Would You Like To Peek Into The Dungeon Of Domina Victoria?

When you’re a shopaholic fetishist like me, the look and feel of your dungeon changes often… I have tried really hard to keep my photos consistent and my descriptions accurate, but despite all of that, I still struggle restrain my eye roll when week after week, I find myself in desperate need to update my growing list of devious devices.

Frankly, it changes more often than my camera (or I) can keep up with.
The other day, my gyno table finally arrived too and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I stepped back and just took it all in for a moment – just one year since I’ve settled into my home dungeon and I can finally say with relative certainty that my collection is complete.
With that optimism surging through me, I whipped out my iphone and started snapping away; mixing images of toys and tools with various favorite photos from recent trips I’ve had in front of the skillful camera of my photographers…
If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably already seen this little video while I was in the ‘testing’ phase, but if not – I hope you enjoy what I’ve been able to capture! I’m sure I’ll post more as I familiarize myself with imovies and loosen up more to the idea of filming live action in the studio…
Perhaps it’ll inspire some of your curious lurkers to do more then send me fan mail. ;-)
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New Gyno Table and Other Fun Things…

I had a startling realization the other day, my sweets. Take a seat, take a deep breath….

It really been over a year since I’ve bought any new dungeon furniture for my studio. Over a YEAR!

That’s impossible for me to believe; I know my dungeon will always be in a fluctuating state with rotating toys and devices, but I’ve been stuck on my large items for AGES! For someone who needs a lot of input to stay entertained, I’m frankly shocked. No wonder I’ve been craving something new lately – its long past due.

I remedied that yesterday and bought the item of my dreams: A BRAND NEW gynecological table! (stirrups and leg rest not pictured)



I can’t say for sure what day it’ll be in the studio and ready for use, since it’s shipping via freight, the delivery window is somewhere between 1-10 business days. Not too bad, but I’m going to have an impossible time trying to be patient! (get it?)

To a lesser extend, I’ve bumped up my toy collection for good measure to include some thick boxing gloves – perfect for ball busting, and the latest and greatest gadgets from Erostek! It’s a 4 pack of rubber conductive loops (shown below). Link is NSFW!!!


I’ve also added 2 latex masks to my growing hood collection, courtesy of Latex Nemesis (photos also from LN site). Which will give every rubber enthusiast a taste of what it’s like to be enveloped in tight shiny latex!LN363 LN365


I still feel like I need a few more things to really make this season over the top, so if any of you come across any bizarre gear that my dungeon just HAS to have, let me know!

I’m keeping my eye out for clever new ways to torture and torment you violated victims…


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Open communication vs Topping from the bottom


I’m not sure why it has taken me *this* long to finally type out this particular posting, especially with how often the topic comes up. But today, I’m going to cover what topping from the bottom looks like and how to avoid it while still conveying your wants and needs to your chosen Pro Domme. 

 Before I begin, I can only say that this advice comes directly from me and my personal experience. While I have had MANY chats with others in my field, and agree that this may be a general consensus, I cannot speak for every Mistress. Don’t take this as gospel when interacting with another Dominatrix, when in doubt, just ask about her protocols directly!

So most importantly, let me put your mind at ease: Any professional Top in their right mind, will absolutely want to know the things you really need and crave. While we’re happy to concoct scenes for you when you’d rather leave it up to us, we generally prefer your input so we can make things unforgettable.

 You’re not ‘stuck’ just submitting your body to activities you may or may not enjoy (or be able to handle) – that’s just not how this works. 

Most of us will give you a clear cut way to deliver that vital info before you even step foot in the dungeon; be it email, phone call or in person screening, we want to ensure your kinks are compatible to ours before we accept your appointment request in the first place. Overlapping interests are what guarantee a mutually good time after all! 

So when asked –  don’t hesitate to share, be thorough, be detailed, and don’t hold back if there’s certain things you NEED to have happen, for you to walk away with a smile. It’s much easier to welcome those thoughts in advance so we can incorporate them in the planning process.

After that chat, this is when your dream Domme is going to start piecing your session together. She’s going to invest some serious thought in how to push you, incorporate and expand on your lusts and hit all those perfect notes. 

The plan for your date will more or less concrete from there on out, so those last minute desires aren’t always easy to plug into a flowing scene – especially if the appropriate toys haven’t been prepared! 

 Here’s where the debate breaks down a bit in regards to topping from the bottom….


I personally consider all communication helpful, but I am most grateful when those tidbits happen before I take the aforementioned time to plan our date. I wouldn’t consider last minute additions to be topping from the bottom as long as they happen DURING YOUR PRE SESSION DISCUSSION at the latest. This still gives me some opportunity to rework my ideas if you’ve thrown in a last minute curve ball; which you’re totally allowed to do. 

Once we get started, it’s almost universally agreed that those little requests that come well into the play date, at random, and cause a significant amount of time regrouping to fulfill that wish are considered topping from the bottom.

 Example: I set someone up for a flogging, their hands are tied to my whipping post, they’re hooded, they’re prepared – I take a step back to begin and all of a sudden they say “Can I have weights on my balls too…also a gag? a plug? some nipple clamps?”…

Yes, of course you can have all of that, if that’s what you NEED for you to feel best, but that should have been mentioned earlier. 

At that point, I’m going to need to untie you, get those supplies together, affix them as necessary and retie you to the post. It breaks up the flow of the scene quite a bit…and perhaps I really wanted you to focus on the flogging itself without all the added distractions. 

Maybe I was going to do something with them later?

Makes a bit of sense doesn’t it? 

While you should never feel cut off from communicating with your Top and are openly encouraged to use your safewords and let her know if something isn’t working for you; you should be considerate in how much YOU are trying to dictate the flow of things instead of letting your Mistress do what she is really here to do.

In short, it all boils down to being communicative when you’re asked to be and being considerate when asking your Domme to change her plans. 

We know a dungeon can look like a kinky buffet table and that can spark some serious curiosity, so just go with the flow – don’t be afraid to let your Domina show you a good time.


 Isn’t that why you’re here in the first place?

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Not a 24/7 Dominatrix….

These images depict the ever masterful Domina Victoria Rage and her wife, Isla.

Let me start by saying; this is not a rant.
I’m sure the hair just stood up on the back of your neck with that preface, but I promise, it’s not.
It is at most a reminder, and one that’s important to my ability to continue at the sexy Dominant force of nature you’ve come to know me to be.
After spending this entire weekend with my phone blowing up and both new and returning visitors contacting me accidentally or intentionally outside my posted days and hours; I’m starting my work with a little drained (and that’s not acceptable) so this post needs to be made for both my sanity and the happiness of those around me.
Somewhere along the line, every sex worker must realize that their written etiquette, phone call hours and such will be missed or flat out ignored at times.  Your phone number is posted on the Internet for chrissake, so you can’t be too terribly shocked when it happens. It’s not always intentional, but it’s up to us  to either go with the flow or assert ourselves, that’s just the way this works.
While I’ve personally always publicly subscribed to a Tuesday-Saturday work day and an 11am-11pm availability with a strong preference for NO TEXTING unless it’s an emergency; there was once a point where I’d respond to emails, calls and texts no matter when they came in.
Someone wanted to chat about the possibility of getting together at 8am? You bet, I’d pick up the phone.
Someone texting at 1am so see if I might be free the next day? Sure…. I’d take that correspondence too.
I was the ‘Always Available Domme” and you know what – I burned out really really fast. It didn’t take very long for me to feel disrespected when someone would say they’re read my website thoroughly, but would trample right over my etiquette. Or for me to roll my eyes when someone mentioned how submissive they already felt to me  but had a hard time following the rules beforehand. That wasn’t how I wanted to feel when I communicated with people – and that’s not the kind of Top I wanted to turn in to.
This was years ago and I’ve been much more active about my personal space since, but I’ve noticed again the seeping in of gentle boundary pushing playmates tapping my shoulder during days and times and ways they know better.
Now, again this isn’t a rant. I’m not chastising anyone, on occasion accidents happen and if you’ve been seeing me for a while, it can slip your mind. I get it and I forgive you!
What I’m doing here is reminding everyone formally and making you aware that I’m a living, breathing woman with a quasi vanilla life outside of this. I can’t and don’t work 24/7 (and neither do you); I’m not always in my Domina mindset.
When it comes time to play, you bet I am, but on my days off or before 11am; I’m with my family, I’m sleeping, bathing, running errands or relaxing.
My demand that my private time is respected isn’t a rejection. It’s not me saying that I’m not interested in you, or that I’m not excited to read your messages or take your calls.
It’s just me saying that every battery needs to recharge and that I do need to keep some space between my private life and my professional life. Just as you expect me to respect your privacy, I demand you respect mine. Our arrangement is terribly adult and intimate, as I’m sure you would agree. I need to trust YOU just as much as you’d need to trust me….and you can imagine how quickly that trust would be broken if the shoe were on the other foot.
So, if you call/text on a Sunday or Monday and I ask you to wait for my response on Tuesday: just wait for Tuesday. I’m not going to forget about you – I promise – and I’m not going to stop what I’m doing to address your needs right then and there.
If you text me and I ask you to call or email instead, don’t try to convince me that I need to relax and just let you keep texting me because you prefer it.
If you call me at 8:30 am and I answer, it’s because I don’t pay for a separate phone line for ‘work’ and you’re calling me on MY time. I won’t sound sexy and I won’t be ready to talk about what turns you on. I’ll ask for you to call back after 11; there won’t be any chat because ‘you already have me on the line’.
Plain and simple, I’m definitely an enthusiastic kinkster, but I’m not Robo Domme and I have these preferences in place for a reason. What’s happened in the past, I won’t sweat. If you’ve done one or all of these things – shake it off, I’m not mad and I don’t need an apology, just as long as you take this message to heart and show more awareness in the future.
I’m offering my undivided time and attention 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, so within that space – go crazy!
Outside of that, just imagine me with wine in hand on the couch watching Netflix.
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Another New Review: From Adult Hobby Board!


Original Link: https://adulthobbyboard.com/index.php?topic=62353.0

REV: Domina Victoria Rage
« on: March 02, 2015, 12:43:23 PM »
LOCATION: South of downtown Seattle
DATE: I repeat regularly and have since mid-2013
NAME: Domina Victoria Rage
INCALL/OUTCALL: Incall – she acquired a new space in 2014 and it is superb!
INCALL CLEANLINESS: Spotless. Ms Victoria takes sanitation of her space and equipment seriously.
ACCURATE PICTURE: Yes. She does frequent photo shoots and posts some of them on twitter and her wordpress blog.
AGE: 30
PERSONALITY: Fun. Great with newbies or less frequent/hardcore bdsm players.
RACE: white
BODY TYPE: curvy
WEIGHT: 150-ish?
HEIGHT: 5’5″ or so? She always appears taller than that to me, especially in heels or boots :)
BUST: Most women would be quite envious.
WAIST: don’t know the measurement figure.
HIPS: don’t know the measurement figure.
HAIR: Usually black. She’s gone through occasional changes here and there on a whim.
EYES: brown or hazel (I *think*… this is tough to determine in a darkened dungeon!)
FEET: Don’t normally see them in session, but her feet are well taken care of!
SKIN TONE: Pale. She doesn’t like to be out in the sun.
TATTOOS: Haven’t seen any during session, but I believe I’ve seen one in one of her Twitter feed photos on her right leg, and one on her left upper back.
SCARS: None noticed
PIERCINGS: ears are the only ones I’m aware of.

CLOTHES: Ms. Victoria has many fetish outfits and I could probably session every day for a long time and never see them all. More often than not I’ve seen latex catsuits (usually black), or black minis with long black boots.
GLASSES: Not during session, though occasionally she’ll post a pic on Twitter of her wearing some.
ENERGY LEVEL DISPLAYED: Extremely high. She loves her work, and our scenes are generally whatever she prefers doing that particular day, which probably helps :)
ACTIVITIES: BDSM session. See her website (http://www.victoriarage.com/Interests.html) for a list of activities that she enjoys as well as limits. In our sessions, more often than not are sensory deprivation, nipple clamps, electrical play, CBT, spanking, caning, and use of toys such as wartenburg wheels and a devious set of claws that go on her hands. It’s not uncommon as well for her to peg me with a strap-on and/or with fingers.
SMOKES: Not that I know of.
DRINKS: Water during session.
SCREENING PROCESS: Mine was a little different than typical new clients. I played first as a duo with a mutual friend, Joyfull (aka Ms JF) first, then regularly set up sessions via email. I would suspect entirely new clients would call on the phone first or email to see if they are compatible.
WEBSITE: http://www.victoriarage.com. Also on Twitter (@VictoriaRage), and blogs at WordPress (https://victoriarage.wordpress.com).
EMAIL: Victoria.Rage@yahoo.com
PHONE: 206-795-4188, between 11am and 11pm between Tuesdays and Saturdays.
RECOMMEND: Absolutely!
REPEAT: Yes, I’m a regular.

COMMENTS: Ms. Victoria and I session regularly about once a month and have since the middle of 2013. Ideally, I’d be sessioning every two/three weeks but some things going on in my personal life have prevented me from doing so, alas. I had sessioned with another domme often/regularly between 1997 and 2007, but hadn’t done any bdsm up until early 2013. I’d been playing in the GFE/FBSM arena with escorts in the interim.

I’m a married guy with a nosey wife who has no interest in bdsm, so I have some limits with marks and such that I have to work around, as well as some limited windows for session times with my work schedule. Fortunately, Ms. Victoria is probably the most skilled Domme I’ve been around when it comes to limiting or hiding marks. She loves to use crops, floggers, canes, and other corporal punishment implements… and to not play in that area would be rough for both of us.

I know I’ve been worried a couple/three times with how intense she can get, and I’m half expecting marks to show up and last for many days, but end up pleasantly surprised (if not *amazed*) when I only have minor stuff out the door that is 100% gone within a few hours.

She’s always careful with warmups and inspecting my body periodically to make sure I’m not going to have something difficult to explain at home. So far I’ve had no issues with visible marks that I’ve had to hide — we’ve done it on occasion in discreet places where the wife wouldn’t find it when seeing me naked.

Ms Victoria likes to take snapshots during session on occasion (Note: this is cleared with her clients beforehand, so no worry about privacy), and it is always of interest to me to see these (either on Twitter or her blog posts) to get an idea of what happens during some activities beforehand, or even ones of our own sessions. In particular, I’ve discovered what she “wrote” on my back when sealed with plastic wrap and enduring some hot wax play!

Probably the most interesting sensation play I’ve had was getting birched or exposed to ginger root up my ass, which is mild at first then turns rather wild and intense soon thereafter. I’d never experienced that before and it was quite a trip :)

As for the playspace itself, it is made up of a handful of rooms in the lower level of Ms Victoria’s abode. Something’s always a little different each time I visit as there’s always new furniture and toys that she’s acquired or had made for her. The space is darkened, but not overly scary by any means. It’s warm and the music selection played during the session always helps to set the right mood.

Hint: there’s a secret with the playlist and if you listen closely in the beginning, you’ll get a clue as to what’s in store for you (btw, this is explained by Ms. Victoria in one of her blog posts from last year!). Always helpful is a few minutes at the very beginning to chat/catch up and go over anything such as injuries or other things that might be affecting you so that Ms Victoria can adjust the session if necessary. A glass of water helps hydrate beforehand as well.

Showers before and after help relax the body, and there’s plenty of soap/body wash choice with or without scents. The water pressure and temperature are great as well as the towels provided. There’s also mouthwash available for ensuring things get started on a clean note all the way around.

Parking at her place is easy and free.

The last thing I’d stress is that oftentimes, seeing a ProDomme can be intimidating as heck, especially for a newbie. Ms. Victoria is great with newbies (or those who haven’t seen a Domme in quite some time), and you don’t get severe protocol issues that less-tolerant Dommes might portray. Play can start off very mild, and non-pain sessions are quite alright, so there’s something for everyone.

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So, about those *New Photos* I’ve been talking about……

I’ve been busy lately, though when am I ever not graced with a full schedule this days?

I’m starting to feel that if I’ve for time to sit, to take a breath, that’s time better spent on other things. Sexy, salacious and deviant things….

My dungeon has come along famously in the last year since I moved into my home, plans for new furniture and possibly an expansion to 4 or 5 playrooms is being considered *and* I’ve reconnected with an old photographer who’s found himself in a new phase of life; and  ready to pick back up in the meantime on being an amazing camera man for yours truly.

A couple weeks back, we had our first reconnection shoot; and despite me taking it as more of a fun ‘let’s see where our dynamic takes us now’ sort of thing, he truly captured some rather amazing moods in our session.

I love photography, I always have and I heavily admire the artists who can bring a still image and breathe life in it. It takes skill and as I’m usually quite critical of how I look in pictures; always keenly aware that I’m ‘posing’, he’s gracefully managed to get around that to show me in a finished work what my play partners have only been able to describe in person.

So, without further adieu, here’s a small sampling of our collaboration…

DVRRubber DeviousDomina MetalTower VRCloseUp WardenRage


DVRClaw DVRRough

As it stands, we have been chatting about doing a series of images over the next few months so you can look forward to MANY drool worthy updates as we approach the warmer months…


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A ‘Providers’ Pledge

 I wrote this over 2 years ago, and if you’re a TNA member, here’s the original link…


My thoughts and feelings are just the same now, if not even stronger then they were back then. As time ticks on and more people are seriously considering their ‘first time’ with a professional, I offer you this to ease your nerves in ‘paying for pleasure’…..

As a side note, if you’re able to view the link via the board, you will notice that I’m not the only woman who feels this way about how she conducts herself. Many of Seattle’s best and brightest echoed my sentiment, painting a very optimistic picture of all the eroticism and pleasure meant to be had…


I am your provider and above all I will remember this…

While our exchange is ‘business’ my business is PLEASURE and that’s where my focus will be; not the clock, not your wallet and certainly not on my next appointment.

I will be communicative with you when you contact me, and direct with you when I’m available or not. I will never leave you hanging if I don’t need to and will always speak in certain terms instead of ‘maybe’, ‘later’ or ‘let me see’. I will agree to a time and I will confirm/reserve it with you, I will not forget, overbook or book back to back.

You will also have my address or very solid directions so you’ll know where to go when the time comes. I’ll never leave you driving around a random part of town, wasting your precious time only to chastise you for being late.

I’ll also be ready at the time we agree to! 6pm means 6pm and that includes a FRESH and clean me ready to start our fun. I promise I will not leave you waiting in the parking lot for 20 minutes while I finish with someone else, I will be waiting for you before you even arrive. If I am running late, I will tell you BEFORE I’m actually late so you can grab a coffee or perhaps not need to rush so much on your end.

When together, I will be excited about it! If I’m feeling sick or not in the mood, I will be straight forward about it. I will tell you as soon as I know I won’t be able to be at my 100% best and I will offer something besides excuses to make up for it. This however, won’t happen often because I will only accept appointments when I’m sure I can handle them, only an emergency or a sudden illness will cause me to need to cancel.

When we do connect, I will expect the proper donation, but if you pay for an hour – you’re getting 60 minutes. Not 50, not 40, not 20 and a coy smile.
I will also give you an above average experience, listening to what you want and need, while still keeping in mind that it’s up to me to set the pace and the mood.

I will always dress up special for you, keep our sessions varied and always have you anticipating what I’ll do next. I will remain mysterious in a GOOD way so that you may feel entranced and caught up instead of like we’re following a script.

As hard as it might be sometimes, I also promise to just be honest with you.
If your hygiene isn’t 100%, I’ll just come up with a sweet way to tell you instead of holding back and giving you a half assed session. I will also be clear on what I like and don’t like, what my boundaries are and what you can expect – you will always know ahead of time what you’re donating for. If you do have questions, I’ll offer a safe way for you to ask them.

You have chosen me above thousands of others and I’m honored. Everything that it takes for you to come see me is taken into consideration when I accept your appointment.

And if you do become a regular, I won’t start to slack because you’re business is ‘in the bag’. In fact, I will try harder to keep you interested and happy because I know you, I feel a trust for you and I’m comfortable with you – this should be acknowledged and rewarded.

I will make sure above all, I give you a damn good reason to never consider seeing someone else….but if you do, I promise to not be jealous in any way. I will be happy you’re out exploring other women and other possibilities, and if you ever need to use me as a reference, I will respond immediately so you’re free to seize the night.

You are the reason I have a career, you are the reason I love my job…. above all, I will NEVER take that for granted.

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The Sinister Seductress Returns to Seattle!

It’s official, I’m home my sweets, I dearly hope you’ve missed me.

I had an amazing little stint resting, relaxing and otherwise being caught up in someone else’s imagination in the form of Disney parks. Yes, I freely admit that the last two trips I’ve taken have involved theme parks, but it’s out of my system now. Sometimes a girl just needs to immerse herself in some of her old favorite locations.

If you weren’t following my twitter feed, you missed a LOT! Mostly various photos of me in way too big sunglasses around various attractions, but I was hoping to draw you all a little closer to me as I took in my surroundings.

Naturally, I’m a movie person, so Universal Studios was a MUST visit…. And there were no shortages of bizarre photo ops…

Anyone else need more cowbell?


Not too long after, I found my way to a recreation of a Medieval village, complete with authentic treasures from 600-800 years ago. I felt shamefully modern (and somewhat disrespectful) taking a selfie with a book that’s more than 600 years old but I’m pretty determined, so ….


Then came a section that featured real torture devices; as you would expect, I became much more enthusiastic about capturing the moment! Don’t worry darlings, none of them came home with me…. Though it did inspire some new tight bondage poses.

(A real Judas cradle!)


Pony play? Yes!


After that, I had to cap off my excursions with a little stop at Epcot, where I rocked a pigtailed look rather masterfully.

Seeing the World Showcase as an adult was no less thrilling then when I walked the countries as a child.


And Germany, being my overall favorite, did not disappoint! Miniature German village (background), ice cold beer, Jäger shots and lovely lasses in European costumes – beautiful.


But as I always conclude, there’s really no place like home my pets, and after a week spent entirely entwined in another reality; I’m ready for the (dis)comfort and familiarity of my dungeon.

Thankfully, I can see my inbox and voice mail are full to the gills with opportunities to expel all this fresh energy!

If you’re feeling brave or just want to see what I look like after a week of kink free rest – I’m plenty happy to make time for those of you who have yet to request a place in my black book for the month.

…but consider yourselves warned….

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“I’m working up the courage to see you.” ~ Entering & Returning To The BDSM World~



“I’m still working up the courage to see you….”


I can’t be alone here, but I get this comment daily… multiple times daily on occasion, and it’s one I still can’t seem to overcome despite everything I post to present myself in a warm and welcoming light.

The ‘plight’ of the Pro Domme is that visually, what draws our potential visitors in is the look for a hard core, no mercy woman who’s going to put you in your place: then punish you severely…swiftly…and without mercy. It’s what most people think of when the word Dominatrix comes to mind. Go ahead, think of any fictitious Dominatrix and let’s explore what you draw up.

She was in something shiny, wasn’t she? Likely holding a whip with some poor submissive tied down to the floor so he had no choice but to prostrate himself before her? Of course it was…. simply put, a pretty woman with a hard edge. That’s what your primal self craves, but what your logical side is likely afraid of.

It’s taken most of my career to find some sort of balance between portraying the fantasy that draws someone to really consider seeing me, but being the approachable woman that gives them the confidence and reassurance they can actually survive a session with me.  Each time I hear that painful sentence at the end of a call or email, “I’m working up the courage to see you”, I just want to stop the communication and ask point blank if the suitor knows anything about ME at all, my writings, reviews and so on, or are the judging me against the fictions and ferocious Amazon their mind’s eye has conjured up to represent all Dommes everywhere.

Frustrating though it may be, I sympathize with these men. I do.

You have a longing to experience something unusual, perhaps profound and completely out of the ordinary. You’re only option may be to lay your trust in a woman you’ve never met, who will tie you down, strap you in and use an arsenal of toys to bring you to a point of enlightenment. That can be terrifying. Were I to be in that scenario, you better believe I’d want to develop a rapport with this woman before I’m going to let her put me in a disadvantaged position….but in most cases, that’s not really an option for most men.

Nothing will ever fully prepare you for your first time with a Professional, or to return to kink if you’ve been away for a while. But once you’re over that first hill, I promise that you’ll look back with a grin and wonder why you waited so long.

Don’t be afraid to explore what’s out there and don’t think that if you repress your urges long enough they’ll obediently go away: they won’t.

With a little care, preparation and research, you could be just a phone call away from having the experience of a lifetime; why on earth would you allow a little hesitation rob you of that?

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February reflections, recuperation and a little time off…


Pets and playmates,

This post is a little belated for what I was hoping to publish, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me since I’ve been otherwise busy crowding your inboxes quite generously with kinky reading material.

As I mentioned earlier in December, I will be taking the first week of February off to do some personal exploration, recuperation and catch up on some of the many tasks and errands I tend to set on the back burner when my life becomes a flurry of kinky and fun… Not that I would ever complain about my day to day happenings being a whirlwind of leather and latex!

From February 1 to February 7 you will find me completely unavailable and unreachable, though I suspect for those of you who follow me on Twitter, I will keep you plenty entertained as I post pictures of what happens in a dominatrix’s off time.

As I know many of you like to either send me off on a good note or welcome me home when I take a break of any sort, if you’re interested in making a reservation for my time it’s always best to do so sooner rather than later.

If you’re not already familiar with my website feel free to explore the possibilities at VictoriaRage.com

Of course, before I take my leave I will have plenty of opportunities to connect and defile you pretty little things, so try not to fret too much.

And speaking of defiling… I will keep this short since I have just a few more moments before a brand-new playmate comes knocking at my door ready to be dismantled and reassembled for my pleasure…

I hope the rest of you are having as spine tingling a day as I am…

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Aggressively Expanding Your Horizons: 52 Weeks of Masturbation




It’s easy to get caught in a sexual rut, isn’t it?

While this might not be my personal speed bump,  I deal almost daily with  individuals who are frankly bored of their normal routine. Sex  is the driving force behind so much of what we do, it forms massive sectors of our personality and adds spark and intrigue to our daily lives. When it gets boring or there’s too much of the same what are you supposed to do about it? Be grateful you can still feel turned on at all?

Obviously, that sort of answer isn’t enough for me, and barring any sort of medical or psychological barriers you may face that would prevent you from doing so; if you’re fortunate enough to have an erotic life at all, you should cherish it, nurture it and feed it like a wild hungry beast.


Vanilla or not, I think we can all agree that expanding what turns us on in general is the key to breaking out of our erotic shell. While not totally under our control, we can heavily influence what makes us shiver, we can learn to see things differently….and after much thought, I’ve come up with a solution that should fit rather snugly into everyone’s typical schedule.

I call it 52 weeks of masturbation!

Let’s face it, we all watch porn, we just do.

If you  try to tell me you don’t, you’re flat out lying (or you have an SO who won’t give you 5 minutes of free time). There’s no shame in it, for me it’s as reflexive as grabbing a drink when I’m thirsty. When I want to get off and I’m all alone – I dash to my laptop and fire up some favored clips, hey it’s human nature, but even I noticed a gravitation towards the same *type* of materials.

So, I turned to the ever trusty Porn Hub for help and inspiration; happily as always, they gave me exactly what I needed.


You’ll notice here, they have 62 glorious categories or nearly endless material. My order to you is this: for the next year, I want you all to expand with me.

Eroticize things you’d never expect….

Once a week, park yourself in front of your computer and launch into a random category, even if it’s not one that instantly appeals to you. Just turn yourself on a bit and flick through videos in the category until you find one that helps get you off….and stick with it until the deed is done. Essentially, you’re forcing your brain to reconsider it’s stance on what’s sexy. If your mind and body want all the chemicals and convulsions that come with an orgasm, it’s going to cooperate and work with the material at hand (unless it’s offensive to you – then skip it). Yeah, it might take a bit longer, but focus….try to make it work and don’t let yourself be discouraged.

Now, I know there’s 52 weeks in a year and 62 categories, but I’m assuming most of us masturbate more than once a week so man up and double down when you can!

By the end of the year, I want to see some horizons expanded.


….and if you’re curious what video category *I’m* going to start with, I think I’ll be giving Hentai a whirl…

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Surrendering Your Senses (a slight expansion on hypno play)



He was very much to the point on the phone….

A man with little time, but BIG curiosity: “I saw you had a hypno domination offering, he said, I’ve been following your blog for a while and I think I’d like to give it a try, though I’ve been pretty unsuccessful watching videos on my own ”

Our conversation was rather short, but his message was singular and entirely expected. Hypnosis and BDSM *sounds* intriguing, but what if you’re skeptical or simply don’t think it’ll work on you?


I suppose I won him over, at least enough to sway him for a visit with some simple logic. “If you’ve had a hard time feeling the effects of hypnosis in the past, I imagine it’s because you’re consciously focusing on it at the time. It’s like when you’re trying to sleep….if you simply lie in bed trying to mentally bully yourself into passing out, thinking about how many hours you have left, how tired you will be in the morning if you don’t sleep RIGHT NOW – you aren’t going to fall sweetly into dreamland now are you?”

“Approach it with an open mind and zero expectations….you just might surprise yourself!”


I realize in my previous post, that there’s a bit of ambiguity in exactly what I *do* for my Hypno Domme scenes. Bondage with audio input is vague on purpose, when he arrived, he hadn’t already mentally walked himself through the scene. He hadn’t convinced himself that it wouldn’t work…he simply arrived curious.

I helped him into the bondage of choice; which is different for everyone. Knowing certain poses, materials and equipment can all have powerful psychological effects, I’ve been tailoring the resting position to each unique person….and his was to be spread eagle on the floor, held limbs apart with thick iron spreader bars and rough rope tied strictly around his limbs. I wanted him to KNOW he was in bondage – not simply feel ‘held down’.

For the visual element, I chose to deprive his sight with a pillowy blindfold. One you’d expect to use on a long haul flight where their might be an abundance of light: incredibly heavy duty and soft enough to forget about. It’s tremendous how the mind will dance away when you have nothing to look at.

Oddly enough, I could feel him beginning to slip away before I placed the piece of this puzzle on him; he let out a breathy and anticipatory sigh as the headphones clamped over his ears. The first lines of his particular recording were meant to reach him and put him at ease…

” Don’t think, don’t worry, you’re not in control…..”

My audio poured into him like hot syrup as it began it’s sultry tones, throbbing beats and faintly whispered commands. I watched him for a moment in the silence of the dungeon, taking in how vast his inner world  had just become, where on the outside, I could hear a pin drop. It was so powerful to know I had taken complete control of his senses in such a slick and abrupt manner, he didn’t protest, he didn’t ask a lot of questions, he went boldly into the deep end.

I set about the dungeon, gathering a few implements to use at key times throughout the scene, and as I returned to begin my external torments, I saw the very obvious trace of goosebumps racing across his skin….

It was working….

Now as this blog is read equally by potential visitors and other practicing Dommes, this is where my description of what I actually *did* will end….but maybe, just maybe, I’ll soon post a perspective piece from someone who’s been on the receiving end of these particular ministrations via review form.  In the meantime, I hope this little appetizer will entice those who you who are curious, to take a bit of an adventure into the unknown.





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2014 My Blog In Review

Thank you my sweet readers for making this my blogs busiest year yet!!!!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 190,000 times in 2014. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 8 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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New Year – New Temptations!


It’s always such a bizarre thing, the month of December in general.

I think I personally look forward to it all year long, excitedly envisioning the amazing sessions I’m going to have, themed parties, vacation and the like, all leading up to whatever Winter festivity I choose to celebrate that year.

This one, like all Decembers past, flew by at light-speed. It’s all a sexy blur of kink, latex, candlelit happy hours and many a trip from UPS to my front door to deliver goodies from family and friends alike. I almost get so caught up in a whirlwind of things that I forget to stop and deeply enjoy the flood of what’s happening around me.

I know a lot of you are like me in this regard and as I’ve let many of you out the door of my dungeon after a much-needed break, you also echo a dismayed sentiment of ‘where exactly has the time gone’?

With that in mind, as we usher in another glittering and glamour year, I encourage you all (and myself as well) to remember that we all need a break every now and then. To take time for selves, to enjoy the small things and to allow ourselves a chance to soak in the sensuality and celebration of our own lives.

Don’t worry my sinful sweethearts, I don’t expect you to do all of that on your own! As always, I’ll be here through 2015 to be your respite, your deviation and your partner partner in crime….and boy have I got some wonderful new dungeon additions in store for you!

As I’m always one for synchronicity, I’ll be unveiling a wealth of new gear, scenes, web updates and more beginning on the first!

A little sampling of what you can look forward to: new sensory dep toys, rubber bondage implements, a full 11 item latex wardrobe for me, 4 new rubber and leather hoods, a brand new one size fits all rubber sleep sack, leather straight jacket, devilish bondage bars, erotic hypno recording scenes, new electro insertable implements and a nice long January 10th photo shoot to kick it off!

Enjoy your restful years end sweet boys – come January, I’m going to make your blood pump like never before….


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Hypnosis, Domination and Probing You Deeper


When you’ve been playing as long as I have, you reach a point where you’re eager to probe a bit more than peoples physical tolerances and interests…though frankly that never gets old.

I’ve always loved twisting someone, watching their physicality mold to me as I alter their reality via role play, bondage and various pain or pleasure scenarios. It’s powerful, intoxicating and entirely breathtaking to enjoy having that much control over someone’s temporary state of being.

Lately, I’ve had a bit of a fascination with mind control – and I don’t mean the military style brainwashing you might immediately imagine. What I’m talking about is erotic mind control via sensory deprivation, ASMR audio input, binaural beats and direct and specific physical stimulation.

Sounds fun already, doesn’t it?

Binaural beats have been used for quite a while, most often with people trying to meditate or sleep; I happen to use that type of audio relaxation to fight my insomnia when it stretches on for days. It forces a deep mental relaxation and penetration of suggestion all the way to your subconscious…and once you’re in someone’s subconscious, you’re permeating them on the deepest level. Couple that with some kink focused spoken word elements and you’ve got a very potent combination.

For the rest of this month, I will begin experimenting with a few session styles, melting mind control into my otherwise all encompassing scenes. The audio files I’ve comprised so far are based around several selections; meditation, slavery, femminization and obedience training all ranging in various durations to entice those both wanting a small sample of hypnotic play and those wanting a deep and immerse experience.

As some of this takes a bit of prep, those curious to join me in these ministrations will need to let me know *when booking* your appointment so I can best tailor things to your individual experience.

Now…who’s ready to let me in deeper?

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Holiday’s and Happenings

How did you spend your Thanksgiving my salacious sweethearts?


Did you don your festive best and  surround yourself with more food and family then you knew what to do with?

Sounds fun, but as you might expect, the domestic vision of turkeys, pumpkin pie and a plethora of familial faces just isn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the holiday season – but I love it in the way that I love watching people ride roller coasters – from a safe distance.

If you didn’t see my previous post, I spent the holiday in LA taking a much needed break and seeing the sights. Which consequently also involved a trip to Disneyland….because I just HAD to see what the West Coast comparison looked like.

Overall it was lovely, rather quaint and overwhelmingly packed, but it’s just one of those things I had to check off my travel list.

While everyone else was baking in the heat and sunburning their faces, I had a chance to debut my new sunhat…and it worked like a charm!

photo 3

 Outside of the obligatory trip to the happiest place on earth, I enjoyed an amazing drive through the streets of LA with the lovely and licentious Mistress Isla. The drive itself was spectacular, but I don’t think I’m ready to give up my daily driver for a full time convertible. Is it just me or is the new Camero drastically under powered?

I had a chance to see the Hollywood Hills with my own eyes and even get stuck in a bit of famed LA traffic!

photo 2

Despite all the pictures I took along the way, my favorite was the one I snapped the day after I got home. I went from sunny 80 degree days to instant snow and sheets of frost covering every inch of my neighborhood. It was the sweetest homecoming gift Mother Nature could possible have given…except for the piles and piles of frozen leaves I now have to rake up.

photo 1

All in all, while I missed you pets dearly, this was a much needed rest for me. My spirits are high, my imagination is refreshed and my energy is through the roof.

And now…

I’m officially back and booking from December 2nd and beyond!

As a side note, my travel plans and times I’ll be taking off have shifted a bit since my last post so it’s worth mentioning now.

I know a few of you were worried I’d be totally available for the next season or so and I’d like to put your mind at ease that this will not be the case. To make life easier, here’s what you can expect until the New Year!

For the month of December

Available: December 1st-23rd

Christmas Break: December 24th-28th

Available: 29th & 30th

New Years Break: December 31st & January 1st

Resume normal schedule January 2nd onwards….

  Now, let the debauchery resume!

 Creative Concepts

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Remaining November Availability

Happy weekend my Pervy Playmates!

Just a little note, an update really, regarding my availability for this month…..

As I had previously mentioned that it was all but totally booked out for November, I neglected to remember that this time of year a rather aggressive cold/flu cycles through Seattle and my visitors drop like flies as they stay home to nurse themselves back to health.

This year, like all others is no exception and while once my schedule overflowed, it now looks like Swiss cheese.

While I do admit I sit back and grin the possibility of having a bit of free time to relax before my vacation, I truly can’t stand the thought of not spending my time doing what I love most. So, if I’ve previously told you that I couldn’t accommodate your request this month, by all means try me again. And if you’re just now thinking about coming for a visit, drop me a line!

The cut off for my bookings this month is still the 21st before I head to California, but rest assured I will be back and ready for more fun the 28th and beyond.

In the meantime, I hope those of you who are recovering from your cold or flu’s do so swiftly and painlessly. Nothing is worse than having to be brave and illness around the holidays.

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New Session Scenario: Strap On Roulette!

I don’t think I’ll ever stop trying to think of fun new ‘games’ to play with my dear clients, with so many willing participants, how could I?
While I usually turn to kink porn or various D/s blogs for ideas, lately I’ve been welcoming inspiration from a rather odd source: kinky cartoons. Yeah, it’s a little kitsch and believe me, I’m well aware… but the one thing you can count on in a smutty drawing is come serious creativity and more often than not, scenarios that are only limited to the illustrators imagination instead of someones physical ability.
In particular, I’ve been deeply drawn to the general theme of  boys in impossible predicaments or being surprised by cruel scenarios.
All of this influx of dirty reading has inspired me to a new session theme called Strap On Roulette!
It’s exactly as treacherous sounds…
While the game can be played in two ways, the rules are quite simple….
First you are warmed up by any means I deem necessary, (why does that already sound ominous) and the strapped tightly onto my infamous fucking bench.
A series of toys, dildos, vibratos, ginger wands and implements (some covered in icy mint oil, hot cinnamon oil or numbing spray) are prepped and rested out of sight. You, while strapped face down, will begin your game of chance.
In one version of the game, you are asked a series of trivia questions or riddles with correct answers getting the most pleasurable insertions and incorrect answers get the ones that are harder or less satisfying to handle.
In the second version of the game, it’s pure chance. Pick a number and receive the fucking of your life by that implement – without pause – for a full 5 minutes.
This can cause quite a physical and emotional roller coaster, so it’s not a game meant for people trying anal play for the first time. You MUST be experienced and you MUST have a bit of stamina to handle it. Let’s face it, the game wouldn’t be quite the same if you were begging for mercy after only a minute or so.
Admittedly, I like this one in particular because it works well for duos and general experimentation.
There’s nothing more focusing and intriguing then having your ass literally on the line and at the mercy of the cruelest Mistress of all; Fate!
4bcbc4b - Copy
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Re Post: Having Personal Relationship With A Professional Dominatrix

When I initially published this entry 6 months ago, it was an eye opener for MANY people. I’ve been told over and over how much my thoughts were appreciated and that it made certain visitors feel more like they ‘belonged’ to me in the way they could have only hoped.
With that spirit in mind, I’m reissuing this for anyone who may have missed it the first time around….and perhaps it’s worth a brush up for those who need to remember that even during the busy times of their lives, there’s still a kinky woman out here thinking about them and their well being.
There are many types of people who darken my door step, and their intentions can be divided in many facets. But, when it comes down to it, I find there are two main groups of visitors I come to make a fond acquaintance with…
1)Those who are looking for some ‘no strings attached’ kinky play
2) Those who crave something deeper and prefer a monogamous d/s relationship with a Dominatrix.
The former is incredibly fun. Sporadic and intense visits that serve to scratch an itch or add some spice to the day for both of us are just lovely! There isn’t too much beyond our time together, but it’s that very spontaneity that makes it so enjoyable.
The latter is what this post is really about; those who want a Mistress, a dominant woman they can dedicate themselves to, or at least a part of themselves to.
Most of the time, when such suitors come forward with those hopes, it’s coupled with a deep fear that they will be flat out rejected. What Pro Domme really needs a personal submissive? Don’t we get enough kink at work?
Well, let me tell you…. the lifestyle ones are going to need something a little more personal.
I get my kicks every day, sure, it’s great and I’m often left totally satisfied by letting my imagination run wild all day in the dungeon. However, you are neglecting one important factor: most pro Dommes are service Tops to a certain degree.
We spend a considerable amount of time tailoring sessions to each particular client, which we will ultimately also enjoy, but is it what we would have done if you said you wanted your scene to consists of whatever kinks your Mistress wants?…..and ONLY what she wants? Honestly, it may turn out a little differently.
Personally, I’ve woken up on many a day and had my mind set on something different then what my schedule called for. Did it make me enjoy those day’s scenes any less? Hell No!!! But, I did look forward to my next opportunity to unleash whatever pent up desires were rampant in my brain.
Personal slaves, submissives, pets and partners are wildly important in the world of a Lifestyle Mistress. They provide a much needed balance.
I have many levels of ownership in my life and since so many people are curious about such a thing, or actively inquiring, I’ll give you a little peek into what those deviations from the typical Pro Dom/client relationship looks like.
Clients/Suitors: This is the very basic level of a relationship. These individuals I may see only once or whenever the mood strikes them and it is simply because we have compatible interests and schedules. They like what I offer and how I look doing it while I’m offering it. It’s terribly fun, but intentionally impersonal, in this scenario I am simply their facilitator of kink.
Pets: A little more serious, this group is the majority. They are regular visitors who may see me as well as a few other ladies. When in my studio, they very much belong to me and our scenes are a mash up of what we’re both interested in. I’d say outside of our sessions, I do think of them often; and fondly, but I am not a part of their daily lives.
Submissives: This circle is a bit narrower, you’d say that I am their Domina, they serve or visit no other. They carry on a life outside my dungeon, but are often tasked with certain requirements to carry out in my name. They have certain life goals they must achieve in my honor – for their betterment – and devote their time in my studio to satisfying whatever wants or needs I may have.  Often times, my desire will be to make sure they are well taken care of and all their interests are indulged, but they leave this choice to me. As they are mine, these dear boys may bare non permanent ownership marks or may be required to wear certain jewelry items that are person between us as a symbolic reminder of our dynamic.
Collared slaves: I have two such lovely beings. While it may be a bit cliche, I use the word “slave”  very carefully and deliberately. In both cases, they have devoted themselves to me as a woman, a Mistress and as a Professional. They live their lives with a constant thought of whether or not their actions would please me. 100% devoted to me as their Woman, this is the most intense and entangled I can be with someone in a D/s capacity. I am not a hidden part of their life either: this is a real life open relationship.
While all of these various categories exist for me, this is not a guide that could be used with any other Mistress, this is simply my view as it relates to my reality.  I happen to be an incredibly possessive woman; anyone who has met me in the flesh would say that it is one of my defining qualities. My desire to control, own, and dominate someone, mind body and spirit is what makes me such a natural dominatrix… And the amount of personal “self “I bring to the dungeon with me, is incredibly evident, making those who desire such control, feel comfortable and safe under my guidance.
With that said, I know how many of you may want to know how I see our relationship and where you may stand, especially as the years tick on in our dynamic. My hope is that this sheds a bit of light…but truthfully, if nothing more, my point is that you can absolutely have a more personal relationship with a professional Dominatrix! Just because you compensate for her time and contribute to the lifestyle, toys, clothing, and space she uses to fulfill her fantasies and yours, doesn’t take away from the amount of personal emotion she may pour into your time together.
While I might be a true professional on the surface, I am personally never more complete than when I’m looking into someone’s eyes and they tell me point blank that they are mine to take over…
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Feeding My Current Travel Obsession….


I’ve talked a lot lately about my recent trip to Florida and how it’s left me completely smitten with the idea of  relaxation and travel. Well, like all things I get excited about, I tend to jump in head first.

Truthfully, with my life revolving mostly around BDSM, I’ve let this entire decade pass by and barely took a chance to come up for air. I’ve got no complaints, but it’s definitely time for me to go out and see some sights.

I’ll be embarking on a new life experience over the next year, appropriately called My Year Of Travel, and let me put you at ease right off the bat; I’m not about to start taking copious amounts of time off. You boys know how much I struggle when I’m forced to go kink free for more then a few days so parish the thought! I’ve been in Seattle long enough to know when the slow times are, so instead of  puttering around the dungeon wishing I had someone to torment, I’ll be jetting off  for an extended weekends here and there. Easy as pie. So, what’s on the agenda?

First on the checklist, Disney World in California!


Being a Florida girl, I’ve been to the original in Orlando more times then I can count. Seriously, when it’s only a 3 hour drive from home, residents of the Sunshine State find themselves donning their mouse ears at least 3-4 times year. It’s almost a mindless thing we do, naturally gravitating towards the Epcot Ball like it’s some sort of black hole sucking up our vacation days.  Since this will be my first vacation I’ll be flying to (and no, visiting family didn’t count), I’m sticking with something that has a flair of my home town!

Consider this notice that I’ll be unavailable from November 22-25th; but you’ll all be busy prepping for Turkey Day anyway!

After that, I’ll be heading back to Orlando and taking some of my family (and hopefully friends) with me!

Now I know what you’re thinking; back to back Disney? How masochistic!

Yeah, it’s a lot to take in, but honestly I can only visit the South during the cooler months, so while the sun is tucked away a bit, I’m seizing the opportunity.

Besides, I have to admit, it’s been nearly a decade since I’ve stepped foot in Orlando, I’m very curious to see how it’s changed…..and whether or not I can still grab dinner at that weird Medieval jousting restaurant.

Sure it might be a little campy, but I like a little aggression with my dinner!


 For this trip, I’ll be unavailable from January 10th-15th

Last but not least, I’m debating between Hershey Spa in Pennsylvania or the New Orleans French Quarter.

I’ve never been so torn on a decision in my life!

Hershey Spa boasts a world class hotel with impeccable room service and a Chocolate Spa! Yes, CHOCOLATE SPA. Two things I love most in the world, chocolate and being thoroughly pampered.


That could be me….spending a couple hours first at the hotel bar, then being smeared in delicious hot chocolate.

Why would I want this you ask? Because…..just because.


But on the other hand, I’m a HUGE fan of the paranormal. It’s always been fascinating to me and I’m positively addicted to all those Ghost Hunter/Haunted/Dead Files shows that certain networks can’t seem to break away from.

In my hypothetical trip to Louisiana, I’d be staying at the Myrtles Plantation; if you don’t know about this place – just Google it. Go ahead, I’ll wait….



So yeah, it’s incredibly haunted and frankly, absolutely gorgeous! Who wouldn’t want to spend a few nights here?


 While spending my nights investigating every bump or creak I hear, my days would consist of wandering around aimless through the French Quarter. A girl could lose herself in an area like this…


 I’ll be agonizing over my choices while simultaneously being overjoyed that this is the worst predicament on my plate.

This time around though, I’ll do a much better job of posting photos of my travels and hitting up any and every BDSM store within a 50 mile radius of my destination.

I’ll be searching far and wide for things to bring home to you boys, and I’ll keep you thoroughly posted on each treasure I come across.

One last little side note in closing…

These will NOT be work trips, not yet at least, though I am feeling an urge to perhaps visit some major cities for a few days to experience some of the famous dungeons in New York, San Fran and LA.

All of these destinations will be for my pleasure and relaxation; a little shift in my own paradigm! Besides, you know how amped up I get after some time off!

That said, I know some of you really enjoy contributing to my personal indulgences and if anyone was so inclined, I’d be thoroughly grateful for Alaska Air or Virgin Airlines gift cards, Hilton HHonors gift cards or Enterprise Rental Car gift certificates. Naturally, none of that is necessary, just always appreciated.

Here’s looking forward to an eventful few months for all of us!!!

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You’ll Never Know Virtue Until Your First Acquaint Yourself With Vice – Marquis De Sade



I’ve never been able to withstand temptation….not now, not ever.

Over the years, I’ve attempted to be more self disciplined, to learn the virtues of patience and restraint; but obviously my ‘wants’ trump the merits of virtue every time.

When it comes to getting my way, I’m an unstoppable force, and I don’t mean that in a cute, flirtatious way. I’m a predator and I absolutely dare you to stand between me and the object of my desire.

If you’ve met me in the flesh, you’re probably shaking your head and mumbling. ‘no shit Sherlock’….but hopefully you’re doing that with a knowing grin on your face and a mind full of rather filthy memories. Sure, all of this is lovely when you’re a Domina by trade and a lifestyle Mistress by night, you become rather accustom to having your every want or need fully indulged by either yourself or those who live to serve.

But what about you?

Yes YOU.

When was the last time you set your sights on something and decided you absolutely had to have it – then went out and just fucking took it?

How often to you really give yourself a little reward because you work  hard, because you’re constantly straining yourself for others or because every now and then you just need the universe to cut you a break?  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

The thing about temptation is that sometimes it’s good to give in….reeeeaaalllly good.

With the intensity of Summer behind us and the madness of the holiday’s on the horizon, I offer a little challenge for all of you.


I want you to say YES to the things you want without hesitation; just for a day. Eat naughty food, take a day off of work, buy yourself a little something special, have a good hard mind blowing orgasm then pour yourself some scotch and remind yourself that denial is only worth a damn if there’s a sweet reward to cap it off.


Promise you’ll do this for me dear pets; indulge yourself in all ways, for a full day….and think of me.


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Sharp, Tight and Rigid: New Dungeon Toys!





You know, it really hadn’t occurred to me, but it’s been a while since I’ve published a post that showcased the new dungeon toys I’ve acquired.

I’m fully aware that you boys like to know when new gear arrives, and some of you wait to schedule your sessions around when new items arrive; but when you’re in a constant state of scouting the kinkiest inventions out there, it seems a little repetitious to grandly announce each and every item individually. Fortunately though, I’ve gathered quite a lovely little mash up of goodies, both given as gifts from lovely pets and purchased from my favorite vendors. I have to admit, I love when my clients bring gifts – naturally I appreciate the thoughtfulness and care, but it’s fascinating to see what you boys buy on your own. I swear it’s added a terribly interesting dimension to my otherwise personally stocked collection.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s what you can look forward to next time we meet…..


Bully Nipple Clamps for ‘Weight Lifting’


Spiked Cock Cage

This will give a brand new definition to tease and denial.

D849 (1)

Serious Talon Nipple Clamps

D973 (1) D973

Cock and Ball Pillory


Two Stainless Steel Urethral Plug


Of course, ANOTHER sounding kit – this is for serious stretching.


Deluxe Violet Wand Kit


And of course, a little something for myself….


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Florida, Family and The Future!

Where do I even start?

Well, first of all I’ve been back in the delectable and cozy confines of my dungeon for nearly a week and I’m just now starting to feel purged of my post vacation energy. Two weeks sans play really threw me off, but I was very fortunate to have a line of volunteers in my path to help satisfy my urges.

As for the trip itself, well…it was no secret that I was VERY uncomfortable about flying. I’m not sure where my aviphobia started, but somewhere in my 20’s I decided that I’d rather pull out a few teeth with rusty pliers then step foot on an aircraft; but I’ll be damned if I was going to miss my grandmother’s 87th birthday! She’s one of the few people on this earth I can do ANYTHING for.

My flight turned out to be the sum of all fears; turbulence, lightening, a very hard landing and a little motion sickness for good measure, but as a person who once spent a solid week driving from Ft Lauderdale to the PNW, it was worth a little terror to get clear across the country in half a day. I was able to shake it all off quick, excitement for the upcoming festivities was a perfect distraction.
Seeing my  family was amazing, and naturally it was a much needed reconnection. I tried to capture a few choice moments, but who can really remember their camera when they’re having a great time? I did however try to take photos with all 8 of my mother’s collection of cats….some were more cooperative than others.

photo 4

Aside from being with my loved ones for a while, I was able to revisit some old haunts that I’ve dearly missed namely, The Fetish Factory!

The moment I stepped into the store, my lungs were filled with that sweet and sultry scent of polished latex, and as you can tell from the photos – they had a TON of it strewn about the store. I walked away with a few articles of clothing and a toy or two; cursing myself the while time for not bringing a larger suitcase! I could have bought everything in there, though I admit I own a good portion of their stock, it was still a complete ‘kid in a candy store’ moment.

l l (1)

Seriously, why does this store not have a Seattle location?


Anyway, after all the shopping, sight seeing and more dinners in fancy restaurants then one should have in a week, it was time to return home and once again face my nemesis….. a Boeing 737.


I stepped on board my evening flight to find I had a whole row to myself! I calmed down instantly and melted into my seat as I experienced the smoothest return flight EVER. It was so clam I was even able to take advantage of the in flight meal; I’ll spare the airline food joke, but as I had prepared to be queasy, I skipped lunch and dinner – so a tasteless cheeseburger a 30,000 feet was a godsend. I sat back in comfort, looking as stylish as one can look in a massive neck pillow and no make up, but it was a pretty sweet set up!


photo 1

And the view wasn’t too bad either!

photo 2

Being more relaxed really opened me up to the possibility of what was happening; for a small fee, I was mid air – headed whenever I wanted, unhindered and with relative ease. I could do this……again.

By the time I landed, I had amassed a list of places I wanted to go and the courage to actually take the trips I’d longs to experience for years.

Who would have ever imagined my worst nightmare would turn into the most freeing experience of my life? Not me!

Next stop….


Thanksgiving in California; because…..I can!








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20 Things Your Dominatrix Wants You To Know


Dearest Readers,

Today’s blog post I write from sunny Florida, at nearly 1am (local time) during a sleepless night. I’m enjoying my visit immensely, but while I’m here in my parents house, surrounded by an abundance of pastels and palm trees, I couldn’t resist writing at least a little something for the simple clash of worlds that such a thing can be. Imagine if you will, your dark domina, perched in a cozy chair within a well decorated ‘office'; covered in lace, floral prints, knick knacks and the personal style of my polar opposite parental unit. To say it’s cheerful would be a dramatic understatement…even the pens and pencils on this desk are covered in glitter and feathers and I’m within sight of no less than 10 family photo albums….so naturally, I sit down at the only computer in the house and think of you boys…..I love it here, but man do I miss Seattle.

With that tidbit in mind, please enjoy this post for all the truth and humor it offers…


1. We REALLY DO want you to have fun.

I know the common theme in BDSM is that you’re coming to us to be punished, tormented, violated or degraded (or something on a softer scale), but regardless of what images pop to mind when you think ‘Dominatrix'; we don’t want to crush you into dust. Even if we’re doing some questionable and obscure things with your flesh – we’re playful creatures and we want you to like what’s happening. Ultimately we’re here to facillitate your personal exploration in whatever form that takes.

2. Your nervousness is charming, but really not necessary.

Maybe it’s just me, but I adore the sight of a man who’s slightly trembling, don’t you? But trust me, we aren’t about to eat your alive and we’re experts on making you feel comfortable right off the bat. We completely understand that it can be nerve wrecking to come into a strangers studio, openly share the most intimate parts of your sexuality and within moments be ready to entrust us with your bodies to navigate the dark waters of kink.  More than anything, we want you to feel at ease and comfortable with yourself, with us and with your interests; so most professional sex workers are pretty adept at helping you get over any jitters you might have. Don’t think for a second we’re going to allow your anxiety to get in the way of our good time!

3. We really don’t have a preference for age, race, personality, stamina, body type, physical abilities, lifestyle or other  characteristics.

Really, truthfully, and from the bottom of my heart I say this…

Most sex workers don’t have any sort of preference or leaning to one ‘type’ of person or another when to comes to our clients. What we care about is how much fun we’re going to have with you – okay and hygiene and politeness count pretty high too.

4. We don’t expect you to plan your own session, but we LOVE when you bring ideas to the table.

If you’re new, believe me, we aren’t expecting you to have a mapped out idea of how you’d like your scene to go. We just need a hint as to what you’re most curious for. After that, we’re here to fill in those blanks for you.
After that intro scene, we adore when our returning clients come to us with inspiration! It can be hard over time to constantly come up with new and creative ways to play if you become a solid regular, but keeping things fresh by letting us know how your interests are evolving is a massive and much welcome help!…and no, we don’t see that as topping from the bottom.

5. Dominatrixes are real women.

Most of us have very normal lives outside of this and aren’t looking to poach every single client for our own live in harem of slaves. We don’t hate men, don’t live the easiest life imaginable and certainly don’t feel self entitled because we’re “Alpha’s” by profession or any other stereotypical nonsense like that. Pro Dommes are hard working people who put in a lot of effort to running a businesses – just like you do. I assure you, outside of the dungeon, we have a very healthy view of the world and in all other ways, function as creative but fully integrated members of society.

6. We enjoy your connection but we are only your Domme professionally.

Unless you’ve been personally invited into the private world of your Pro Domme, just remember that you’re initially soliciting a Mistress for her ability to expand your horizons – on a professional level. You responded to her advertisement and you chose her based on her looks, her offerings, her tribute and her presentation: not for her hopes, dreams, personality or life goals (and we know this). As your trust and relationship deepens, just remember to keep your feet on the ground. It’s entirely natural to feel devoted and personal with your Dominatrix, but never forget that you didn’t meet her on eharmony and most of us have a firm policy on not dating our clients.

7. Most dungeons are relatively safe places to be.

There’s a reason most people go to a pro when they have something they want to act out; it’s because we’re skilled, equipped and clean. Now, this isn’t true in EVERY dungeon, but in most; you can count on a HIGH level of care and professionalism. We go through great lengths to ensure your safety in all ways and that includes using quality toys/tools, learning correct practices and always sterilizing things after each and every visitor. If you look close enough, most practitioners are more than happy to tell you *exactly* what their process is to ensure safety and sanitation.

8. We want you to stay focused and in the moment.

You can check your smart phone, talk about your kids/work or mentally plan your grocery list any other time….but not with us. Don’t be surprised, offended or disappointed if we try to keep your head in the game and stray away from discussions that don’t have to do with the naughty fun we’re trying to share with you. This is OUR time; unless there’s an emergency, everything else can wait.

9. We can really keep a secret!

I heard a joke along time ago that there are three types of people in this world you can tell your secrets too. Your priest, your lawyer and your sex worker. It’s true, in all instances what we do requires secrecy. It’s not a privilege, that would be appreciated… It’s a stone cold demand. We’ve got no interest in sharing the details of what happens behind closed doors with anyone else. Not just for your sake, but for our own as well. We believe that EVERYONE has the right to keep their private business private; and a huge part of what we do is treating you with the same amount of discretion as we expect in return. Consider our lips sealed!

10. But, you still need to be cautious.

This should be obvious, but please don’t save our numbers to your phone under any obvious heading (Miss V, Domina, etc), delete your emails and don’t text anything you wouldn’t want your friends or significant other reading.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been contacted by someones girlfriend, wife or buddy because my client happened to forget to hide or remove incriminating correspondence from their email or phone. While I gave nothing away and played ‘dumb’ about who those clients were, we really don’t appreciate having our own privacy violated like that – and having to deal with an upset, curious, questioning or threatening individual at the same time. Keep a clean trail and you won’t have anything to answer for!

11. We know you’re not all named John.

It’s shocking I know, but after my first dozen or so clients – I realized that it’s statistically impossible for you to ALL be John, Mike or Mark. You don’t need to give us your real first name if that makes you uncomfortable, but if you insist on using a terribly common moniker, be aware that we won’t be able to tell who you are when you call or email.

On the note of names, if you choose a fake name, stick to it… We don’t mind, but nothing confuses us more then when you’re John when you call, Josh when you email and Craig when you knock on the door. At some point, we’ll just revert to calling you ‘darling’ because we’ve got no clue what form of address you prefer.

Pro Tip: it’s totally cool to introduce yourself by the name of your favorite character, actor, singer or anything like that…. I’d love to dominate a Marcellus Wallace one of these days.

12. We can use your time however you’d like.

No two clients like to use their time in the dungeon the same way, but if you book 2 hours, you’re welcome to use those 2 hours any way you’d like! Really – we won’t insist on any particular pace and we tend to stick to a common formula (15 minutes talk/prep, play, 15-20 minutes aftercare/shower/post scene chat) if you don’t specify another way.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a talk only or play only scene so long as you stay within the hours you’ve scheduled so don’t be afraid to speak up if you have a certain way you like to indulge!

13. We apprecaite it when you respect our private lives. 

Being so terribly and immediately intimate with a stranger can be a bit tricky, so many sex workers compartmentalize things in order to keep ‘work’ and ‘life’ vastly separate. We don’t mean to offend or keep you at an unnecessary distance; but for the same reasons you may not expand on the details of your day to day lives; we prefer the same privacy. Unless either side volunteers information, it’s best neither of us pry.

14. If we cancle your appointment, please don’t take it personally. 

When you’re the thrill someone’s been looking forward to after a long day or week, we know how much of a downer it can be when we need to cancel or move our appointment. We don’t want to let you down, so we try at all costs to avoid that whenever possible.

However, if we’re sick, low energy or something pops up, we may elect to reach out to you so as to ensure we’re at 100% for our precious time together. We know you work hard for your money and that you trust and value the respite and excitement we offer; so it’s not fair to take your tribute just because we can if we’re not every bit the focused, erotic and Dominant woman you’ve come to expect. If we contact you to move our date a bit, it’s not because we don’t want to play with you – it’s just because we’re not physically or mentally ready and able to rock your world.

15. Our compliments can be genuine!

There’s a cliche in sex work, but not all of us give empty compliments to our playmates. If we say something – we mean it. Don’t be too quick to write our words off because this is a professional exchange. There’s still a living breathing woman under all the leather and latex and sometimes, she has some nice things to say to and about her visitors….and sometimes she thinks you need to hear them!

16. We really don’t judge.

As long as you’re a gentleman; what you say, how you act and what you enjoy isn’t going to change our view of you at all. If you’re a day to day 9-5, well polished, professional business and family man, I’m not going to see you differently when you tell me you like to be diapered, fisted and tied in an exposing position. You can be all of those wonderful things, with a few quirks. That’s totally okay! Your kinks don’t define you as a person.

17. We can only read what you express.

Have you ever wondered how your Mistress always seems to do just the right thing at just the right time? When to whisper something controlling into your ear or deliver that next perfectly placed cane stroke?

Well frankly my dear, it’s because we tend to play with very emotive partners – and we LOVE when you’re responsive! Having someone writhe and moan beneath you as you conquer every inch of their body is incredibly intoxicating to us. Not only does it serve as pure gasoline for your Femme Domme’s fire, it also let’s us know how you’re receiving that interaction (when it’s good, bad or overwhelming) and having that sort of physical dialog helps us read you like an open book.

18.  We really don’t mind if you’re a novice or still feeling out if BDSM is right for you. 

Not every client we see knows definitively whether or not they’re actually kinky. You can be brand new or even just mildly curious and still have a great time in our dungeon – we won’t be bored with your questions or hesitance! Sure, playing with a partner who’s done this for a while does have its merits, but we absolutely LOVE being the one to break you in if we happen to be your first Dominatrix.

19. No, BDSM isn’t all about pain – pain free sessions absolutely exist – and yes, we like those too!

Don’t worry, we don’t have a one track mind and we aren’t bent on making you endure a session you’re not interested in. We love softer scenes and there’s a SLEW of things we can do that are more focused on other forms of domination, pleasure and control. Every now and then it’s massively fun for us to tone things down and facilitate something a bit more sensuous. Remember, we are very multifaceted creatures, even if that isn’t immediately apparent!

20. We are happy you’re in our lives.

While all of this stays professional for the safety and sanity for everyone involved, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to really enjoying my visitors and regulars. I’ve met some of the most wonderful, thoughtful, entertaining and lovely men that I’d not have otherwise crossed paths with, and I’m so grateful we have the time together that we do. I look forward to your visits, truly and genuinely and I think of you (or rather what I’d like to do to you) when you’re not here. You are more then just a list of visitors I’m seeing this week, you’re my kinky friends and pervy pets – and I’m so thankful for your existence.

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A Rose By Any Other Name…..



There’s a popular article going around at the moment called something like ’20 BDSM Archetypes’. As I liked the article for its attempt to give a deeper understanding to the various types of personalities in the kink world, I won’t repost it here as I disagree with the general approach of trying to categorize people so quickly for the sake of making things fit into a nice and easy definition.  And here’s a bizarre admission on my part; I dislike how categorized things can be in the general BDSM scene.

If you’ve ever found yourself browsing through online D/s forums, you’ve most likely stumbled across such an article, gave it a quick read and maybe just maybe tried to match yourself up to the breakdowns the writer describes; and if you’ve ever been unsuccessful in ‘fitting in’, it can be disheartening – especially if you’re new to the scene. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to sit down with certain clients and explain that such labels don’t matter, they serve no actual purpose, but yet they still struggle to find an easy way to define themselves with accepted and widely known terms. I get it, acceptance is powerful – but it shouldn’t apply so heavily here.

I remember when I first started out, I was really into learning the differences in each individual label. I read every online article I could, consulted the numerous and more experienced players in my local dungeon club and immersed myself fully all in the name of education. I felt that understanding the labels would naturally help me better understand the individuals; but over time I realized it didn’t….not by a long shot. I found that such oversimplification only leads to people trying to define themselves by prescribed labels instead of allowing themselves to simply exist as they are; a unique kinky being. In a very real sense, it robs you of your personal individuality – what really makes you special.

So…if you’re one of the many who turn to such glossaries to find your place; you have my permission to stop. Embrace individuality and forsake the need to be categorized…..unless of course that turns you on. *grin*

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Vacation Notice: I’m headed to Sunny Florida


Dearest Readers and Pervy Playmates,

If you saw my Twitter post this morning, I’m sure you noticed that I’ve announced the unannouncable; yes I, Victoria Rage, will be getting on an airplane.

Perhaps this is no big deal for most people, but air travel is my one big NO in life. I’ll do some pretty questionable things but voluntarily getting into a small metal airborne tube isn’t of them. But, when your grandparents formally ask you to come visit – well, even I can’t say no to that (and I’ve tried).

So, I’ll be packing my bags and leaving the lovely Mistress Isla Ablaze to watch my home, dungeon and pets while I spend a few days slathered in sunscreen and trying not to talk much about ‘work’ with family.

What this means for you lovelies who see me for play dates; I’ll be available through September up to Sunday the 14th. After that, I will be back and excepting appointments from September 20th onwards.

It’s not a terribly long vacation, just a week really, but those of you who see me weekly or biweekly will want to touch base with me so we can retool some of our timing.

Also, since air travel is something I care to do about as much as going to the DMV or changing a flat tire, I will need an enormous amount of stimulation before I leave and after I get back. Those of you with high tolerances, impressive amounts of energy or open minds are especially encouraged to book your visit near my departure or arrival days.

I will so desperately need the release….

Ok Ft Lauderdale, here I come…


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A Sonic Invasion of Your Physche: Music to Violate Your Mind

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone emailed me after a scene to complement my music or asked what I played for our session.
While I make such a blasé remark, those emails mean quite a lot to me. I put a tremendous amount of througth into the atmosphere I want someone to experience while we’re together and though I tend to stick with a small but versatile rotation of artists,  I only play tracks suitable to the scene I’m about to perform…truth be told, some of my regulars have actually had playlists made for our dates specifically. You can be suspicious if our music ever sync’s up just a little too well with what’s happening in the physical realm.
For example, if you’ve ever been in a predicament where you find yourself staring down the barrel of a very long strap on and you hear NIN Closer in the background: that’s no mistake.
Or perhaps you’re being dressed up like a slutty little whore and Madonna’s Material Girl kicks on….that’s for you.
Fortunately for me, a lot of the music I listen everyday has a darker tone and lyrics that involve BDSM, erotica, bondage, longing, denial and torment, so it’s pretty easy to make things up on the fly.
My timing might not always be so perfect, as none of this is really choreographed but you get the point: music is incredibly important.
So, for those who are curious, I will go ahead and publicly share some of my favorite artists and songs that I like to play for people in certain circumstances.  And because I also enjoy a little bit of a random mindfuck, I will let you in on my little secret… The very first song you hear when you walk through the door is a very intentional selection meant to dictate the tone and likely what will be happening to you during our time together, so listen very very carefully.
For instance, as previously mentioned – if I get the sense you need to have your orifices violated vigorously, you’re likely to hear this.

Also I’m very much into IAMX and use them very frequently when I have a scene that’s going to involve plenty of highs and lows but filled with immense amounts of energy.
Their catalog is shockingly diverse and amazingly appropriate for just about everything.

Lana Delray is often my go to when I want a more mellow or meditative scene. I have a heavy preference for her breathy tones when I’m doing a sensory deprivation scene in particular. Her voice tends to carry deep and permeating tones that often invade even the thickest hoods and ear plugs. A sultry woman’s voice whispering into your subconscious as I deprive the rest of you –  is a very powerful thing.

Isn’t it simply amazing how enrapturing these songs are?
And I know there’s more than one of you hearing these and reflecting instantly to a moment where I had you at a complete disadvantage and well out of your depth…
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GoPro or No Go?


It ‘a no surprise that both my audience and my clients are very much enthralled when I take and share session photos or videos (with permission).

Who wouldn’t? It’s sexy to have your dirty deeds documented – and if you’re into it, it’s even hotter when you get to have those filmed bits of filth presented to a sizable audience. Its why amature porn is so big, right?

It’s just hot to see yourself acting like a sexual primal animal; or in my capacity – to see yourself being toyed with, bound, used and abused, by a sinful seductress.

Try as I might, I never feel like the images I take truly capture the moment. You never get to hear the sounds of my punished pet as he breaths heavily under my cane stroke…or the begging for MORE as I dip and tease my metal urethral sounds deep inside his cock. You miss the shivering, the elevated heart rate, my mocking laugh and purring comments: what you get is a flash and a split second locked in time. Don’t get me wrong, that’s all obscenely erotic…

….but I think I can do better.


I’ve been thinking (when do I ever stop) and it seems these little GoPro cameras are pretty damn popular these days. You strap them to yourself (or something near by) and you get a distortion free, wide angle, perfect sound recording – or live streaming – of the action.

You see where I’m going right?

So, I’m putting it out there to gauge general interest in the idea of sessions that involve the option of having it all recorded by a camera worn by me (or you) to catch first hand and up close; your deviant demise.

Naturally, this is only something I would do with someone’s very direct permission. I have NO desire to otherwise violate the trust and privacy of my visitors. Any cameras or recording devices I may have would only come out if you specifically requested this.

….but for those who are into being watched or seeing themselves endure various tormenting scenarios at my hands: I’m craving some feedback to the possibility.

Feel free to share your thoughts via tweet responses and comments.

Side note: anyone who would recommend using a standard camcorder on a tripod in place of my suggestion let me stop you right there…

My dungeon is a multi room studio with low light and music playing for all sessions. Sadly at this time I haven’t found a camera that will record quality video under these conditions….that doesn’t also require a camera operator or constant repositioning of the equipment as we move from room to room: or device to device ;-)

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Public Play & Out Of Dungeon Engagements

tumblr_mm9xniODcE1r3r30ko1_500 - Copy


I’m ever evolving my interests and offerings; it keeps the creative energy flowing you know? When I consider the expanded possibilities of just a slight change in the typical structure of a session, I’m absolutely overflowing with ideas for new and unique ways to better enjoy and torment my lovely visitors.

During Summer and Fall, I’m drawn out of my dungeon play space by a strong pull to explore play in various locations. During a recent 4 day scene, I helped my ‘slave’ live out the fantasy of 24/7 ownership where in he was required to accompany me about town. We enjoyed meals out, shopping and visits to a nail salon. Of course, we didn’t subject any innocent bystanders to our play – but he was given contact instruction and very rigid rules for how he had to conduct himself while with me. Having him trussed up with nipple clamps, a butt plug and remote controlled electro device strapped to his cock kept him on his toes in the most invasive and secretive way.

Being in the open like that made even the slightest order more urgent; should he fail at ANYTHING, he risked the immediate punishment of public humiliation…and worse, the threat of what I would do to him when we got back to my place.

During the final night of our stint together, he confessed that simply being out of the dungeon made his fantasy feel more ‘real’, he truly felt he had been made a part of my world and enjoying typical activities with me in even mundane locations; it made our dynamic vastly more exciting. I agreed whole heartedly.

For returning visitors, I will be making this an official offering.

If you’d like to go shopping, enjoy lunch/dinner out, grab some coffee or perhaps just enjoy the sights the Seattle has to offer, I will gladly accompany you. These appointments will need to be a minimum of 2 hours long but can last up to 10 hours at the traditional tribute listed on my website. Over the next couple of days, I will be sure to add this to my website’s Fantasy Ideas page with a bit more detail.

Any questions you might have about this in the meantime, you’re welcome to send an email my way! victoria.rage@yahoo.com

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Thank you…

Creative Concepts


Dear Readers, Sweet Admirers and Lovely Visitors,

I’ve had an overwhelming and amazing month thanks to all of you. The pour out of gifts, loving emails, cards, special visits and well wishes has made my 30th birthday the absolute best I’ve ever had.

Never have I felt so warmly cared for by my clients, pets and admirers; but it’s a feeling a girl could really get used to!

While I’ve tried my best to respond to each and every person who reached out to me, I realize in the extensive correspondence, I may have missed a couple here and there. So, for all of you who were thoughtful and kind enough to help make my special day just a bit more special; thank you truly from the bottom of my heart.

I’ll be taking just one more day off to soak up the R&R I so desperately need, but as you might expect, come Wednesday I’ll hit the ground running! I have a few more blog posts in the works, another debauched role play scenario to share and a few photos taken (with permission) from some of this month’s highlight scenes…of, and how could I forget? I slew of new toys I’ve been gifted this month which will be fun for ALL to enjoy!


So stay tuned: there’s never a dull moment in my dungeon!



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