the holiday season – but I love it in the way that I love watching people ride roller coasters – from a safe distance.

If you didn’t see my previous post, I spent the holiday in LA taking a much needed break and seeing the sights. Which consequently also involved a trip to Disneyland….because I just HAD to see what the West Coast comparison looked like.

Overall it was lovely, rather quaint and overwhelmingly packed, but it’s just one of those things I had to check off my travel list.

While everyone else was baking in the heat and sunburning their faces, I had a chance to debut my new sunhat…and it worked like a charm!

photo 3

 Outside of the obligatory trip to the happiest place on earth, I enjoyed an amazing drive through the streets of LA with the lovely and licentious Mistress Isla. The drive itself was spectacular, but I don’t think I’m ready to give up my daily driver for a full time convertible. Is it just me or is the new Camero drastically under powered?

I had a chance to see the Hollywood Hills with my own eyes and even get stuck in a bit of famed LA traffic!

photo 2

Despite all the pictures I took along the way, my favorite was the one I snapped the day after I got home. I went from sunny 80 degree days to instant snow and sheets of frost covering every inch of my neighborhood. It was the sweetest homecoming gift Mother Nature could possible have given…except for the piles and piles of frozen leaves I now have to rake up.

photo 1

All in all, while I missed you pets dearly, this was a much needed rest for me. My spirits are high, my imagination is refreshed and my energy is through the roof.

And now…

I’m officially back and booking from December 2nd and beyond!

As a side note, my travel plans and times I’ll be taking off have shifted a bit since my last post so it’s worth mentioning now.

I know a few of you were worried I’d be totally available for the next season or so and I’d like to put your mind at ease that this will not be the case. To make life easier, here’s what you can expect until the New Year!

For the month of December

Available: December 1st-23rd

Christmas Break: December 24th-28th

Available: 29th & 30th

New Years Break: December 31st & January 1st

Resume normal schedule January 2nd onwards….

  Now, let the debauchery resume!

 Creative Concepts

Remaining November Availability

Happy weekend my Pervy Playmates!

Just a little note, an update really, regarding my availability for this month…..

As I had previously mentioned that it was all but totally booked out for November, I neglected to remember that this time of year a rather aggressive cold/flu cycles through Seattle and my visitors drop like flies as they stay home to nurse themselves back to health.

This year, like all others is no exception and while once my schedule overflowed, it now looks like Swiss cheese.

While I do admit I sit back and grin the possibility of having a bit of free time to relax before my vacation, I truly can’t stand the thought of not spending my time doing what I love most. So, if I’ve previously told you that I couldn’t accommodate your request this month, by all means try me again. And if you’re just now thinking about coming for a visit, drop me a line!

The cut off for my bookings this month is still the 21st before I head to California, but rest assured I will be back and ready for more fun the 28th and beyond.

In the meantime, I hope those of you who are recovering from your cold or flu’s do so swiftly and painlessly. Nothing is worse than having to be brave and illness around the holidays.

New Session Scenario: Strap On Roulette!

I don’t think I’ll ever stop trying to think of fun new ‘games’ to play with my dear clients, with so many willing participants, how could I?
While I usually turn to kink porn or various D/s blogs for ideas, lately I’ve been welcoming inspiration from a rather odd source: kinky cartoons. Yeah, it’s a little kitsch and believe me, I’m well aware… but the one thing you can count on in a smutty drawing is come serious creativity and more often than not, scenarios that are only limited to the illustrators imagination instead of someones physical ability.
In particular, I’ve been deeply drawn to the general theme of  boys in impossible predicaments or being surprised by cruel scenarios.
All of this influx of dirty reading has inspired me to a new session theme called Strap On Roulette!
It’s exactly as treacherous sounds…
While the game can be played in two ways, the rules are quite simple….
First you are warmed up by any means I deem necessary, (why does that already sound ominous) and the strapped tightly onto my infamous fucking bench.
A series of toys, dildos, vibratos, ginger wands and implements (some covered in icy mint oil, hot cinnamon oil or numbing spray) are prepped and rested out of sight. You, while strapped face down, will begin your game of chance.
In one version of the game, you are asked a series of trivia questions or riddles with correct answers getting the most pleasurable insertions and incorrect answers get the ones that are harder or less satisfying to handle.
In the second version of the game, it’s pure chance. Pick a number and receive the fucking of your life by that implement – without pause – for a full 5 minutes.
This can cause quite a physical and emotional roller coaster, so it’s not a game meant for people trying anal play for the first time. You MUST be experienced and you MUST have a bit of stamina to handle it. Let’s face it, the game wouldn’t be quite the same if you were begging for mercy after only a minute or so.
Admittedly, I like this one in particular because it works well for duos and general experimentation.
There’s nothing more focusing and intriguing then having your ass literally on the line and at the mercy of the cruelest Mistress of all; Fate!
4bcbc4b - Copy

Re Post: Having Personal Relationship With A Professional Dominatrix

When I initially published this entry 6 months ago, it was an eye opener for MANY people. I’ve been told over and over how much my thoughts were appreciated and that it made certain visitors feel more like they ‘belonged’ to me in the way they could have only hoped.
With that spirit in mind, I’m reissuing this for anyone who may have missed it the first time around….and perhaps it’s worth a brush up for those who need to remember that even during the busy times of their lives, there’s still a kinky woman out here thinking about them and their well being.
There are many types of people who darken my door step, and their intentions can be divided in many facets. But, when it comes down to it, I find there are two main groups of visitors I come to make a fond acquaintance with…
1)Those who are looking for some ‘no strings attached’ kinky play
2) Those who crave something deeper and prefer a monogamous d/s relationship with a Dominatrix.
The former is incredibly fun. Sporadic and intense visits that serve to scratch an itch or add some spice to the day for both of us are just lovely! There isn’t too much beyond our time together, but it’s that very spontaneity that makes it so enjoyable.
The latter is what this post is really about; those who want a Mistress, a dominant woman they can dedicate themselves to, or at least a part of themselves to.
Most of the time, when such suitors come forward with those hopes, it’s coupled with a deep fear that they will be flat out rejected. What Pro Domme really needs a personal submissive? Don’t we get enough kink at work?
Well, let me tell you…. the lifestyle ones are going to need something a little more personal.
I get my kicks every day, sure, it’s great and I’m often left totally satisfied by letting my imagination run wild all day in the dungeon. However, you are neglecting one important factor: most pro Dommes are service Tops to a certain degree.
We spend a considerable amount of time tailoring sessions to each particular client, which we will ultimately also enjoy, but is it what we would have done if you said you wanted your scene to consists of whatever kinks your Mistress wants?…..and ONLY what she wants? Honestly, it may turn out a little differently.
Personally, I’ve woken up on many a day and had my mind set on something different then what my schedule called for. Did it make me enjoy those day’s scenes any less? Hell No!!! But, I did look forward to my next opportunity to unleash whatever pent up desires were rampant in my brain.
Personal slaves, submissives, pets and partners are wildly important in the world of a Lifestyle Mistress. They provide a much needed balance.
I have many levels of ownership in my life and since so many people are curious about such a thing, or actively inquiring, I’ll give you a little peek into what those deviations from the typical Pro Dom/client relationship looks like.
Clients/Suitors: This is the very basic level of a relationship. These individuals I may see only once or whenever the mood strikes them and it is simply because we have compatible interests and schedules. They like what I offer and how I look doing it while I’m offering it. It’s terribly fun, but intentionally impersonal, in this scenario I am simply their facilitator of kink.
Pets: A little more serious, this group is the majority. They are regular visitors who may see me as well as a few other ladies. When in my studio, they very much belong to me and our scenes are a mash up of what we’re both interested in. I’d say outside of our sessions, I do think of them often; and fondly, but I am not a part of their daily lives.
Submissives: This circle is a bit narrower, you’d say that I am their Domina, they serve or visit no other. They carry on a life outside my dungeon, but are often tasked with certain requirements to carry out in my name. They have certain life goals they must achieve in my honor – for their betterment – and devote their time in my studio to satisfying whatever wants or needs I may have.  Often times, my desire will be to make sure they are well taken care of and all their interests are indulged, but they leave this choice to me. As they are mine, these dear boys may bare non permanent ownership marks or may be required to wear certain jewelry items that are person between us as a symbolic reminder of our dynamic.
Collared slaves: I have two such lovely beings. While it may be a bit cliche, I use the word “slave”  very carefully and deliberately. In both cases, they have devoted themselves to me as a woman, a Mistress and as a Professional. They live their lives with a constant thought of whether or not their actions would please me. 100% devoted to me as their Woman, this is the most intense and entangled I can be with someone in a D/s capacity. I am not a hidden part of their life either: this is a real life open relationship.
While all of these various categories exist for me, this is not a guide that could be used with any other Mistress, this is simply my view as it relates to my reality.  I happen to be an incredibly possessive woman; anyone who has met me in the flesh would say that it is one of my defining qualities. My desire to control, own, and dominate someone, mind body and spirit is what makes me such a natural dominatrix… And the amount of personal “self “I bring to the dungeon with me, is incredibly evident, making those who desire such control, feel comfortable and safe under my guidance.
With that said, I know how many of you may want to know how I see our relationship and where you may stand, especially as the years tick on in our dynamic. My hope is that this sheds a bit of light…but truthfully, if nothing more, my point is that you can absolutely have a more personal relationship with a professional Dominatrix! Just because you compensate for her time and contribute to the lifestyle, toys, clothing, and space she uses to fulfill her fantasies and yours, doesn’t take away from the amount of personal emotion she may pour into your time together.
While I might be a true professional on the surface, I am personally never more complete than when I’m looking into someone’s eyes and they tell me point blank that they are mine to take over…

Feeding My Current Travel Obsession….


I’ve talked a lot lately about my recent trip to Florida and how it’s left me completely smitten with the idea of  relaxation and travel. Well, like all things I get excited about, I tend to jump in head first.

Truthfully, with my life revolving mostly around BDSM, I’ve let this entire decade pass by and barely took a chance to come up for air. I’ve got no complaints, but it’s definitely time for me to go out and see some sights.

I’ll be embarking on a new life experience over the next year, appropriately called My Year Of Travel, and let me put you at ease right off the bat; I’m not about to start taking copious amounts of time off. You boys know how much I struggle when I’m forced to go kink free for more then a few days so parish the thought! I’ve been in Seattle long enough to know when the slow times are, so instead of  puttering around the dungeon wishing I had someone to torment, I’ll be jetting off  for an extended weekends here and there. Easy as pie. So, what’s on the agenda?

First on the checklist, Disney World in California!


Being a Florida girl, I’ve been to the original in Orlando more times then I can count. Seriously, when it’s only a 3 hour drive from home, residents of the Sunshine State find themselves donning their mouse ears at least 3-4 times year. It’s almost a mindless thing we do, naturally gravitating towards the Epcot Ball like it’s some sort of black hole sucking up our vacation days.  Since this will be my first vacation I’ll be flying to (and no, visiting family didn’t count), I’m sticking with something that has a flair of my home town!

Consider this notice that I’ll be unavailable from November 22-25th; but you’ll all be busy prepping for Turkey Day anyway!

After that, I’ll be heading back to Orlando and taking some of my family (and hopefully friends) with me!

Now I know what you’re thinking; back to back Disney? How masochistic!

Yeah, it’s a lot to take in, but honestly I can only visit the South during the cooler months, so while the sun is tucked away a bit, I’m seizing the opportunity.

Besides, I have to admit, it’s been nearly a decade since I’ve stepped foot in Orlando, I’m very curious to see how it’s changed…..and whether or not I can still grab dinner at that weird Medieval jousting restaurant.

Sure it might be a little campy, but I like a little aggression with my dinner!


 For this trip, I’ll be unavailable from January 10th-15th

Last but not least, I’m debating between Hershey Spa in Pennsylvania or the New Orleans French Quarter.

I’ve never been so torn on a decision in my life!

Hershey Spa boasts a world class hotel with impeccable room service and a Chocolate Spa! Yes, CHOCOLATE SPA. Two things I love most in the world, chocolate and being thoroughly pampered.


That could be me….spending a couple hours first at the hotel bar, then being smeared in delicious hot chocolate.

Why would I want this you ask? Because…..just because.


But on the other hand, I’m a HUGE fan of the paranormal. It’s always been fascinating to me and I’m positively addicted to all those Ghost Hunter/Haunted/Dead Files shows that certain networks can’t seem to break away from.

In my hypothetical trip to Louisiana, I’d be staying at the Myrtles Plantation; if you don’t know about this place – just Google it. Go ahead, I’ll wait….



So yeah, it’s incredibly haunted and frankly, absolutely gorgeous! Who wouldn’t want to spend a few nights here?


 While spending my nights investigating every bump or creak I hear, my days would consist of wandering around aimless through the French Quarter. A girl could lose herself in an area like this…


 I’ll be agonizing over my choices while simultaneously being overjoyed that this is the worst predicament on my plate.

This time around though, I’ll do a much better job of posting photos of my travels and hitting up any and every BDSM store within a 50 mile radius of my destination.

I’ll be searching far and wide for things to bring home to you boys, and I’ll keep you thoroughly posted on each treasure I come across.

One last little side note in closing…

These will NOT be work trips, not yet at least, though I am feeling an urge to perhaps visit some major cities for a few days to experience some of the famous dungeons in New York, San Fran and LA.

All of these destinations will be for my pleasure and relaxation; a little shift in my own paradigm! Besides, you know how amped up I get after some time off!

That said, I know some of you really enjoy contributing to my personal indulgences and if anyone was so inclined, I’d be thoroughly grateful for Alaska Air or Virgin Airlines gift cards, Hilton HHonors gift cards or Enterprise Rental Car gift certificates. Naturally, none of that is necessary, just always appreciated.

Here’s looking forward to an eventful few months for all of us!!!

You’ll Never Know Virtue Until Your First Acquaint Yourself With Vice – Marquis De Sade



I’ve never been able to withstand temptation….not now, not ever.

Over the years, I’ve attempted to be more self disciplined, to learn the virtues of patience and restraint; but obviously my ‘wants’ trump the merits of virtue every time.

When it comes to getting my way, I’m an unstoppable force, and I don’t mean that in a cute, flirtatious way. I’m a predator and I absolutely dare you to stand between me and the object of my desire.

If you’ve met me in the flesh, you’re probably shaking your head and mumbling. ‘no shit Sherlock’….but hopefully you’re doing that with a knowing grin on your face and a mind full of rather filthy memories. Sure, all of this is lovely when you’re a Domina by trade and a lifestyle Mistress by night, you become rather accustom to having your every want or need fully indulged by either yourself or those who live to serve.

But what about you?

Yes YOU.

When was the last time you set your sights on something and decided you absolutely had to have it – then went out and just fucking took it?

How often to you really give yourself a little reward because you work  hard, because you’re constantly straining yourself for others or because every now and then you just need the universe to cut you a break?  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

The thing about temptation is that sometimes it’s good to give in….reeeeaaalllly good.

With the intensity of Summer behind us and the madness of the holiday’s on the horizon, I offer a little challenge for all of you.


I want you to say YES to the things you want without hesitation; just for a day. Eat naughty food, take a day off of work, buy yourself a little something special, have a good hard mind blowing orgasm then pour yourself some scotch and remind yourself that denial is only worth a damn if there’s a sweet reward to cap it off.


Promise you’ll do this for me dear pets; indulge yourself in all ways, for a full day….and think of me.


Sharp, Tight and Rigid: New Dungeon Toys!





You know, it really hadn’t occurred to me, but it’s been a while since I’ve published a post that showcased the new dungeon toys I’ve acquired.

I’m fully aware that you boys like to know when new gear arrives, and some of you wait to schedule your sessions around when new items arrive; but when you’re in a constant state of scouting the kinkiest inventions out there, it seems a little repetitious to grandly announce each and every item individually. Fortunately though, I’ve gathered quite a lovely little mash up of goodies, both given as gifts from lovely pets and purchased from my favorite vendors. I have to admit, I love when my clients bring gifts – naturally I appreciate the thoughtfulness and care, but it’s fascinating to see what you boys buy on your own. I swear it’s added a terribly interesting dimension to my otherwise personally stocked collection.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s what you can look forward to next time we meet…..


Bully Nipple Clamps for ‘Weight Lifting’


Spiked Cock Cage

This will give a brand new definition to tease and denial.

D849 (1)

Serious Talon Nipple Clamps

D973 (1) D973

Cock and Ball Pillory


Two Stainless Steel Urethral Plug


Of course, ANOTHER sounding kit – this is for serious stretching.


Deluxe Violet Wand Kit


And of course, a little something for myself….


Florida, Family and The Future!

Where do I even start?

Well, first of all I’ve been back in the delectable and cozy confines of my dungeon for nearly a week and I’m just now starting to feel purged of my post vacation energy. Two weeks sans play really threw me off, but I was very fortunate to have a line of volunteers in my path to help satisfy my urges.

As for the trip itself, well…it was no secret that I was VERY uncomfortable about flying. I’m not sure where my aviphobia started, but somewhere in my 20’s I decided that I’d rather pull out a few teeth with rusty pliers then step foot on an aircraft; but I’ll be damned if I was going to miss my grandmother’s 87th birthday! She’s one of the few people on this earth I can do ANYTHING for.

My flight turned out to be the sum of all fears; turbulence, lightening, a very hard landing and a little motion sickness for good measure, but as a person who once spent a solid week driving from Ft Lauderdale to the PNW, it was worth a little terror to get clear across the country in half a day. I was able to shake it all off quick, excitement for the upcoming festivities was a perfect distraction.
Seeing my  family was amazing, and naturally it was a much needed reconnection. I tried to capture a few choice moments, but who can really remember their camera when they’re having a great time? I did however try to take photos with all 8 of my mother’s collection of cats….some were more cooperative than others.

photo 4

Aside from being with my loved ones for a while, I was able to revisit some old haunts that I’ve dearly missed namely, The Fetish Factory!

The moment I stepped into the store, my lungs were filled with that sweet and sultry scent of polished latex, and as you can tell from the photos – they had a TON of it strewn about the store. I walked away with a few articles of clothing and a toy or two; cursing myself the while time for not bringing a larger suitcase! I could have bought everything in there, though I admit I own a good portion of their stock, it was still a complete ‘kid in a candy store’ moment.

l l (1)

Seriously, why does this store not have a Seattle location?


Anyway, after all the shopping, sight seeing and more dinners in fancy restaurants then one should have in a week, it was time to return home and once again face my nemesis….. a Boeing 737.


I stepped on board my evening flight to find I had a whole row to myself! I calmed down instantly and melted into my seat as I experienced the smoothest return flight EVER. It was so clam I was even able to take advantage of the in flight meal; I’ll spare the airline food joke, but as I had prepared to be queasy, I skipped lunch and dinner – so a tasteless cheeseburger a 30,000 feet was a godsend. I sat back in comfort, looking as stylish as one can look in a massive neck pillow and no make up, but it was a pretty sweet set up!


photo 1

And the view wasn’t too bad either!

photo 2

Being more relaxed really opened me up to the possibility of what was happening; for a small fee, I was mid air – headed whenever I wanted, unhindered and with relative ease. I could do this……again.

By the time I landed, I had amassed a list of places I wanted to go and the courage to actually take the trips I’d longs to experience for years.

Who would have ever imagined my worst nightmare would turn into the most freeing experience of my life? Not me!

Next stop….


Thanksgiving in California; because…..I can!








New Duo Partner Submissive, Sultry: Miss Amy Nicole

Kinky news sure does travel quickly, doesn’t it?

Not long ago I was very sad to announce the departure of my submissive playmate, Poppy Black. As her career as an escort took off with a bang, she found herself with less and less time for the pervy things in life. Much to my great sadness, she was destined for other things! While many of you were heartbroken to see her go, I promised that it wouldn’t take long for me to find another wonderfully engaging, strikingly sexy and incredibly diverse submissive female play partner to add to my collection of deviant dolls.

And boy, did I ever find the woman for you…or rather, she found me!

Allow me to introduce you to Miss Amy Nicole.


DSC_1016_IJFR DSCF6283



Perhaps she looks familiar to you?


She has a very illustrious career as a courtesan and a wonderful reputation for being vivacious, energetic and enigmatic. Throughout various review boards, you will notice that she is one of the highest caliber playmates and her realm. Naturally, she’s ready to flex her skills a bit and expand in some of her personal curiosities; submission.

As for what she prefers in scene, you’ll find that her to be quite flexible in her role, enjoying tight bondage, spanking, face slapping, nipple play, role play, extreme tease and denial, strap on play and just about anything else that doesn’t leave a mark.

Now, feel free to pick your jaws up off the floor and consider what this means for you….


A fellow submissive to suffer alongside you as I torment you both?

A beautiful vision of female delicacy, tormented by me as you watch; while in bondage and suffering your own predicament of course.

Perhaps for those of you who enjoy switching every so often, a stunningly dynamic bottom to indulge that rarely explored part of yourself. (Under my guidance for her protection).

…and much much more that I dare not post in such public forum….



For the details:

She is available to session with me in the evenings and weekends at a tribute of $300/hr, $450/90 mins or $500/2 Hrs (plus my tribute).

At this time, 2 hours is the max allowed session time until she settles in a bit.

24-48 Hour notice required for bookings.

New Duo Review: Eva Dominique & Domina Victoria Rage

I can always count on my beloved regulars to jump at the chance to indulge with any new play partners I’m able to introduce them to, and thankfully my dearest friend Basilqh was the very first to take Eva and I up on our double Domme offerings.

Eloquent and tactful as his writing is, I’d like to share his commentary on what a scene with us is like… I do hope you boys enjoy the read!

And thank you again dear Basil for your energy, your time and your willingness….


Original Link: http://www.tnaboard.com/showthread.php?906608-Torment-and-Games-with-Victoria-Rage-Eva-Dominique-et-al


Torment and Games with Victoria Rage, Eva Dominique, et. al.

TNA Handle: VictoriaRage
Service Type: Fetish
Incall/Outcall: Incall
Gender: Female
Body type: Curvy
Accurate Pics?: Better in Person
Name: Victoria Rage
Phone Number: (206)795-4188
Email: Victoria.Rage@yahoo.com
Affiliation: Independent
Age: 30
Fetishes (YMMV): BDSM
Date of Meeting: 09/01/2014
Recommended?: Hell Yes!

I was scheduling an afternoon appointment with Victoria Rage the other day, when she asked if I’d like to meet with one of her new duo partners, Eva Dominique. I was of course intrigued to get a chance to play with Eva, I was familiar with her work in other kink/art-related spheres, and this seemed like too good of an opportunity to pass up.


I arrived at Victoria’s dungeon space, and came in. I had been in this new space once before, and since my last visit Victoria had continued to upgrade and improve it – the paint, artwork, new cabinets and furniture to display toys, and the lighting were superb. This is a lovely play area, and frankly it would be worth a visit just to see how to properly set up a dungeon – I always come away with new ideas on how to improve my home space.

Victoria was looking lovelier than ever. I usually don’t comment much on her appearance, being a reasonable facsimile of a gentleman, but this time I am compelled to say she was incredibly hot, and the look of anticipation on her face positively took my breath away.

Eva was very thought-provoking to chat with, and her various pictures/video in various media do not really convey the true sense of this woman – she’s pretty darned awesome!

After we’d said our hellos, Victoria and Eva subjected me to an incredibly artistic and almost unbearable torment, involving predicament bondage and some very simple but effective implements – many of them – arranged in an unbelievable-to-me configuration. This took rather a long time, at least in my head. I had seen work like this in bondage art, but I’d never experienced this from my particular point of view in this scene. I really didn’t even have the use of conscious communication for part of this, I was a bit zoned out – I wish I had some pictures or videos to see what they finally ended up with. The disassembly process of the scene was totally terrifying. It was great! When we were done with this, they had to move my legs and arms for me, I was so out of ATP in those muscles that I was helpless as a babe.

During this scene I would open my eyes now and then to see Eva keenly watching my responses, then with glee kicking it up a notch when she was sure I would fully appreciate her next move. She and Victoria positively fed off each other, almost daring each other to go a bit further each time. I think this made the scene especially hot for me. Eva is quite creative and skilled, and has good energy about her.

Then we played with some electro torment. Victoria and I share an affection for this particular form of play, and once we got some wiring out of the way, Victoria showed Eva how to use her voice to control the apparatus, and she took to it with great zest. Interestingly, some of her vocal range was compatible enough with the gear that I could distinctly feel the waveform and rhythm of her voice rippling through my muscles, which is a much more subtle feeling than it often produces.

We moved to a bit of tease and deny, because a slave of Victoria’s was about to arrive, and Victoria wanted be all riled up….

When he did, The Games began. Victoria and Eva had a set of many contests of stamina and endurance to run the both of us through – if her slave managed to win a sufficient number of them, he was promised a reward he had keenly awaited for ages. If not, well….

Anyways, without going into detail, all four of us had a huge amount of fun – friendly competition brings out the best in people…

As always, Victoria, thank you for the wonderful play, and it was superb meeting Eva – I think we definitely should experiment together some more! And my thanks to your loyal and eager slave for participating in our reindeer games :-)

Folks – if BDSM/kink/roleplay is your thing, Victoria is incredible, and is only getting better every time I see her. It is well worth your effort to make her acquaintance. And she has such a wonderful assortment of friends to play with, if you are an especially greedy sort :-)

20 Things Your Dominatrix Wants You To Know


Dearest Readers,

Today’s blog post I write from sunny Florida, at nearly 1am (local time) during a sleepless night. I’m enjoying my visit immensely, but while I’m here in my parents house, surrounded by an abundance of pastels and palm trees, I couldn’t resist writing at least a little something for the simple clash of worlds that such a thing can be. Imagine if you will, your dark domina, perched in a cozy chair within a well decorated ‘office'; covered in lace, floral prints, knick knacks and the personal style of my polar opposite parental unit. To say it’s cheerful would be a dramatic understatement…even the pens and pencils on this desk are covered in glitter and feathers and I’m within sight of no less than 10 family photo albums….so naturally, I sit down at the only computer in the house and think of you boys…..I love it here, but man do I miss Seattle.

With that tidbit in mind, please enjoy this post for all the truth and humor it offers…


1. We REALLY DO want you to have fun.

I know the common theme in BDSM is that you’re coming to us to be punished, tormented, violated or degraded (or something on a softer scale), but regardless of what images pop to mind when you think ‘Dominatrix'; we don’t want to crush you into dust. Even if we’re doing some questionable and obscure things with your flesh – we’re playful creatures and we want you to like what’s happening. Ultimately we’re here to facillitate your personal exploration in whatever form that takes.

2. Your nervousness is charming, but really not necessary.

Maybe it’s just me, but I adore the sight of a man who’s slightly trembling, don’t you? But trust me, we aren’t about to eat your alive and we’re experts on making you feel comfortable right off the bat. We completely understand that it can be nerve wrecking to come into a strangers studio, openly share the most intimate parts of your sexuality and within moments be ready to entrust us with your bodies to navigate the dark waters of kink.  More than anything, we want you to feel at ease and comfortable with yourself, with us and with your interests; so most professional sex workers are pretty adept at helping you get over any jitters you might have. Don’t think for a second we’re going to allow your anxiety to get in the way of our good time!

3. We really don’t have a preference for age, race, personality, stamina, body type, physical abilities, lifestyle or other  characteristics.

Really, truthfully, and from the bottom of my heart I say this…

Most sex workers don’t have any sort of preference or leaning to one ‘type’ of person or another when to comes to our clients. What we care about is how much fun we’re going to have with you – okay and hygiene and politeness count pretty high too.

4. We don’t expect you to plan your own session, but we LOVE when you bring ideas to the table.

If you’re new, believe me, we aren’t expecting you to have a mapped out idea of how you’d like your scene to go. We just need a hint as to what you’re most curious for. After that, we’re here to fill in those blanks for you.
After that intro scene, we adore when our returning clients come to us with inspiration! It can be hard over time to constantly come up with new and creative ways to play if you become a solid regular, but keeping things fresh by letting us know how your interests are evolving is a massive and much welcome help!…and no, we don’t see that as topping from the bottom.

5. Dominatrixes are real women.

Most of us have very normal lives outside of this and aren’t looking to poach every single client for our own live in harem of slaves. We don’t hate men, don’t live the easiest life imaginable and certainly don’t feel self entitled because we’re “Alpha’s” by profession or any other stereotypical nonsense like that. Pro Dommes are hard working people who put in a lot of effort to running a businesses – just like you do. I assure you, outside of the dungeon, we have a very healthy view of the world and in all other ways, function as creative but fully integrated members of society.

6. We enjoy your connection but we are only your Domme professionally.

Unless you’ve been personally invited into the private world of your Pro Domme, just remember that you’re initially soliciting a Mistress for her ability to expand your horizons – on a professional level. You responded to her advertisement and you chose her based on her looks, her offerings, her tribute and her presentation: not for her hopes, dreams, personality or life goals (and we know this). As your trust and relationship deepens, just remember to keep your feet on the ground. It’s entirely natural to feel devoted and personal with your Dominatrix, but never forget that you didn’t meet her on eharmony and most of us have a firm policy on not dating our clients.

7. Most dungeons are relatively safe places to be.

There’s a reason most people go to a pro when they have something they want to act out; it’s because we’re skilled, equipped and clean. Now, this isn’t true in EVERY dungeon, but in most; you can count on a HIGH level of care and professionalism. We go through great lengths to ensure your safety in all ways and that includes using quality toys/tools, learning correct practices and always sterilizing things after each and every visitor. If you look close enough, most practitioners are more than happy to tell you *exactly* what their process is to ensure safety and sanitation.

8. We want you to stay focused and in the moment.

You can check your smart phone, talk about your kids/work or mentally plan your grocery list any other time….but not with us. Don’t be surprised, offended or disappointed if we try to keep your head in the game and stray away from discussions that don’t have to do with the naughty fun we’re trying to share with you. This is OUR time; unless there’s an emergency, everything else can wait.

9. We can really keep a secret!

I heard a joke along time ago that there are three types of people in this world you can tell your secrets too. Your priest, your lawyer and your sex worker. It’s true, in all instances what we do requires secrecy. It’s not a privilege, that would be appreciated… It’s a stone cold demand. We’ve got no interest in sharing the details of what happens behind closed doors with anyone else. Not just for your sake, but for our own as well. We believe that EVERYONE has the right to keep their private business private; and a huge part of what we do is treating you with the same amount of discretion as we expect in return. Consider our lips sealed!

10. But, you still need to be cautious.

This should be obvious, but please don’t save our numbers to your phone under any obvious heading (Miss V, Domina, etc), delete your emails and don’t text anything you wouldn’t want your friends or significant other reading.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been contacted by someones girlfriend, wife or buddy because my client happened to forget to hide or remove incriminating correspondence from their email or phone. While I gave nothing away and played ‘dumb’ about who those clients were, we really don’t appreciate having our own privacy violated like that – and having to deal with an upset, curious, questioning or threatening individual at the same time. Keep a clean trail and you won’t have anything to answer for!

11. We know you’re not all named John.

It’s shocking I know, but after my first dozen or so clients – I realized that it’s statistically impossible for you to ALL be John, Mike or Mark. You don’t need to give us your real first name if that makes you uncomfortable, but if you insist on using a terribly common moniker, be aware that we won’t be able to tell who you are when you call or email.

On the note of names, if you choose a fake name, stick to it… We don’t mind, but nothing confuses us more then when you’re John when you call, Josh when you email and Craig when you knock on the door. At some point, we’ll just revert to calling you ‘darling’ because we’ve got no clue what form of address you prefer.

Pro Tip: it’s totally cool to introduce yourself by the name of your favorite character, actor, singer or anything like that…. I’d love to dominate a Marcellus Wallace one of these days.

12. We can use your time however you’d like.

No two clients like to use their time in the dungeon the same way, but if you book 2 hours, you’re welcome to use those 2 hours any way you’d like! Really – we won’t insist on any particular pace and we tend to stick to a common formula (15 minutes talk/prep, play, 15-20 minutes aftercare/shower/post scene chat) if you don’t specify another way.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a talk only or play only scene so long as you stay within the hours you’ve scheduled so don’t be afraid to speak up if you have a certain way you like to indulge!

13. We apprecaite it when you respect our private lives. 

Being so terribly and immediately intimate with a stranger can be a bit tricky, so many sex workers compartmentalize things in order to keep ‘work’ and ‘life’ vastly separate. We don’t mean to offend or keep you at an unnecessary distance; but for the same reasons you may not expand on the details of your day to day lives; we prefer the same privacy. Unless either side volunteers information, it’s best neither of us pry.

14. If we cancle your appointment, please don’t take it personally. 

When you’re the thrill someone’s been looking forward to after a long day or week, we know how much of a downer it can be when we need to cancel or move our appointment. We don’t want to let you down, so we try at all costs to avoid that whenever possible.

However, if we’re sick, low energy or something pops up, we may elect to reach out to you so as to ensure we’re at 100% for our precious time together. We know you work hard for your money and that you trust and value the respite and excitement we offer; so it’s not fair to take your tribute just because we can if we’re not every bit the focused, erotic and Dominant woman you’ve come to expect. If we contact you to move our date a bit, it’s not because we don’t want to play with you – it’s just because we’re not physically or mentally ready and able to rock your world.

15. Our compliments can be genuine!

There’s a cliche in sex work, but not all of us give empty compliments to our playmates. If we say something – we mean it. Don’t be too quick to write our words off because this is a professional exchange. There’s still a living breathing woman under all the leather and latex and sometimes, she has some nice things to say to and about her visitors….and sometimes she thinks you need to hear them!

16. We really don’t judge.

As long as you’re a gentleman; what you say, how you act and what you enjoy isn’t going to change our view of you at all. If you’re a day to day 9-5, well polished, professional business and family man, I’m not going to see you differently when you tell me you like to be diapered, fisted and tied in an exposing position. You can be all of those wonderful things, with a few quirks. That’s totally okay! Your kinks don’t define you as a person.

17. We can only read what you express.

Have you ever wondered how your Mistress always seems to do just the right thing at just the right time? When to whisper something controlling into your ear or deliver that next perfectly placed cane stroke?

Well frankly my dear, it’s because we tend to play with very emotive partners – and we LOVE when you’re responsive! Having someone writhe and moan beneath you as you conquer every inch of their body is incredibly intoxicating to us. Not only does it serve as pure gasoline for your Femme Domme’s fire, it also let’s us know how you’re receiving that interaction (when it’s good, bad or overwhelming) and having that sort of physical dialog helps us read you like an open book.

18.  We really don’t mind if you’re a novice or still feeling out if BDSM is right for you. 

Not every client we see knows definitively whether or not they’re actually kinky. You can be brand new or even just mildly curious and still have a great time in our dungeon – we won’t be bored with your questions or hesitance! Sure, playing with a partner who’s done this for a while does have its merits, but we absolutely LOVE being the one to break you in if we happen to be your first Dominatrix.

19. No, BDSM isn’t all about pain – pain free sessions absolutely exist – and yes, we like those too!

Don’t worry, we don’t have a one track mind and we aren’t bent on making you endure a session you’re not interested in. We love softer scenes and there’s a SLEW of things we can do that are more focused on other forms of domination, pleasure and control. Every now and then it’s massively fun for us to tone things down and facilitate something a bit more sensuous. Remember, we are very multifaceted creatures, even if that isn’t immediately apparent!

20. We are happy you’re in our lives.

While all of this stays professional for the safety and sanity for everyone involved, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to really enjoying my visitors and regulars. I’ve met some of the most wonderful, thoughtful, entertaining and lovely men that I’d not have otherwise crossed paths with, and I’m so grateful we have the time together that we do. I look forward to your visits, truly and genuinely and I think of you (or rather what I’d like to do to you) when you’re not here. You are more then just a list of visitors I’m seeing this week, you’re my kinky friends and pervy pets – and I’m so thankful for your existence.

A Rose By Any Other Name…..



There’s a popular article going around at the moment called something like ’20 BDSM Archetypes’. As I liked the article for its attempt to give a deeper understanding to the various types of personalities in the kink world, I won’t repost it here as I disagree with the general approach of trying to categorize people so quickly for the sake of making things fit into a nice and easy definition.  And here’s a bizarre admission on my part; I dislike how categorized things can be in the general BDSM scene.

If you’ve ever found yourself browsing through online D/s forums, you’ve most likely stumbled across such an article, gave it a quick read and maybe just maybe tried to match yourself up to the breakdowns the writer describes; and if you’ve ever been unsuccessful in ‘fitting in’, it can be disheartening – especially if you’re new to the scene. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to sit down with certain clients and explain that such labels don’t matter, they serve no actual purpose, but yet they still struggle to find an easy way to define themselves with accepted and widely known terms. I get it, acceptance is powerful – but it shouldn’t apply so heavily here.

I remember when I first started out, I was really into learning the differences in each individual label. I read every online article I could, consulted the numerous and more experienced players in my local dungeon club and immersed myself fully all in the name of education. I felt that understanding the labels would naturally help me better understand the individuals; but over time I realized it didn’t….not by a long shot. I found that such oversimplification only leads to people trying to define themselves by prescribed labels instead of allowing themselves to simply exist as they are; a unique kinky being. In a very real sense, it robs you of your personal individuality – what really makes you special.

So…if you’re one of the many who turn to such glossaries to find your place; you have my permission to stop. Embrace individuality and forsake the need to be categorized…..unless of course that turns you on. *grin*

Eva Dominique

Dearest Misbehaved Masses,

As promised, I have a brand-new Dominant duo partner to announce.

Meet Eva Dominique….


While I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this amazing woman in a semi-vanilla capacity for the past several years, very recently she and I got to talking about our personal perversions… and wouldn’t you know it, she’s done more than her fair share of dipping her toes into kinky water. Small world…

You may already be familiar with her from her art, photography, erotic website or kink related modeling, but if this is your first time laying eyes on this lovely lady, let me just tell you; she is an absolute powerhouse!

Her interests lie in a range that is far too vast for me to list here in its entirety, but from role-play, electrical scenarios, bondage, corporal punishment, CBT/NT, sensory deprivation and general sensory overload, she will effortlessly wrap you around her little finger…. and that’s just for starters.

As this is not the only feather in her cap, she doesn’t have a separate Professional BDSM website that I can direct you to for more information. If you find yourself with any questions regarding her interests, limits, or general booking inquiries feel free to direct them to me at victoria.rage@yahoo.com

As for the pertinent details…

Eva is available for duos in my dungeon only at this time and her schedule allows for bookings Tuesday during the day, Friday and Saturday day/evening.

The tribute for her time is an additional $200 per hour, and as with all double sessions, advance notice will be required for her appointments.

Now, who’s ready to see if they’re up to the challenge?

Vacation Notice: I’m headed to Sunny Florida


Dearest Readers and Pervy Playmates,

If you saw my Twitter post this morning, I’m sure you noticed that I’ve announced the unannouncable; yes I, Victoria Rage, will be getting on an airplane.

Perhaps this is no big deal for most people, but air travel is my one big NO in life. I’ll do some pretty questionable things but voluntarily getting into a small metal airborne tube isn’t of them. But, when your grandparents formally ask you to come visit – well, even I can’t say no to that (and I’ve tried).

So, I’ll be packing my bags and leaving the lovely Mistress Isla Ablaze to watch my home, dungeon and pets while I spend a few days slathered in sunscreen and trying not to talk much about ‘work’ with family.

What this means for you lovelies who see me for play dates; I’ll be available through September up to Sunday the 14th. After that, I will be back and excepting appointments from September 20th onwards.

It’s not a terribly long vacation, just a week really, but those of you who see me weekly or biweekly will want to touch base with me so we can retool some of our timing.

Also, since air travel is something I care to do about as much as going to the DMV or changing a flat tire, I will need an enormous amount of stimulation before I leave and after I get back. Those of you with high tolerances, impressive amounts of energy or open minds are especially encouraged to book your visit near my departure or arrival days.

I will so desperately need the release….

Ok Ft Lauderdale, here I come…


Update: Miss Poppy Black No long Avail

Good Morning my delightful deviants!

This post will be a quick one, just to keep you abreast of a small change in my duo partner line up.

The very lovely Poppy Black will be stepping away from her submissive role and focusing her efforts towards her main offerings; high class and sexy companionship.

As such, she will no longer be available for scenes with me, but I will keep an eye out for more lovely ladies to keep my mix of available partners sexy and exciting.

If you’re a female reader of his blog and an established professional (domme, submissive or sensual fetishist) and would like to discuss the possibility of offering doubles sessions; feel free to drop me a line with your website, links to any reviews you may have and a little bit about yourself!

Here’s looking forward to some new and thrilling possible partnerships!!!

A Sonic Invasion of Your Physche: Music to Violate Your Mind

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone emailed me after a scene to complement my music or asked what I played for our session.
While I make such a blasé remark, those emails mean quite a lot to me. I put a tremendous amount of througth into the atmosphere I want someone to experience while we’re together and though I tend to stick with a small but versatile rotation of artists,  I only play tracks suitable to the scene I’m about to perform…truth be told, some of my regulars have actually had playlists made for our dates specifically. You can be suspicious if our music ever sync’s up just a little too well with what’s happening in the physical realm.
For example, if you’ve ever been in a predicament where you find yourself staring down the barrel of a very long strap on and you hear NIN Closer in the background: that’s no mistake.
Or perhaps you’re being dressed up like a slutty little whore and Madonna’s Material Girl kicks on….that’s for you.
Fortunately for me, a lot of the music I listen everyday has a darker tone and lyrics that involve BDSM, erotica, bondage, longing, denial and torment, so it’s pretty easy to make things up on the fly.
My timing might not always be so perfect, as none of this is really choreographed but you get the point: music is incredibly important.
So, for those who are curious, I will go ahead and publicly share some of my favorite artists and songs that I like to play for people in certain circumstances.  And because I also enjoy a little bit of a random mindfuck, I will let you in on my little secret… The very first song you hear when you walk through the door is a very intentional selection meant to dictate the tone and likely what will be happening to you during our time together, so listen very very carefully.
For instance, as previously mentioned – if I get the sense you need to have your orifices violated vigorously, you’re likely to hear this.

Also I’m very much into IAMX and use them very frequently when I have a scene that’s going to involve plenty of highs and lows but filled with immense amounts of energy.
Their catalog is shockingly diverse and amazingly appropriate for just about everything.

Lana Delray is often my go to when I want a more mellow or meditative scene. I have a heavy preference for her breathy tones when I’m doing a sensory deprivation scene in particular. Her voice tends to carry deep and permeating tones that often invade even the thickest hoods and ear plugs. A sultry woman’s voice whispering into your subconscious as I deprive the rest of you –  is a very powerful thing.

Isn’t it simply amazing how enrapturing these songs are?
And I know there’s more than one of you hearing these and reflecting instantly to a moment where I had you at a complete disadvantage and well out of your depth…

GoPro or No Go?


It ‘a no surprise that both my audience and my clients are very much enthralled when I take and share session photos or videos (with permission).

Who wouldn’t? It’s sexy to have your dirty deeds documented – and if you’re into it, it’s even hotter when you get to have those filmed bits of filth presented to a sizable audience. Its why amature porn is so big, right?

It’s just hot to see yourself acting like a sexual primal animal; or in my capacity – to see yourself being toyed with, bound, used and abused, by a sinful seductress.

Try as I might, I never feel like the images I take truly capture the moment. You never get to hear the sounds of my punished pet as he breaths heavily under my cane stroke…or the begging for MORE as I dip and tease my metal urethral sounds deep inside his cock. You miss the shivering, the elevated heart rate, my mocking laugh and purring comments: what you get is a flash and a split second locked in time. Don’t get me wrong, that’s all obscenely erotic…

….but I think I can do better.


I’ve been thinking (when do I ever stop) and it seems these little GoPro cameras are pretty damn popular these days. You strap them to yourself (or something near by) and you get a distortion free, wide angle, perfect sound recording – or live streaming – of the action.

You see where I’m going right?

So, I’m putting it out there to gauge general interest in the idea of sessions that involve the option of having it all recorded by a camera worn by me (or you) to catch first hand and up close; your deviant demise.

Naturally, this is only something I would do with someone’s very direct permission. I have NO desire to otherwise violate the trust and privacy of my visitors. Any cameras or recording devices I may have would only come out if you specifically requested this.

….but for those who are into being watched or seeing themselves endure various tormenting scenarios at my hands: I’m craving some feedback to the possibility.

Feel free to share your thoughts via tweet responses and comments.

Side note: anyone who would recommend using a standard camcorder on a tripod in place of my suggestion let me stop you right there…

My dungeon is a multi room studio with low light and music playing for all sessions. Sadly at this time I haven’t found a camera that will record quality video under these conditions….that doesn’t also require a camera operator or constant repositioning of the equipment as we move from room to room: or device to device ;-)

Public Play & Out Of Dungeon Engagements

tumblr_mm9xniODcE1r3r30ko1_500 - Copy


I’m ever evolving my interests and offerings; it keeps the creative energy flowing you know? When I consider the expanded possibilities of just a slight change in the typical structure of a session, I’m absolutely overflowing with ideas for new and unique ways to better enjoy and torment my lovely visitors.

During Summer and Fall, I’m drawn out of my dungeon play space by a strong pull to explore play in various locations. During a recent 4 day scene, I helped my ‘slave’ live out the fantasy of 24/7 ownership where in he was required to accompany me about town. We enjoyed meals out, shopping and visits to a nail salon. Of course, we didn’t subject any innocent bystanders to our play – but he was given contact instruction and very rigid rules for how he had to conduct himself while with me. Having him trussed up with nipple clamps, a butt plug and remote controlled electro device strapped to his cock kept him on his toes in the most invasive and secretive way.

Being in the open like that made even the slightest order more urgent; should he fail at ANYTHING, he risked the immediate punishment of public humiliation…and worse, the threat of what I would do to him when we got back to my place.

During the final night of our stint together, he confessed that simply being out of the dungeon made his fantasy feel more ‘real’, he truly felt he had been made a part of my world and enjoying typical activities with me in even mundane locations; it made our dynamic vastly more exciting. I agreed whole heartedly.

For returning visitors, I will be making this an official offering.

If you’d like to go shopping, enjoy lunch/dinner out, grab some coffee or perhaps just enjoy the sights the Seattle has to offer, I will gladly accompany you. These appointments will need to be a minimum of 2 hours long but can last up to 10 hours at the traditional tribute listed on my website. Over the next couple of days, I will be sure to add this to my website’s Fantasy Ideas page with a bit more detail.

Any questions you might have about this in the meantime, you’re welcome to send an email my way! victoria.rage@yahoo.com

Thank you…

Creative Concepts


Dear Readers, Sweet Admirers and Lovely Visitors,

I’ve had an overwhelming and amazing month thanks to all of you. The pour out of gifts, loving emails, cards, special visits and well wishes has made my 30th birthday the absolute best I’ve ever had.

Never have I felt so warmly cared for by my clients, pets and admirers; but it’s a feeling a girl could really get used to!

While I’ve tried my best to respond to each and every person who reached out to me, I realize in the extensive correspondence, I may have missed a couple here and there. So, for all of you who were thoughtful and kind enough to help make my special day just a bit more special; thank you truly from the bottom of my heart.

I’ll be taking just one more day off to soak up the R&R I so desperately need, but as you might expect, come Wednesday I’ll hit the ground running! I have a few more blog posts in the works, another debauched role play scenario to share and a few photos taken (with permission) from some of this month’s highlight scenes…of, and how could I forget? I slew of new toys I’ve been gifted this month which will be fun for ALL to enjoy!


So stay tuned: there’s never a dull moment in my dungeon!



New TNA Review: From My Very Own Slut!

This is a particularly interesting review for me.


Very recently I began taking on new clients again (well new to me anyway) and was quicken taken by a sweet and nervous newbie with a long list of things he’d always fantasized about but never acted on. There’s something about those men, waiting so long and never giving in to what they want most until one fateful day out of the blue….I just feel for them. That longing, that unfulfilled desire….

Anyway, after my fist play date with this boy, I realized very quickly what a wonderfully open minded, submissive, masochistic and all around slutty playmate he would be. In just a brief span of time, I could see him totally surrender to me. On my medical table he went from a curious and shy visitor to a man who was unraveling his body and soul for me. This is what my experiences are for; complete abandon. Needless to say, I adore him and on his own, he’s taken to writing a very thoughtful and generous review to provide a glimpse into his initial explorations.

Original link: http://www.tnaboard.com/showthread.php?893188-Domina-Victoria-Rage-Intensely-Sensual-and-oh-so-Wickedly-Sadistic&p=7930168#post7930168

And if you follow me on Twitter and would like to follow him as well: @bbslut69

securedownload (3)

Domina Victoria Rage: Intensely Sensual and oh so Wickedly Sadistic

TNA Handle: VictoriaRage
Service Type: Fetish
Incall/Outcall: Incall
Gender: Female
Body type: Curvy
Accurate Pics?: Better in Person
Affiliation: Independent
Ethnicity: European
Skin Tone: Pale
Hair color: Black
Hair Length: To shoulder blades
Eyes: Brown
Tattoos: A Couple
Smoker?: No
Fetishes (YMMV): BDSM
Date of Meeting: 07/08/2014
Recommended?: Absolutely

There she was, leaning against the doorway to the bathroom, as I stepped out of the shower to towel off after another session of joyfully suffering for her pleasure. The look on her face says it all as she engages in some small talk: here is a woman that thoroughly enjoys what she is doing, confident, powerful, comfortable in her own skin, knows what she wants and doesn’t hesitates to take it. That aura is palatable. As I stare back and respond, I think to myself so this is what the prey must feel like right before the lioness devours them, and can’t wait for it to happen. Our two hour session is over with but oh I how I wish she would drag me back into her dungeon: time flies way too fast yet again as Victoria treated me to more of the most delightful punishments and torments. On this particular occasion who knew I’d enjoy sharp objects so much, Victoria certainly does and apparently she knew I would too.

But lets flash back to the beginning.

Thou I have been interested in various kinks for some time, I wasn’t seriously looking for a dominatrix. What a waste of opportunities to indulge but that is for another forum. I was, however, fortunate to stumble upon Victoria’s twitter page which I found refreshingly unique in terms of what she chooses to post and discuss. A reader gets a peak into the person beyond the pro domme. From her twitter page I was taken to her website and blog (both expertly put together by her), where if you read thoroughly you’ll learn more about her and what she is passionate about. It was this sense of knowing a little bit about Victoria on some “personal level” after reading all that she has posted that drove me to contact her, more so than some shared interests.

I will say that before my initial contact with Victoria, I had checked out a few other dominatrixes’s websites and I used my discover of her, if you will, as a jumping off point to amp up my research of other dominatrixes but I always came back to her. Not to be too clinical, but there was something about the “intangibles category” that kept me anchored to Victoria -hard to explain.

My first step was an email which she quickly responded to in a very personal way. I followed up with another email further outlining my interests, experience level et cetera. The required telephone conversation ensued where she follows up on what I had shared and a date was set. She made that tongue tied phone conversation quite pleasant. The appointed day arrives, and whatever apprehensions I might have had quickly vanish as she warmly welcomes me and ushers me across the threshold and into the depths of her dungeon. We sit and chat briefly, with Victoria asking a couple of questions to confirm my interests, experience level, goals for our time together and I suspect to gage my level of nervousness and how she is going to proceed with her plans. She is quite engaging, and it is easy to talk with her. I use this time to look around: the dungeon looks exactly like it is pictured on her website: clean, well laid out and organized, and filled with all sorts of delightful looking instruments of torment and pleasure all of which are top shelf.

Those fabulous pictures of her you see on her website do not do her justice when you meet her in person. Alluring and sexy she has a delightfully wicked twinkle in her eyes to match her beautiful smile, and as I was soon to discover a sultry laugh, and when she utters the words “good boy” and “oh yes you are going to take it” under her breath while subjecting you to some delicious torment well my fellow traveler you’ve died and gone to heaven. A shower is offered, and accepted. It is a great technique to refocus oneself on what is about to come. It is a full bathroom and clean as the rest of her dungeon. Once quickly showered, I present myself to her; feeling, somewhat to my surprise, quite comfortable in my nakedness as I stand there submissively before her. The specifics of the session are not important, what is was that it was beyond anything I imagined and I did a hell of a lot of imaging during those days leading up to our first date. It was an amazing experience: sensory overload and I wanted more. It is sadly true “time flies when you’re having a good time.”

I first came to Victoria with sort of a bucket list of things I wanted to experience, but as she proceeded to work her magic on me during that first visit I mentally tore that list up and threw it away. I quickly realized that this would be self limiting and surrendered myself to her. I have seen Victoria several times now, and look forward to be counted as a regular. It would be unfair to say each visit is better than the last because that would do her a disservice. Victoria puts her heart and soul into every session. Each one is unique, standing on its own even if you are getting whipped/caned at each one, deservedly so I might add, in my case, Victoria makes even that experience unique from session to session. What I will say with each visit Victoria has exposed me to new and exciting sensations; with each visit my horizons have expanded in the most unexpected and most memorable ways. During my brief time with Victoria I have experienced and enjoyed things that I would not have considered, or at minimum would have placed way down on that bucket list. As other reviewers have said, and I echo, Victoria has this way of quickly gaining your trust. She easily obtained mine which made it surprisingly easy for me to succumb to my submissive nature with, at that time, a stranger yet I didn’t feel that Victoria was a stranger at all.

Upon returning home after that first visit, I received an unexpected surprise: an email from her titled afterthoughts which is an extremely personal note from Victoria about one’s encounter. If it wasn’t clear already from your time with Victoria, such a note cements the idea that Victoria views the session as much as hers as it is yours. Like any great chef, musician, or artist she doesn’t succumb to the temptation of preparing a meal, or playing a piece of music, or lets say working glass seem routine and uninspired. The great ones always embrace something they have done countless times with passion and vigor, they have a drive to make it special each and every time. Like those individuals she seeks to grow and learn new things about her kinks: it is as if you, your body and mind, are her canvas and she is driven to make the best use of it. As you honor her with your submission, she honors you with her passion and commitment.

Consider anyone can use a whip, paddle, or cane to deliver pain, but only an artist, and she is one, knows how to use each one in such a manner as to inflict the most delicious of torments. Your mission is to appreciate the various nuances each implement brings to the party, appreciate each has its own bite, appreciate each renders its own distinct welt, appreciate each body part responds in a unique way to her use of those instruments, and most importantly appreciate that she is able to take you on that voyage of discovery. The first of many such voyages if you give her the chance.

After reading other reviewers’ tails of not so pleasant first encounters with a pro domme, I am ever so grateful to the powers to be that Victoria was waiting for me when I finally took that first step. You will be too.

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Chastity Release Party: The Filthy Recap!


The party… My oh my, what can I say? 

It’s taken me nearly a week to find the words to express what exactly happened that fateful Independence Day and even now, I realize my toned down ‘blog friendly’ version of this recap doesn’t do it justice. It was filth, it was fun, it was everything you’d expect from me if given a room full of willing participants.
Imagine, a suite full of desperate men who had been locked for weeks in rigid chastity for weeks, my cruel lifestyle girlfriends, and three overly sexed young professional coutesans who couldn’t contain their amusement at my caged up boys. It was a recipe for an adrenaline filled evening that surely did not disappoint!

Right off the bat I had all my pets strip; why waste any time with formalities? My ladies entertained themselves by pointing out the men with especially modest endowments as I removed their devices. Of course, before doing so, I issued a stern warning that any self touching would lead to their immediate banishment from this party. After a very brief CFNM meet and greet, it was time for the first event; a game.


Round 1: Open Wide
The first game was a cock sucking contest! You can’t really be surprise can you?
Once I declared the name of the event, I could see some boys were more enthused than others; and a couple were visibly terrified until they realized the ladies of the party were all strapping into their tight fitting strap ons. Had they really thought I’d begin with enforced bi? (maybe next year). Their relief would be short lived as *I* picked out the dildos to be used, and as you might assume – I went BIG! In groups of four my pets all dropped to their knees and went to town as best they could. Eyes wide and jaws locked open they tried to force as many inches down their throats as possible…well most of them did anyway. I learned oh so much about my boys as some took to it like fish in water while others lapped at the engorged plastic cocks like they were eating lollipops. Novices! The girls were all quite amused, some sitting or standing politely as the boys offered their ministrations, while others went on to thrust forcefully into the boys faces – thoroughly testing their gag reflexes. 
After finding one real stand out in the crowd, we briefly deliberated before declaring him the overwhelming winner! His reward? 15 minutes alone with one of my previously mentioned over sexed friends. She was more than happy to offer him his due, actually she was beyond thrilled – grabbing a handful of condoms and taking him forcefully by the hand to the ‘relief room’. Needless to say, he didn’t even need the full 15 minutes after being locked up for 32 days.
After seeing what the first reward was, the rest of the crowed was even more motivated to win the remaining events.

Round 2: The Race
The next game was simply titled The Race, though more specifically it could be called the Peg Race. I got this idea from Kami Tora (pic above. We set down two long benches with a line of butt plugs in ever increasing sizes. The plugs started small, only an inch and a quarter, but then got bigger and bigger. The last plug was basically the size of a coke can. It was more than fortunate of me to have a skilled carpenter in my stable and he hand crafted half a dozen Peg Boards just because he knew I wanted to make this photo a reality.

The rules were simple:
* Any of my anal sluts could enter the race
* Their asses would have to touch the bench all the way before moving on.
* The winners would be the two who finished the race the fastest, or went the furthest for those who failed to finish.
* They could not go so fast that they risked injury to themselves and all of this would be done under the watchful eye of EVERYONE in the room.

As it turns out I only had four pets who thought that they were experienced enough to try the race. Glory Holes would have been one of my favorites to win but unfortunately (for him!) he is being punished and I am not allowing him to play with his ass for six months. So he had to bow out of an event. The competition was fierce, the 4 volunteers lined up, lubed up and got ready to begin. All of them were rather cocky in their abilities – thinking this would be a piece of cake! Oh how wrong they were…..

My four sluts moaned and groaned as they impaled themselves on plug after plug, coaxed on by the thought of the unnamed reward that was to come! It was quite a visual….and the one moment in the party that I truly regretted my very own NO VIDEO policy.

Much to my surprise, three of the four actually finished the course! Frankly, the rest of us just couldn’t believe it but these boys wanted to win BAD! Only after we determined who fished fastest (by a mere 2 seconds) did we declare the second winner. His prize was simple but precisely what he wanted; a fisting from the lady of his choice in the relief room.

Round 3: Jewels In Peril

In round three the intensity was really ramped up. I had only planned 4 various games and so, it was widely known that while 10 men were in attendance, only 4 would win prizes. Naturally, as things were meant to be harder and harder as the night wore on, this scenario and all others from here on out were mandatory.
I lined my playmates up in an orderly row and had them all look me in the eye as I explained this would be a (safe) ball busting tournament. Heads lowered and eyes squeezed tightly shut as the true gravity of what was going to happen really sunk in. My Domme friends mercifully began with small taps, slaps, smacks and ever building forms of impact to get them acclimated. The echos of grunts filled the room as we all quickly realized that the two boys who already visited the ‘relief room’ had it easiest in this game. After 3 men had to bow out after just a few light whacks, the rest stood overwhelmingly firm until we had built up to mild kicking. Our silky bare feet and soft leather boots did the trick after just another couple of minutes, but it was positively amusing to see them struggle with the entirety of their will power to be the last man standing. 
After much impact and a rather impressive display of focus we had our winner – and though his balls were aching from the game, he was thrilled to take his pleasure as gifted to him; relief via forced bi with my personal slave Glory Holes.

Round 4: Hard Rods

For the final event, the last seven boys were simply positioned bottoms up and caned while they were allowed to tend to themselves. Though better prizes were meted out earlier in the evening, they were quite happy to be allowed even this.  A few of them though, were complete lightweights and couldn’t summon the focus needed to break their dry spell, while others had the concentration of an Olympic athlete as they headed towards the finish line, ignoring the ever growing warmth in their upturned asses. This round, Glory Holes, took it the hardest but was denied relief entirely. It seems only fitting that despite his 6 weeks in lock up, that he be forced to endure a relief party without gaining the benefit of any relief….he is my personal slave after all.
When things wound down and everyone appeared a bit spent, I gave the group a few moments to collect themselves as I laid out my last plan of the night. I passed around some necessities: wine, protection, lubrication and towels, and it became clear that I was setting everyone up for a Spartan style free for all. I didn’t need to encourage anyone at this point…the hint was taken loud and clear as people teamed up for one last hurrah before the fireworks. From a few feet away, I sat on the only surface that wasn’t overtaken by writhing bodies (the dining room table) and sipped a glass of decadent Noir. Though it was an exciting and busy evening, I took in the visuals and memories as best I could. It certainly wasn’t bad for a first year…..but I think next year, I’ll find a way to outdo myself.  Until then, back into lock up boys!

New Kinky Cohort: Meet Master Prophet

I’ll keep this short and sweet my lovelies, since I know you’re all waiting on a recap of my July 4th festivities….but I do have something rather attention grabbing to announce to you duo-loving play mates. By repeated and overwhelming request, I’ve begun a search for the every elusive Professional Male Dominant.  And as I often boast that there’s nothing on this earth I can’t procure; I’ve gone ahead and found the right man for the job.

Meet Master Prophet.

He’s diverse, commanding and militaristic; a perfect addition to my little den of iniquity and an absolute icon of male Dominance. For those of you who have always longed for the Female and Male Dominant led scene; consider your wish granted.

While I would describe him as a quick witted, creative player with a background in the Armed forces who enjoys intense bondage, sensation and predicament play above all else, my commentary can only go so far when the man has a few words to say about himself.   So, without further ado…


My name is Master Prophet and I would like formally introduce myself.

I am a 10 year experienced kinkster in many forms of play. I have a wide variety of interest that revolve around sensory deprivation and bondage. I love to ensnare my toys in many a device and then remove their ability to sense where I am or what I will do next. Be it tickling or torture, you’ll just have to wait to find out!

Some of the things that I favor are rope bondage, ice torment, wax play and predicament scenarios to name just a small few. Naturally, there are a few things that I don’t allow:  BSP (blood/scat/piss), breath control and intercourse. I am a professional above all else and I respect those that I play with!


And there you have it gentlemen; just imagine all the fresh and intense new dynamics and scenarios this can open up!

As Master Prophet is a very busy man and this is NOT his full time profession – his schedule tends to run after 5pm most evenings with advance notice. The compensation for his time is $200 for the first hour and $150 for each additional hour; following the same booking and tribute protocol as my own.  His typical boundaries are also the same as my own in that he is only offering his time as a Top (no escorting or switching).

So my darlings, whenever you’re ready to dive in with two of Seattle’s finest debauched Dominants; you just let me know.

First Annual – Chastity Release Party!



Here we are, two days before the 4th of July and while everyone else is out buying grill supplies and fire works in bulk, here I sit stocking up on supplies for a very different type of event.

Independence day will be my first ever “Chastity Release” party!

Many Mistresses host their own semi-public events, Foot Night being one of the more well known occasions, and I’ve always wanted to have my own kinky coming together revolving around things that were near and dear to my heart. So after a bit of reflection, it dawned on my that key holding is one of my very favorite activities. It’s hard to believe that in a venue that’s so erotic, I deny many men the benefit of self pleasure all in a demonstration of their submission to me, their Domina.

While it’s true that this is NOT the case with *most* of my visitors, there is a sizable group of regulars near and far who have turned over their family jewels to this strict and unflinching key holder….and since I’m always one to reward when good behavior should be applauded; a select dozen have been invited to lose their bonds for a day and enjoy a 6 hour party in the theme of decadent overindulgence.

Naturally, there would be a bit of unbalance if I were the only Top in attendance, so I’ve invited a few of my closest dominant girlfriends and a few woman of flexible repute to give these poor boys a chance for a bit of a break from their bonds and cages. I’m planning a series of challenges, games and prizes – all of which will be written about after the holiday for you to envy and gasp over.



So stay tuned….in a few days, I’m going to have one hell of a blog entry coming your way…



Now, before my inbox fills up with a flurry of questions: let me answer them off the bat.


Why wasn’t I invited?

Only a dozen people were – and they were hand chosen based on schedule, play style, flexibility in playing with other men/ women, and a number of other factors. If you weren’t invited, it didn’t mean you didn’t ‘make the cut’, it just means that I had limited space and chose to invite guests almost in lottery style.


Will you be doing this again next year?

Yes, I fully intend on it.


Can I come next year?

Possibly. If I’ve been your key holder for more than 6 months, you’re a regular visitor, you will be in the area, are happy to play and participate with kinksters of all genders and will not require my on on one undivided attention; yes, I’ll send you an invite next year.


Is there a fee?

Yes, but it’s minimal and covers the venue, food, drinks and supplies.


Is the party in your dungeon?

No. For a number of reasons, this will be held at a fully equipped location within Seattle that is private, clean, safe and NOT in my dungeon.


If I’ve been invited, can I bring anyone?



I haven’t been invited, but can I help in any way?

Not this year, but next year – perhaps. Anyone interested in forced bi (who is a current visiting playmate) may volunteer their skills for the next event.


Will any other Seattle Pro Dommes be attending?

Pro Dommes – no. As professionals require compensation for their time when their are ‘working’, I have chosen my real life Dominant girlfriends – all of whom are genuine lifestyle Mistresses to populate this gathering.


Will there be any Pro Dommes attending next year?

Maybe. I’ve played with the idea of charging a twinge more for entry in order to cover the time of a few professionals. We’ll see how this first event goes though…

Attention: Lovers of High Heels And Women’s Feet

Darling fetishists,

I’m doing a bit of closet purging this week to make room for some new items I have in route.

In particular, I’ve noticed my shoe collection has grown completely out of control and many of the items in my rotation are ripe for retiring!

With that in mind, I have three lovely pairs of well worn heels that I’m putting up for sale.

They will be going for $75 a pair or $200 for the lot. Shipping costs could range from $20-$40 but I will let you know exactly via email depending on your ZIP Code.

If you’re interested, drop me a line: victoria.rage@yahoo.com

These will disappear fast!


New Review: A Punished Pet

Original Link:







I have visited Mistress V (as I like to call her) fives times now.  Each time is better than the last, and EVERY time has been wonderful.

She has many glowing reviews (all well deserved) however most of these are from people who have seen her once or twice.  I thought it might be interesting for people to see a report from someone who is a ‘regular’.

I am definitely that – I have been seeing her exclusively now every 5 weeks (I wish I could see her more frequently but alas, financial limitations prevent this).

First, a little about me.  Before seeing Mistress V, I had been to a Pro-Domme about 10 years ago.  The experience was so terrible I decided BDSM or any other related activity wasn’t for me.

However last year, after a life changing event, I re-evaluated things and decided to give it another chance.  I did a bunch of research, searched through lots of ads, read lots of reviews, and finally settled on Mistress V largely because of her web site and her lucid writing.  I voraciously read everything on both her website and her extensive blog site.  It was clear she was obviously a woman of charm and intelligence and her profession was her passion.

This last fact was important to me; I wanted to see someone that really, truly enjoyed what she did.  I wanted to know that whatever transpired between us, she would derive at least some enjoyment out of it.

My first visit with her was an eye opening experience and worth a write up all by itself.  Her dungeon was scrupulously clean and her collection of ‘dungeon toys’ was simply mind boggling.  I suspect she has the best dungeon in WA.

I also learned a few things about myself:
1. I’m a bit of a pain slut (a big surprise for me).
2. I have difficulty living in the moment.

Mistress V quickly recognized both of these qualities and has capitalized on #1 and is rapidly solving #2.

On my third visit, I formally asked her if she would train me as one of her submissives.  She takes this request very seriously and has requirements that must be met, one of which is to accomplish a significant life time goal, in her name, within a year.

I should add one thing here – Mistress V is an artist when it comes to tailoring her sessions to clients.  My situation may not be for everyone; I enjoy being dominated both physically and mentally – but others may not.  Rest assured, she has the technical skill and breadth of experience to accommodate any situation (within her boundaries of course).

What follows is a fairly close accounting of my recent visit on 5/24/2014.  I can’t go into exhaustive detail about everything that happened – that would violate the precious trust I’ve built with her.  But I think there are enough interesting details here to make this lengthy piece a worthy read.

My visit
This was my fifth visit with Mistress V and I was a bit nervous because during our last date, she had given me ‘homework’ that I was to complete before seeing her again.

My assignment was simple:
Complete chastity (unless my wife asked for sex) for two weeks, followed by two weeks of twice a day masturbation.

I had ininitially thought this was going to be pretty easy.  The first two weeks might be tricky, but the 2nd two weeks – a no-brainer.

Or so I thought.

Work kept me busy and it was easy to remain chaste for two weeks. But when the 2nd two weeks rolled around, I found it nearly impossible to masturbate once every day.  And twice every day?  Forget about it.

After failing a few times, I sort of just stopped trying.

She won’t remember I thought to myself.

Or maybe … I could just lie to her? but I winced at that thought.

In truth, however, I was wondering what would happen if I intentionally disobeyed her.

When the day arrived for my session, I was mulling this thought over as I knocked on her door and waited for her to answer.  This was my first time at her new dungeon and I was curious to see what changes she had made.

The door opened and she welcomed me inside.  The sudden change from bright daylight to dim dungeon light left me essentially blind for a minute or two.

As my eyes adjusted, she gave me a warm hug (Christ does she smell wonderful!) and then guided me to a well upholstered red chair where I sat across from her and drank from a goblet of water she had waiting for me.

She was dressed in a black spandex cat suit cut low in front and had on thigh high leather boots with stiletto heels.  Her lovely figure was accentuated by the tight fabric, and I couldn’t help but notice the silver necklace around her neck with an oval pendent, inset with a black stripped stone (onyx?), dangling seductively between her pale full breasts.

She is a beautiful woman, more attractive in person than the lovely photos on her web site.  Her raven black hair contrasts strikingly with her pale skin, and she has full red lips and exotic eyes.  There is a certain presence about her – calm, confident, warm and genuine.  There is also a sense of hidden energy too – just simmering under the surface.  You just want to be near her.  To spend time with her. To be her presence.  She is intoxicating.

As usual we began with some quiet conversation.  Beginning this way helps put me at ease and was invaluable during my first few visits.

I had sent her email over the last few weeks explaining that I needed to be more forth-right with her.  I was guilty of holding back and not always letting her know what I liked or wanted.  She is human after all and can’t read minds, so it’s very important to tell her want you want.

As a result, I had promised myself I would be open and honest about things.

As I talked, she watched me with a calm steady gaze.  At times it was hard to meet her eyes – she seems to see right into your soul – but it felt good (albeit a bit embarrassing) to tell her private things that I couldn’t tell others.

The main thing I wanted was for her to test my limits; I wanted to be forced to submit.  I told her that at times I found it difficult to completely commit during our sessions.  There was always some hesitation in my mind. But perhaps if she pushed me – tested me – I would then submit to her without reservation.

After this explanation she asked a few questions.

“Duration or intensity?” she asked.

“Intensity” I replied.  I wasn’t quite sure what she meant by this but I would soon find out.

“I may leave marks…” she said, and I felt a thrill go through me.

“Your marks are an honor for me Mistress.”  She smiled at this.

We talked a bit more about specifics; I mentioned a few other things I was curious about; literally nothing fazes this woman.

Finally, she asked if there was anything else I wanted to tell her.

“No.” I replied.

As I showered – readying myself for things to come – a feeling came over me; that of just offering myself up as dinner to a hungry lioness….

When I came out of the bathroom she smiled at me and said,

“I hope you are dry because leather and wet skin don’t mix well.”

“I am Mistress” I replied.  Oh how I love to call her Mistress!

She then placed a very stiff, tight collar around my neck.  It was constructed in such a way as to prevent me from looking down or up; reminiscent of a medical neck brace but made of exquisitely stiff leather.  I later found out this was called a ‘posture collar’.

Whenever she puts a collar around my neck, a pleasant light headed sensation starts to come over me.  My breath quickens and a flush of warmth stirs in my loins.  This is the preliminary stage of subspace and if you haven’t experienced it you don’t know what you are missing.  Like one of Pavlov’s poor dogs, I have been conditioned to respond this way and it happens more easily each time I see her.  Eventually, I will probably drop into subspace when she just looks at me; an embarrassing situation if I ever saw her in a grocery store. :)

She then tied a rope to a ring in the collar, gave it a quick tug and led me like a pet to a formidable steel cage laying horizontally on the floor.  The top of the cage was solid and covered with padded leather and it was on this she instructed me to lie down on.  She then proceeded to tie me down to the cage very tightly – to the point where I was almost unable to move.

She began with some CBT -a first for me.

I was tied down in such a way that if I moved various sensitive parts of my body would be stretched in painful ways.  As she proceeded to torment me, I was able to see her out of the corner of my eye – her long black hair silhouetted against the dim background dungeon light.

I was being tortured by a beautiful sadist … and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon.

She is an expert at ramping up pain.  The pain is very focusing, almost pleasurable, and beyond hot when I thought about her causing it.  It’s very hard to describe.  As I squirmed about she reminded me if I pulled too hard I could castrate myself.  A sobering thought indeed – I stopped squirming…

As things continued, she carried on a running conversation with me – asking pointed, probing questions.  At times it was difficult to answer.

And then the question I most feared.

“William, did you complete your assignment?” she asked innocently, in her sweet voice.

Fuck! I think to myself.  She DOES remember.

“You didn’t think I would forget did you?” and a coy smile crosses her face.

“Well, I don’t know Mistress… I thought maybe …?”

“Of course not William! I’ve been waiting for you to explain yourself…” and she applied more clamps to various parts of my body, forcing me further into subspace.

“Did you, in fact, complete your assignment?”

“No Mistress…”  I reply through a fog of pain.

She sighs.

“William, didn’t we have a conversation about disobedient pets?”

“Yes Mistress…” I stammered.  I remembered we most definitely did have that discussion months ago.  Unfortunately for me, she has a good memory.

“Did you disobey me on purpose?” again with the innocent sounding voice.

The pain I was being subjected to and the pleasure of subspace were now working in unison – acting like a truth serum; I had to concentrate hard to answer her.

“No … well, ah yes … maybe …”, my words trailed off.  There was no use in denying it, she was on to me.

“I know you did” she said matter-of-factly, “I know your kind.”

A big shudder ran through me.  Wow!  When she says stuff like that to me, I can’t help but get aroused and excited. She knows exactly what to say without being over the top.

And deep down – she knows me all too well.

By this time, I am writhing about, straining hard against my restraints. I feel the rope tight around my arms and thighs.

“Why didn’t you bring me a list of your failures, as I told you to?”

“Because … because the numbers were too large Mistress!” A lame-ass answer but it was the truth.  “I was afraid you might be upset!”

“And did you really think hiding it from me would make things easier?”

“No … no Mistress, I … um …”

She interrupts me:

“William, do you think you deserve this punishment for disobeying me?”

By that time, I was at my physical pain limit.

“Oh God! Yes! Yes Mistress … yes!”

And then I begged for mercy and called out ‘yellow’ (a safe word).  I’ve never had to do that before.

But this only buys me a few seconds of reprieve.

“How many times did you fail?” she asked insistently.

“Maybe 6?” I said weakly.

“No….. I think 50″ she replied without hesitation.

“But… but Mistress!” I said tremulously, “It was for only two weeks, how could failing twice each day for two weeks ever add up to 50?”

But she just looked at me and said firmly, “50”.

I would later receive this number of lashes from her single-tail as further punishment.

When she was finished with me, she untied the restraints.  I was covered in sweat; my arms and legs felt like wet noodles.  As I stood up I almost fell.  I leaned against the cage and tried to regain my strength.  She handed me a glass of water, but I was so shaky I couldn’t really hold it.

She held it for me as I drank deeply; a simple act that further reminded me of her dominance over me.

Next she had me kneel in front of a mirror.  I was to be whipped with her single-tail – 50 lashes, and I had to count them out one at a time – and if I said anything else, apart from asking for a brief pause, she would restart at 1.

I almost screwed this up twice; the first time was after the fourth lash.

“Oh my God,” I muttered under my breath, “50 of these?!”

She immediately stopped and said, “What did I just say?”

My head was swimming – and it was difficult to answer but I managed.

“That I shouldn’t speak…”

“That’s right William.  I’ll let it slide this time.”

She continued to whip me, in sets of 10.  After each set, I would fall forward to catch my breath.  The pain was agonizing.

At 30 lashes I exclaimed:

“Permission to speak Mistress!”

“No.” she replied, and continued whipping me.

I had wanted to plead for mercy…

I endured another set of 10 lashes, and then another.

After the 50th lash she then asked me what I wanted to say – but I couldn’t really remember by then – and it didn’t matter anymore.

By far, the most memorable image I have of that day – and it will stick with me forever – was when she paused while whipping me and told me to look in the mirror.

I saw myself, naked, kneeling, collar around my neck, and her, standing directly behind me – legs spread apart in a commanding pose, all in black, holding the whip.  Her raven black hair cascaded down around her shoulders, contrasting beautifully with her pale skin.

She was standing there with complete authority – looking calmly down at me.

It was almost like an art fetish photo – I was perfectly aligned with her in the mirror; soft violet light dimly lit the room.

And then she said something I will never forget:

“Disobeying your Pro Domme, that’s one thing….”

She paused thoughtfully.

“But disobeying your Mistress …. that’s personal.”

Her words just devastated me.  And it was the most perfect thing for her to say at that moment.

“Oh Mistress!” I exclaimed and collapsed forward, face down on the floor, trembling in complete subjugation.

I was shaking, almost tearful, overcome with emotion.  This was the feeling I had wanted, that I needed.  It was the feeling of utter submission; of completely losing myself.  I wanted to please her and no other. No other thought entered my mind.

Nothing else mattered.


I was truly alive and living in the moment.  And I had this indescribable connection with her.

Victoria’s Dirty 30!





Honestly, I can’t believe it.

I feel like it was just a couple years ago that I was lying about my age to sneak into bars and excitedly looking forward to when I’d be old enough to rent a car.

Now on the cusp of 30, I’m counting the days until I forever say goodbye to my early youth. I have no regrets, I had an amazing decade: I moved to Seattle, I found and collared two personal slaves, bought a house, bought a car, traveled a bit and spent almost every waking moment indulging my deepest fantasies. I really can’t wait to see what the future holds!

As much as I teeter on whether or not I think yearly milestones are a big deal – I *do* care about this one and will be celebrating in a BIG way.

For those who enjoy the idea of sending a little momento to help me celebrate, I’m still entirely obsessed with Amazon and you can find my Wish List HERE.

I’m also deeply in love with Champagne, sparking wine, gift certificates to awesome brunch places and anything latex, but naturally none of that is necessary.

Material possessions aren’t the only thing that would help me enjoy my special day; just as last year, I fully intend on loading my calendar with appointments revolving around my very favorite activities. So if you’d like to contribute your physical self to my enjoyment – I’m always up for that as well.

I will also be taking a few days off to simply revel relaxation, so from Friday July 18th- Tuesday July 22nd so just a head up, I’ll be unreachable.


Until then, I’m going to kick things off early and treat myself to an overwhelming amount of self indulgence for the rest of my 29th year. Let’s see just how much decadence and and debauchery I can cram into the next few weeks.



A New Review: From A Novice’s Perspective

Darling Perverts,


Over the last month, I’ve opened myself up to seeing new clients a little more than I normally would, and by ‘new’ I don’t necessarily mean that they’re just new to me. I’ve been opening my door to those who are new to professional BDSM in general; something I find to be a very special honor.  This craving for ‘fresh meat’ put a lovely man in my path last week and we had a simply wonderful time together…so much so that I’ll be enjoying his company again here in a just a few days. In the meantime, while I am flooded with thoughts and visions of what I’ll be doing to him next, he is still absorbing the sensations of what he just experienced… and he was kind enough to write his first-ever review in order to capture and highlight his kinky deflowering.

I hope you boys enjoy the read…


Cat & RatOriginal Link: http://www.tnaboard.com/showthread.php?885904-REV-Domina-Victoria-Rage-broke-me-in!-%28Repost-of-mine%29 And… https://adulthobbyboard.com/index.php?topic=44212.0  


DATE: May 2014
NAME: Domina Victoria Rage
AGENCY OR INDY: Independent
ACCURATE PICTURE: Yes, even more stunning in person
AGE: Late 20’s
PERSONALITY: Deliciously Dominant, Perversely Playful
RACE: Caucasian
BODY TYPE: An old school bombshell, if I was a cartoon wolf, my eyes would bug out of my head!
WEIGHT: Didn’t ask, don’t care!
HEIGHT: 5’5″
BUST: Full, and perfect
WAIST / HIPS: Curves that will haunt your dreams
HAIR: Long, dark, and tantalizing
EYES: Hazel
FEET: All I remember are the bright red high heels.
SKIN TONE: Perfectly pale against her black outfit
TATTOOS: 2 beautiful ones (That I have seen in pictures only)
CLOTHES: Skin-tight black catsuit. MEOW!
ENERGY LEVEL DISPLAYED: Measured and controlled, spiking when needed
DRINKS: At the end of a long day, I sure hope so!
DONTS: Don’t flake
WEBSITE: http://www.victoriarage.com/
SCREENING PROCESS: Variable – See website
EMAIL / PHONE / RATES: See website
RECOMMEND: Absolutely!
REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) Wild horses couldn’t drag me away.

As a preface, this review is not just for my first session with Domina Victoria Rage, but in fact my first visit ever to a Dominatrix / Mistress of any sort. This was an experience that was literally decades in the making. Domina Victoria gave me an absolutely perfect introduction into the world of kinky BDSM fun that not only lived up to the anticipation but surpassed it in so many delicious ways. I feel so very fortunate to have crossed paths with this Sadistic, Playful, and Caring Domina!

After writing my letter of introduction, we spoke on the phone to discuss my interests and schedule a time. As the date approached we continued to exchange emails where I asked her questions, or listed additional things I was too tongue-tied to say on the phone. As this was all new to me, I read through her blog / website to try to get an idea of what to expect, and I was very impressed with the amount of work she puts in to her online presence. There is so much great info, and it really helped me feel comfortable enough to take the first step and make contact.

I arrived at the dungeon on a beautiful sunny day, with my heart trying to pound it’s way out of my chest. After knocking on the door, it swung open revealing… nothing! It was pitch black inside to my unadjusted eyes. I stepped across the threshold as the door closed behind me. Faint red light began to work it’s way in to my optic nerves as I heard Domina Victoria moving around me, still invisible. Finally as we introduced ourselves, I managed to make out her mind-bogglingly perfect silhouette. Her shiny black catsuit was accented with a pair of sexy red heels, and her long, dark hair was pulled back in to a tight pony tail. She is stunningly beautiful, and carries herself with a sexy confidence that had me ready to drop to my knees.

We sat briefly to discuss how I was feeling, and go over any concerns that I had before I took a quick shower in her immaculate and well appointed bathroom. Her entire dungeon was very clean, with multiple rooms lined with an impressive collection of furniture, gear, tools, and implements of kinky delight. The space feels somehow intimate despite being large enough to house everything. Rumor has it that the walls have recently been painted black, which I can not wait to see! Sexy, dark music was quietly playing during the session, which surprised me at first, but which I really enjoyed. (I would buy a soundtrack from my session if I could!)

I emerged naked from the shower and Domina Victoria Rage directed me in to the next room. She sat down in a chair, firmly grabbed my wrist and pulled me across her lap. It was then that I received my very first spanking of my life. I will not go in to the specific details of what she did to me during our session beyond this, but suffice it to say that it was an absolutely incredible experience for me. And to be honest, all the BDSM activities, tools, gear, implements etc… are all a means to an end for me. It is all about the mental space and the guided journey to the darker, unexplored places in my mind that I had been desperately craving for so very long. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every second of exotic torment and all her tools of the trade! But I had the unmistakable feeling that these were all part of a deeper experience that was about energy, submission, and mental exploration.

I admittedly threw a lot of ideas at Domina Victoria Rage in terms of activities and interests during our pre-session communication. Far too many to cram in to our allotted time! But she expertly identified the common themes running through them, and wove together a  session that hit all my buttons in just the right way. Even buttons I didn’t know I had! Despite the fact that I had listed very specific activities, I was totally surprised (In the best way possible) by the journey she took me on. She played my body like a musician might play an instrument, expertly using tools and techniques that had me completely under her control, moaning, crying out in agony, sighing in relief and trembling in anticipation.

If you choose to see her, you will find that Domina Victoria puts a lot of thought in to every aspect of her sessions. Even while inflicting the most intense pain, it is obvious she cares deeply. She offered water when I needed it, and checked in with me when she sensed I might need a brief timeout here and there. The Mistress also knew just when to push my limits when I was getting too comfortable. She expertly tickled the edges of my mind with hints of fear or threats of pain to come when I needed it.  Domina Victoria knew *just* how far to take things by reading me and my reactions.

I truly can not express in words what a great experience this was. If you are a newbie like me, you could not possibly place yourself in better hands than those of Domina Victoria Rage. If you are a tried and true BDSM aficionado, I can only imagine how enjoyable it would be to explore your kinks, and push your limits with this amazing Woman at the wheel! Thank you Domina Victoria for a truly special, memorable and fulfilling experience that I had been looking forward to for so very long. You gave me memories that I will always treasure.

Other funny, surprising and standout moments:

The wicked / sweet smile that crossed Domina Victoria’s face when I told her I had never been spanked in my life, even as a child.

Lying, strapped down to a table and Hearing Domina Victoria’s evil laugh from the next room , as she was deciding which device to use on me next.

The look of pure wicked joy on her face when she unsheathed her cat claws, a toy I had admitted to her I was afraid of.

The long loud moan that issued from my lips when Domina Victoria let her hair down mid-session. I was in such a state that this had almost as much impact on me as a cane stroke!

I flinched WELL before the contact of a paddle stroke, and Domina Victoria, stopped the paddle inches from my behind, tilted her head and gave me a knowing look that sent a chill down my spine. The next stroke she pulled back again at the last second, but I didn’t move a millimeter. She said “Oh, I didn’t fool you that time.” What she didn’t know was that she did fool me. But after the flinch I was actually sad that the stroke had not connected. I had relaxed into my body, and I was so eager and hungry for the next stroke that I simply surrendered and waited for it. I was unable to speak at this point, so did my best to communicate by wiggling my ass.  ;D

I responded “Gubuhhh” after a question during disciplinary impact play, to which Domina Victoria replied “Gubuhhh is not an answer!” And gave me 10 rapid fire strokes as I attempted to get my mouth working again. The tone in her voice as she corrected me is burned in to a special place in my mind.  ::)

Subspace… I did not think I was going to get there, but I went there in a big way. It is the most amazing feeling, and I don’t know if I have never felt more content in my life than at the end of our session. I was strapped down, completely immobile, yet soaring through the clouds on newly sprouted wings.


I Need Your Help Boys: Website Woes!

I hate to double down on posts, but today I’m doing the same thing I do every few months…..staring at my website and wondering what (if anything) could be improved. (www.victoriarage.com)

If you’re familiar with me, you know I had a pretty extensive corner of the web that I designed and controlled until about 6 months ago when I handed the aesthetics over to a company I had long adored. Now, I don’t like it….

It could just be me, I nitpick and over think things to an absurd degree, but the clean lines and minimized informational pieces have me thinking I want to revert back to the old version where I have total control and as many pages of text/photos as I’d like.


So….my dear boys who know what my last website looks like well enough to compare against this one…..


Which do you prefer?

I swear, your help is 100% and totally welcome…



Latex Haul: What you can expect this season….

I’m on a bit of a latex bender lately…

Every so often my preferred session attire changes and I go through a deep phase which typically includes bumping up my kinky clothing collection in a big way. The last couple of months, I’ve been all about catsuits, before that it was skimpy black dresses and stilettos.  Not that you can go wrong with a string of changes like that, but now I’ve placed a sizable order with my favorite retailer Westward Bound and I’m anxiously waiting for the arrival of my super sexy new duds.

So… as a bit of a teaser, here’s what you’ll have to look forward to seeing me in this season!

(Photo shoot with me in these garments forthcoming!)


Latex Nun: Ordered in colors as shown.


Latex Plunge Dress: Ordered in silver with black trim.


Latex Interrogatrix: Ordered in gray and white.


Latex Nurse: Ordered in colors as shown.






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