New Gyno Table and Other Fun Things…

I had a startling realization the other day, my sweets. Take a seat, take a deep breath….

It really been over a year since I’ve bought any new dungeon furniture for my studio. Over a YEAR!

That’s impossible for me to believe; I know my dungeon will always be in a fluctuating state with rotating toys and devices, but I’ve been stuck on my large items for AGES! For someone who needs a lot of input to stay entertained, I’m frankly shocked. No wonder I’ve been craving something new lately – its long past due.

I remedied that yesterday and bought the item of my dreams: A BRAND NEW gynecological table! (stirrups and leg rest not pictured)



I can’t say for sure what day it’ll be in the studio and ready for use, since it’s shipping via freight, the delivery window is somewhere between 1-10 business days. Not too bad, but I’m going to have an impossible time trying to be patient! (get it?)

To a lesser extend, I’ve bumped up my toy collection for good measure to include some thick boxing gloves – perfect for ball busting, and the latest and greatest gadgets from Erostek! It’s a 4 pack of rubber conductive loops (shown below). Link is NSFW!!!

I’ve also added 2 latex masks to my growing hood collection, courtesy of Latex Nemesis (photos also from LN site). Which will give every rubber enthusiast a taste of what it’s like to be enveloped in tight shiny latex!LN363 LN365


I still feel like I need a few more things to really make this season over the top, so if any of you come across any bizarre gear that my dungeon just HAS to have, let me know!

I’m keeping my eye out for clever new ways to torture and torment you violated victims…


Open communication vs Topping from the bottom


I’m not sure why it has taken me *this* long to finally type out this particular posting, especially with how often the topic comes up. But today, I’m going to cover what topping from the bottom looks like and how to avoid it while still conveying your wants and needs to your chosen Pro Domme. 

 Before I begin, I can only say that this advice comes directly from me and my personal experience. While I have had MANY chats with others in my field, and agree that this may be a general consensus, I cannot speak for every Mistress. Don’t take this as gospel when interacting with another Dominatrix, when in doubt, just ask about her protocols directly!

So most importantly, let me put your mind at ease: Any professional Top in their right mind, will absolutely want to know the things you really need and crave. While we’re happy to concoct scenes for you when you’d rather leave it up to us, we generally prefer your input so we can make things unforgettable.

 You’re not ‘stuck’ just submitting your body to activities you may or may not enjoy (or be able to handle) – that’s just not how this works. 

Most of us will give you a clear cut way to deliver that vital info before you even step foot in the dungeon; be it email, phone call or in person screening, we want to ensure your kinks are compatible to ours before we accept your appointment request in the first place. Overlapping interests are what guarantee a mutually good time after all! 

So when asked –  don’t hesitate to share, be thorough, be detailed, and don’t hold back if there’s certain things you NEED to have happen, for you to walk away with a smile. It’s much easier to welcome those thoughts in advance so we can incorporate them in the planning process.

After that chat, this is when your dream Domme is going to start piecing your session together. She’s going to invest some serious thought in how to push you, incorporate and expand on your lusts and hit all those perfect notes. 

The plan for your date will more or less concrete from there on out, so those last minute desires aren’t always easy to plug into a flowing scene – especially if the appropriate toys haven’t been prepared! 

 Here’s where the debate breaks down a bit in regards to topping from the bottom….


I personally consider all communication helpful, but I am most grateful when those tidbits happen before I take the aforementioned time to plan our date. I wouldn’t consider last minute additions to be topping from the bottom as long as they happen DURING YOUR PRE SESSION DISCUSSION at the latest. This still gives me some opportunity to rework my ideas if you’ve thrown in a last minute curve ball; which you’re totally allowed to do. 

Once we get started, it’s almost universally agreed that those little requests that come well into the play date, at random, and cause a significant amount of time regrouping to fulfill that wish are considered topping from the bottom.

 Example: I set someone up for a flogging, their hands are tied to my whipping post, they’re hooded, they’re prepared – I take a step back to begin and all of a sudden they say “Can I have weights on my balls too…also a gag? a plug? some nipple clamps?”…

Yes, of course you can have all of that, if that’s what you NEED for you to feel best, but that should have been mentioned earlier. 

At that point, I’m going to need to untie you, get those supplies together, affix them as necessary and retie you to the post. It breaks up the flow of the scene quite a bit…and perhaps I really wanted you to focus on the flogging itself without all the added distractions. 

Maybe I was going to do something with them later?

Makes a bit of sense doesn’t it? 

While you should never feel cut off from communicating with your Top and are openly encouraged to use your safewords and let her know if something isn’t working for you; you should be considerate in how much YOU are trying to dictate the flow of things instead of letting your Mistress do what she is really here to do.

In short, it all boils down to being communicative when you’re asked to be and being considerate when asking your Domme to change her plans. 

We know a dungeon can look like a kinky buffet table and that can spark some serious curiosity, so just go with the flow – don’t be afraid to let your Domina show you a good time.


 Isn’t that why you’re here in the first place?

Not a 24/7 Dominatrix….

These images depict the ever masterful Domina Victoria Rage and her wife, Isla.

Let me start by saying; this is not a rant.
I’m sure the hair just stood up on the back of your neck with that preface, but I promise, it’s not.
It is at most a reminder, and one that’s important to my ability to continue at the sexy Dominant force of nature you’ve come to know me to be.
After spending this entire weekend with my phone blowing up and both new and returning visitors contacting me accidentally or intentionally outside my posted days and hours; I’m starting my work with a little drained (and that’s not acceptable) so this post needs to be made for both my sanity and the happiness of those around me.
Somewhere along the line, every sex worker must realize that their written etiquette, phone call hours and such will be missed or flat out ignored at times.  Your phone number is posted on the Internet for chrissake, so you can’t be too terribly shocked when it happens. It’s not always intentional, but it’s up to us  to either go with the flow or assert ourselves, that’s just the way this works.
While I’ve personally always publicly subscribed to a Tuesday-Saturday work day and an 11am-11pm availability with a strong preference for NO TEXTING unless it’s an emergency; there was once a point where I’d respond to emails, calls and texts no matter when they came in.
Someone wanted to chat about the possibility of getting together at 8am? You bet, I’d pick up the phone.
Someone texting at 1am so see if I might be free the next day? Sure…. I’d take that correspondence too.
I was the ‘Always Available Domme” and you know what – I burned out really really fast. It didn’t take very long for me to feel disrespected when someone would say they’re read my website thoroughly, but would trample right over my etiquette. Or for me to roll my eyes when someone mentioned how submissive they already felt to me  but had a hard time following the rules beforehand. That wasn’t how I wanted to feel when I communicated with people – and that’s not the kind of Top I wanted to turn in to.
This was years ago and I’ve been much more active about my personal space since, but I’ve noticed again the seeping in of gentle boundary pushing playmates tapping my shoulder during days and times and ways they know better.
Now, again this isn’t a rant. I’m not chastising anyone, on occasion accidents happen and if you’ve been seeing me for a while, it can slip your mind. I get it and I forgive you!
What I’m doing here is reminding everyone formally and making you aware that I’m a living, breathing woman with a quasi vanilla life outside of this. I can’t and don’t work 24/7 (and neither do you); I’m not always in my Domina mindset.
When it comes time to play, you bet I am, but on my days off or before 11am; I’m with my family, I’m sleeping, bathing, running errands or relaxing.
My demand that my private time is respected isn’t a rejection. It’s not me saying that I’m not interested in you, or that I’m not excited to read your messages or take your calls.
It’s just me saying that every battery needs to recharge and that I do need to keep some space between my private life and my professional life. Just as you expect me to respect your privacy, I demand you respect mine. Our arrangement is terribly adult and intimate, as I’m sure you would agree. I need to trust YOU just as much as you’d need to trust me….and you can imagine how quickly that trust would be broken if the shoe were on the other foot.
So, if you call/text on a Sunday or Monday and I ask you to wait for my response on Tuesday: just wait for Tuesday. I’m not going to forget about you – I promise – and I’m not going to stop what I’m doing to address your needs right then and there.
If you text me and I ask you to call or email instead, don’t try to convince me that I need to relax and just let you keep texting me because you prefer it.
If you call me at 8:30 am and I answer, it’s because I don’t pay for a separate phone line for ‘work’ and you’re calling me on MY time. I won’t sound sexy and I won’t be ready to talk about what turns you on. I’ll ask for you to call back after 11; there won’t be any chat because ‘you already have me on the line’.
Plain and simple, I’m definitely an enthusiastic kinkster, but I’m not Robo Domme and I have these preferences in place for a reason. What’s happened in the past, I won’t sweat. If you’ve done one or all of these things – shake it off, I’m not mad and I don’t need an apology, just as long as you take this message to heart and show more awareness in the future.
I’m offering my undivided time and attention 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, so within that space – go crazy!
Outside of that, just imagine me with wine in hand on the couch watching Netflix.

Another New Review: From Adult Hobby Board!


Original Link:

REV: Domina Victoria Rage
« on: March 02, 2015, 12:43:23 PM »
LOCATION: South of downtown Seattle
DATE: I repeat regularly and have since mid-2013
NAME: Domina Victoria Rage
INCALL/OUTCALL: Incall – she acquired a new space in 2014 and it is superb!
INCALL CLEANLINESS: Spotless. Ms Victoria takes sanitation of her space and equipment seriously.
ACCURATE PICTURE: Yes. She does frequent photo shoots and posts some of them on twitter and her wordpress blog.
AGE: 30
PERSONALITY: Fun. Great with newbies or less frequent/hardcore bdsm players.
RACE: white
BODY TYPE: curvy
WEIGHT: 150-ish?
HEIGHT: 5’5″ or so? She always appears taller than that to me, especially in heels or boots :)
BUST: Most women would be quite envious.
WAIST: don’t know the measurement figure.
HIPS: don’t know the measurement figure.
HAIR: Usually black. She’s gone through occasional changes here and there on a whim.
EYES: brown or hazel (I *think*… this is tough to determine in a darkened dungeon!)
FEET: Don’t normally see them in session, but her feet are well taken care of!
SKIN TONE: Pale. She doesn’t like to be out in the sun.
TATTOOS: Haven’t seen any during session, but I believe I’ve seen one in one of her Twitter feed photos on her right leg, and one on her left upper back.
SCARS: None noticed
PIERCINGS: ears are the only ones I’m aware of.

CLOTHES: Ms. Victoria has many fetish outfits and I could probably session every day for a long time and never see them all. More often than not I’ve seen latex catsuits (usually black), or black minis with long black boots.
GLASSES: Not during session, though occasionally she’ll post a pic on Twitter of her wearing some.
ENERGY LEVEL DISPLAYED: Extremely high. She loves her work, and our scenes are generally whatever she prefers doing that particular day, which probably helps :)
ACTIVITIES: BDSM session. See her website ( for a list of activities that she enjoys as well as limits. In our sessions, more often than not are sensory deprivation, nipple clamps, electrical play, CBT, spanking, caning, and use of toys such as wartenburg wheels and a devious set of claws that go on her hands. It’s not uncommon as well for her to peg me with a strap-on and/or with fingers.
SMOKES: Not that I know of.
DRINKS: Water during session.
SCREENING PROCESS: Mine was a little different than typical new clients. I played first as a duo with a mutual friend, Joyfull (aka Ms JF) first, then regularly set up sessions via email. I would suspect entirely new clients would call on the phone first or email to see if they are compatible.
WEBSITE: Also on Twitter (@VictoriaRage), and blogs at WordPress (
PHONE: 206-795-4188, between 11am and 11pm between Tuesdays and Saturdays.
RECOMMEND: Absolutely!
REPEAT: Yes, I’m a regular.

COMMENTS: Ms. Victoria and I session regularly about once a month and have since the middle of 2013. Ideally, I’d be sessioning every two/three weeks but some things going on in my personal life have prevented me from doing so, alas. I had sessioned with another domme often/regularly between 1997 and 2007, but hadn’t done any bdsm up until early 2013. I’d been playing in the GFE/FBSM arena with escorts in the interim.

I’m a married guy with a nosey wife who has no interest in bdsm, so I have some limits with marks and such that I have to work around, as well as some limited windows for session times with my work schedule. Fortunately, Ms. Victoria is probably the most skilled Domme I’ve been around when it comes to limiting or hiding marks. She loves to use crops, floggers, canes, and other corporal punishment implements… and to not play in that area would be rough for both of us.

I know I’ve been worried a couple/three times with how intense she can get, and I’m half expecting marks to show up and last for many days, but end up pleasantly surprised (if not *amazed*) when I only have minor stuff out the door that is 100% gone within a few hours.

She’s always careful with warmups and inspecting my body periodically to make sure I’m not going to have something difficult to explain at home. So far I’ve had no issues with visible marks that I’ve had to hide — we’ve done it on occasion in discreet places where the wife wouldn’t find it when seeing me naked.

Ms Victoria likes to take snapshots during session on occasion (Note: this is cleared with her clients beforehand, so no worry about privacy), and it is always of interest to me to see these (either on Twitter or her blog posts) to get an idea of what happens during some activities beforehand, or even ones of our own sessions. In particular, I’ve discovered what she “wrote” on my back when sealed with plastic wrap and enduring some hot wax play!

Probably the most interesting sensation play I’ve had was getting birched or exposed to ginger root up my ass, which is mild at first then turns rather wild and intense soon thereafter. I’d never experienced that before and it was quite a trip :)

As for the playspace itself, it is made up of a handful of rooms in the lower level of Ms Victoria’s abode. Something’s always a little different each time I visit as there’s always new furniture and toys that she’s acquired or had made for her. The space is darkened, but not overly scary by any means. It’s warm and the music selection played during the session always helps to set the right mood.

Hint: there’s a secret with the playlist and if you listen closely in the beginning, you’ll get a clue as to what’s in store for you (btw, this is explained by Ms. Victoria in one of her blog posts from last year!). Always helpful is a few minutes at the very beginning to chat/catch up and go over anything such as injuries or other things that might be affecting you so that Ms Victoria can adjust the session if necessary. A glass of water helps hydrate beforehand as well.

Showers before and after help relax the body, and there’s plenty of soap/body wash choice with or without scents. The water pressure and temperature are great as well as the towels provided. There’s also mouthwash available for ensuring things get started on a clean note all the way around.

Parking at her place is easy and free.

The last thing I’d stress is that oftentimes, seeing a ProDomme can be intimidating as heck, especially for a newbie. Ms. Victoria is great with newbies (or those who haven’t seen a Domme in quite some time), and you don’t get severe protocol issues that less-tolerant Dommes might portray. Play can start off very mild, and non-pain sessions are quite alright, so there’s something for everyone.

So, about those *New Photos* I’ve been talking about……

I’ve been busy lately, though when am I ever not graced with a full schedule this days?

I’m starting to feel that if I’ve for time to sit, to take a breath, that’s time better spent on other things. Sexy, salacious and deviant things….

My dungeon has come along famously in the last year since I moved into my home, plans for new furniture and possibly an expansion to 4 or 5 playrooms is being considered *and* I’ve reconnected with an old photographer who’s found himself in a new phase of life; and  ready to pick back up in the meantime on being an amazing camera man for yours truly.

A couple weeks back, we had our first reconnection shoot; and despite me taking it as more of a fun ‘let’s see where our dynamic takes us now’ sort of thing, he truly captured some rather amazing moods in our session.

I love photography, I always have and I heavily admire the artists who can bring a still image and breathe life in it. It takes skill and as I’m usually quite critical of how I look in pictures; always keenly aware that I’m ‘posing’, he’s gracefully managed to get around that to show me in a finished work what my play partners have only been able to describe in person.

So, without further adieu, here’s a small sampling of our collaboration…

DVRRubber DeviousDomina MetalTower VRCloseUp WardenRage


DVRClaw DVRRough

As it stands, we have been chatting about doing a series of images over the next few months so you can look forward to MANY drool worthy updates as we approach the warmer months…


A ‘Providers’ Pledge

 I wrote this over 2 years ago, and if you’re a TNA member, here’s the original link…

My thoughts and feelings are just the same now, if not even stronger then they were back then. As time ticks on and more people are seriously considering their ‘first time’ with a professional, I offer you this to ease your nerves in ‘paying for pleasure’…..

As a side note, if you’re able to view the link via the board, you will notice that I’m not the only woman who feels this way about how she conducts herself. Many of Seattle’s best and brightest echoed my sentiment, painting a very optimistic picture of all the eroticism and pleasure meant to be had…


I am your provider and above all I will remember this…

While our exchange is ‘business’ my business is PLEASURE and that’s where my focus will be; not the clock, not your wallet and certainly not on my next appointment.

I will be communicative with you when you contact me, and direct with you when I’m available or not. I will never leave you hanging if I don’t need to and will always speak in certain terms instead of ‘maybe’, ‘later’ or ‘let me see’. I will agree to a time and I will confirm/reserve it with you, I will not forget, overbook or book back to back.

You will also have my address or very solid directions so you’ll know where to go when the time comes. I’ll never leave you driving around a random part of town, wasting your precious time only to chastise you for being late.

I’ll also be ready at the time we agree to! 6pm means 6pm and that includes a FRESH and clean me ready to start our fun. I promise I will not leave you waiting in the parking lot for 20 minutes while I finish with someone else, I will be waiting for you before you even arrive. If I am running late, I will tell you BEFORE I’m actually late so you can grab a coffee or perhaps not need to rush so much on your end.

When together, I will be excited about it! If I’m feeling sick or not in the mood, I will be straight forward about it. I will tell you as soon as I know I won’t be able to be at my 100% best and I will offer something besides excuses to make up for it. This however, won’t happen often because I will only accept appointments when I’m sure I can handle them, only an emergency or a sudden illness will cause me to need to cancel.

When we do connect, I will expect the proper donation, but if you pay for an hour – you’re getting 60 minutes. Not 50, not 40, not 20 and a coy smile.
I will also give you an above average experience, listening to what you want and need, while still keeping in mind that it’s up to me to set the pace and the mood.

I will always dress up special for you, keep our sessions varied and always have you anticipating what I’ll do next. I will remain mysterious in a GOOD way so that you may feel entranced and caught up instead of like we’re following a script.

As hard as it might be sometimes, I also promise to just be honest with you.
If your hygiene isn’t 100%, I’ll just come up with a sweet way to tell you instead of holding back and giving you a half assed session. I will also be clear on what I like and don’t like, what my boundaries are and what you can expect – you will always know ahead of time what you’re donating for. If you do have questions, I’ll offer a safe way for you to ask them.

You have chosen me above thousands of others and I’m honored. Everything that it takes for you to come see me is taken into consideration when I accept your appointment.

And if you do become a regular, I won’t start to slack because you’re business is ‘in the bag’. In fact, I will try harder to keep you interested and happy because I know you, I feel a trust for you and I’m comfortable with you – this should be acknowledged and rewarded.

I will make sure above all, I give you a damn good reason to never consider seeing someone else….but if you do, I promise to not be jealous in any way. I will be happy you’re out exploring other women and other possibilities, and if you ever need to use me as a reference, I will respond immediately so you’re free to seize the night.

You are the reason I have a career, you are the reason I love my job…. above all, I will NEVER take that for granted.

The Sinister Seductress Returns to Seattle!

It’s official, I’m home my sweets, I dearly hope you’ve missed me.

I had an amazing little stint resting, relaxing and otherwise being caught up in someone else’s imagination in the form of Disney parks. Yes, I freely admit that the last two trips I’ve taken have involved theme parks, but it’s out of my system now. Sometimes a girl just needs to immerse herself in some of her old favorite locations.

If you weren’t following my twitter feed, you missed a LOT! Mostly various photos of me in way too big sunglasses around various attractions, but I was hoping to draw you all a little closer to me as I took in my surroundings.

Naturally, I’m a movie person, so Universal Studios was a MUST visit…. And there were no shortages of bizarre photo ops…

Anyone else need more cowbell?


Not too long after, I found my way to a recreation of a Medieval village, complete with authentic treasures from 600-800 years ago. I felt shamefully modern (and somewhat disrespectful) taking a selfie with a book that’s more than 600 years old but I’m pretty determined, so ….


Then came a section that featured real torture devices; as you would expect, I became much more enthusiastic about capturing the moment! Don’t worry darlings, none of them came home with me…. Though it did inspire some new tight bondage poses.

(A real Judas cradle!)


Pony play? Yes!


After that, I had to cap off my excursions with a little stop at Epcot, where I rocked a pigtailed look rather masterfully.

Seeing the World Showcase as an adult was no less thrilling then when I walked the countries as a child.


And Germany, being my overall favorite, did not disappoint! Miniature German village (background), ice cold beer, Jäger shots and lovely lasses in European costumes – beautiful.


But as I always conclude, there’s really no place like home my pets, and after a week spent entirely entwined in another reality; I’m ready for the (dis)comfort and familiarity of my dungeon.

Thankfully, I can see my inbox and voice mail are full to the gills with opportunities to expel all this fresh energy!

If you’re feeling brave or just want to see what I look like after a week of kink free rest – I’m plenty happy to make time for those of you who have yet to request a place in my black book for the month.

…but consider yourselves warned….

Professional Seattle Dominatrix & BDSM Blogger


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