So, about those *New Photos* I’ve been talking about……

I’ve been busy lately, though when am I ever not graced with a full schedule this days?

I’m starting to feel that if I’ve for time to sit, to take a breath, that’s time better spent on other things. Sexy, salacious and deviant things….

My dungeon has come along famously in the last year since I moved into my home, plans for new furniture and possibly an expansion to 4 or 5 playrooms is being considered *and* I’ve reconnected with an old photographer who’s found himself in a new phase of life; and  ready to pick back up in the meantime on being an amazing camera man for yours truly.

A couple weeks back, we had our first reconnection shoot; and despite me taking it as more of a fun ‘let’s see where our dynamic takes us now’ sort of thing, he truly captured some rather amazing moods in our session.

I love photography, I always have and I heavily admire the artists who can bring a still image and breathe life in it. It takes skill and as I’m usually quite critical of how I look in pictures; always keenly aware that I’m ‘posing’, he’s gracefully managed to get around that to show me in a finished work what my play partners have only been able to describe in person.

So, without further adieu, here’s a small sampling of our collaboration…

DVRRubber DeviousDomina MetalTower VRCloseUp WardenRage


DVRClaw DVRRough

As it stands, we have been chatting about doing a series of images over the next few months so you can look forward to MANY drool worthy updates as we approach the warmer months…


A ‘Providers’ Pledge

 I wrote this over 2 years ago, and if you’re a TNA member, here’s the original link…

My thoughts and feelings are just the same now, if not even stronger then they were back then. As time ticks on and more people are seriously considering their ‘first time’ with a professional, I offer you this to ease your nerves in ‘paying for pleasure’…..

As a side note, if you’re able to view the link via the board, you will notice that I’m not the only woman who feels this way about how she conducts herself. Many of Seattle’s best and brightest echoed my sentiment, painting a very optimistic picture of all the eroticism and pleasure meant to be had…


I am your provider and above all I will remember this…

While our exchange is ‘business’ my business is PLEASURE and that’s where my focus will be; not the clock, not your wallet and certainly not on my next appointment.

I will be communicative with you when you contact me, and direct with you when I’m available or not. I will never leave you hanging if I don’t need to and will always speak in certain terms instead of ‘maybe’, ‘later’ or ‘let me see’. I will agree to a time and I will confirm/reserve it with you, I will not forget, overbook or book back to back.

You will also have my address or very solid directions so you’ll know where to go when the time comes. I’ll never leave you driving around a random part of town, wasting your precious time only to chastise you for being late.

I’ll also be ready at the time we agree to! 6pm means 6pm and that includes a FRESH and clean me ready to start our fun. I promise I will not leave you waiting in the parking lot for 20 minutes while I finish with someone else, I will be waiting for you before you even arrive. If I am running late, I will tell you BEFORE I’m actually late so you can grab a coffee or perhaps not need to rush so much on your end.

When together, I will be excited about it! If I’m feeling sick or not in the mood, I will be straight forward about it. I will tell you as soon as I know I won’t be able to be at my 100% best and I will offer something besides excuses to make up for it. This however, won’t happen often because I will only accept appointments when I’m sure I can handle them, only an emergency or a sudden illness will cause me to need to cancel.

When we do connect, I will expect the proper donation, but if you pay for an hour – you’re getting 60 minutes. Not 50, not 40, not 20 and a coy smile.
I will also give you an above average experience, listening to what you want and need, while still keeping in mind that it’s up to me to set the pace and the mood.

I will always dress up special for you, keep our sessions varied and always have you anticipating what I’ll do next. I will remain mysterious in a GOOD way so that you may feel entranced and caught up instead of like we’re following a script.

As hard as it might be sometimes, I also promise to just be honest with you.
If your hygiene isn’t 100%, I’ll just come up with a sweet way to tell you instead of holding back and giving you a half assed session. I will also be clear on what I like and don’t like, what my boundaries are and what you can expect – you will always know ahead of time what you’re donating for. If you do have questions, I’ll offer a safe way for you to ask them.

You have chosen me above thousands of others and I’m honored. Everything that it takes for you to come see me is taken into consideration when I accept your appointment.

And if you do become a regular, I won’t start to slack because you’re business is ‘in the bag’. In fact, I will try harder to keep you interested and happy because I know you, I feel a trust for you and I’m comfortable with you – this should be acknowledged and rewarded.

I will make sure above all, I give you a damn good reason to never consider seeing someone else….but if you do, I promise to not be jealous in any way. I will be happy you’re out exploring other women and other possibilities, and if you ever need to use me as a reference, I will respond immediately so you’re free to seize the night.

You are the reason I have a career, you are the reason I love my job…. above all, I will NEVER take that for granted.

The Sinister Seductress Returns to Seattle!

It’s official, I’m home my sweets, I dearly hope you’ve missed me.

I had an amazing little stint resting, relaxing and otherwise being caught up in someone else’s imagination in the form of Disney parks. Yes, I freely admit that the last two trips I’ve taken have involved theme parks, but it’s out of my system now. Sometimes a girl just needs to immerse herself in some of her old favorite locations.

If you weren’t following my twitter feed, you missed a LOT! Mostly various photos of me in way too big sunglasses around various attractions, but I was hoping to draw you all a little closer to me as I took in my surroundings.

Naturally, I’m a movie person, so Universal Studios was a MUST visit…. And there were no shortages of bizarre photo ops…

Anyone else need more cowbell?


Not too long after, I found my way to a recreation of a Medieval village, complete with authentic treasures from 600-800 years ago. I felt shamefully modern (and somewhat disrespectful) taking a selfie with a book that’s more than 600 years old but I’m pretty determined, so ….


Then came a section that featured real torture devices; as you would expect, I became much more enthusiastic about capturing the moment! Don’t worry darlings, none of them came home with me…. Though it did inspire some new tight bondage poses.

(A real Judas cradle!)


Pony play? Yes!


After that, I had to cap off my excursions with a little stop at Epcot, where I rocked a pigtailed look rather masterfully.

Seeing the World Showcase as an adult was no less thrilling then when I walked the countries as a child.


And Germany, being my overall favorite, did not disappoint! Miniature German village (background), ice cold beer, Jäger shots and lovely lasses in European costumes – beautiful.


But as I always conclude, there’s really no place like home my pets, and after a week spent entirely entwined in another reality; I’m ready for the (dis)comfort and familiarity of my dungeon.

Thankfully, I can see my inbox and voice mail are full to the gills with opportunities to expel all this fresh energy!

If you’re feeling brave or just want to see what I look like after a week of kink free rest – I’m plenty happy to make time for those of you who have yet to request a place in my black book for the month.

…but consider yourselves warned….

“I’m working up the courage to see you.” ~ Entering & Returning To The BDSM World~



“I’m still working up the courage to see you….”


I can’t be alone here, but I get this comment daily… multiple times daily on occasion, and it’s one I still can’t seem to overcome despite everything I post to present myself in a warm and welcoming light.

The ‘plight’ of the Pro Domme is that visually, what draws our potential visitors in is the look for a hard core, no mercy woman who’s going to put you in your place: then punish you severely…swiftly…and without mercy. It’s what most people think of when the word Dominatrix comes to mind. Go ahead, think of any fictitious Dominatrix and let’s explore what you draw up.

She was in something shiny, wasn’t she? Likely holding a whip with some poor submissive tied down to the floor so he had no choice but to prostrate himself before her? Of course it was…. simply put, a pretty woman with a hard edge. That’s what your primal self craves, but what your logical side is likely afraid of.

It’s taken most of my career to find some sort of balance between portraying the fantasy that draws someone to really consider seeing me, but being the approachable woman that gives them the confidence and reassurance they can actually survive a session with me.  Each time I hear that painful sentence at the end of a call or email, “I’m working up the courage to see you”, I just want to stop the communication and ask point blank if the suitor knows anything about ME at all, my writings, reviews and so on, or are the judging me against the fictions and ferocious Amazon their mind’s eye has conjured up to represent all Dommes everywhere.

Frustrating though it may be, I sympathize with these men. I do.

You have a longing to experience something unusual, perhaps profound and completely out of the ordinary. You’re only option may be to lay your trust in a woman you’ve never met, who will tie you down, strap you in and use an arsenal of toys to bring you to a point of enlightenment. That can be terrifying. Were I to be in that scenario, you better believe I’d want to develop a rapport with this woman before I’m going to let her put me in a disadvantaged position….but in most cases, that’s not really an option for most men.

Nothing will ever fully prepare you for your first time with a Professional, or to return to kink if you’ve been away for a while. But once you’re over that first hill, I promise that you’ll look back with a grin and wonder why you waited so long.

Don’t be afraid to explore what’s out there and don’t think that if you repress your urges long enough they’ll obediently go away: they won’t.

With a little care, preparation and research, you could be just a phone call away from having the experience of a lifetime; why on earth would you allow a little hesitation rob you of that?

February reflections, recuperation and a little time off…


Pets and playmates,

This post is a little belated for what I was hoping to publish, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me since I’ve been otherwise busy crowding your inboxes quite generously with kinky reading material.

As I mentioned earlier in December, I will be taking the first week of February off to do some personal exploration, recuperation and catch up on some of the many tasks and errands I tend to set on the back burner when my life becomes a flurry of kinky and fun… Not that I would ever complain about my day to day happenings being a whirlwind of leather and latex!

From February 1 to February 7 you will find me completely unavailable and unreachable, though I suspect for those of you who follow me on Twitter, I will keep you plenty entertained as I post pictures of what happens in a dominatrix’s off time.

As I know many of you like to either send me off on a good note or welcome me home when I take a break of any sort, if you’re interested in making a reservation for my time it’s always best to do so sooner rather than later.

If you’re not already familiar with my website feel free to explore the possibilities at

Of course, before I take my leave I will have plenty of opportunities to connect and defile you pretty little things, so try not to fret too much.

And speaking of defiling… I will keep this short since I have just a few more moments before a brand-new playmate comes knocking at my door ready to be dismantled and reassembled for my pleasure…

I hope the rest of you are having as spine tingling a day as I am…

Aggressively Expanding Your Horizons: 52 Weeks of Masturbation




It’s easy to get caught in a sexual rut, isn’t it?

While this might not be my personal speed bump,  I deal almost daily with  individuals who are frankly bored of their normal routine. Sex  is the driving force behind so much of what we do, it forms massive sectors of our personality and adds spark and intrigue to our daily lives. When it gets boring or there’s too much of the same what are you supposed to do about it? Be grateful you can still feel turned on at all?

Obviously, that sort of answer isn’t enough for me, and barring any sort of medical or psychological barriers you may face that would prevent you from doing so; if you’re fortunate enough to have an erotic life at all, you should cherish it, nurture it and feed it like a wild hungry beast.


Vanilla or not, I think we can all agree that expanding what turns us on in general is the key to breaking out of our erotic shell. While not totally under our control, we can heavily influence what makes us shiver, we can learn to see things differently….and after much thought, I’ve come up with a solution that should fit rather snugly into everyone’s typical schedule.

I call it 52 weeks of masturbation!

Let’s face it, we all watch porn, we just do.

If you  try to tell me you don’t, you’re flat out lying (or you have an SO who won’t give you 5 minutes of free time). There’s no shame in it, for me it’s as reflexive as grabbing a drink when I’m thirsty. When I want to get off and I’m all alone – I dash to my laptop and fire up some favored clips, hey it’s human nature, but even I noticed a gravitation towards the same *type* of materials.

So, I turned to the ever trusty Porn Hub for help and inspiration; happily as always, they gave me exactly what I needed.

You’ll notice here, they have 62 glorious categories or nearly endless material. My order to you is this: for the next year, I want you all to expand with me.

Eroticize things you’d never expect….

Once a week, park yourself in front of your computer and launch into a random category, even if it’s not one that instantly appeals to you. Just turn yourself on a bit and flick through videos in the category until you find one that helps get you off….and stick with it until the deed is done. Essentially, you’re forcing your brain to reconsider it’s stance on what’s sexy. If your mind and body want all the chemicals and convulsions that come with an orgasm, it’s going to cooperate and work with the material at hand (unless it’s offensive to you – then skip it). Yeah, it might take a bit longer, but focus….try to make it work and don’t let yourself be discouraged.

Now, I know there’s 52 weeks in a year and 62 categories, but I’m assuming most of us masturbate more than once a week so man up and double down when you can!

By the end of the year, I want to see some horizons expanded.


….and if you’re curious what video category *I’m* going to start with, I think I’ll be giving Hentai a whirl…

Surrendering Your Senses (a slight expansion on hypno play)



He was very much to the point on the phone….

A man with little time, but BIG curiosity: “I saw you had a hypno domination offering, he said, I’ve been following your blog for a while and I think I’d like to give it a try, though I’ve been pretty unsuccessful watching videos on my own ”

Our conversation was rather short, but his message was singular and entirely expected. Hypnosis and BDSM *sounds* intriguing, but what if you’re skeptical or simply don’t think it’ll work on you?


I suppose I won him over, at least enough to sway him for a visit with some simple logic. “If you’ve had a hard time feeling the effects of hypnosis in the past, I imagine it’s because you’re consciously focusing on it at the time. It’s like when you’re trying to sleep….if you simply lie in bed trying to mentally bully yourself into passing out, thinking about how many hours you have left, how tired you will be in the morning if you don’t sleep RIGHT NOW – you aren’t going to fall sweetly into dreamland now are you?”

“Approach it with an open mind and zero expectations….you just might surprise yourself!”


I realize in my previous post, that there’s a bit of ambiguity in exactly what I *do* for my Hypno Domme scenes. Bondage with audio input is vague on purpose, when he arrived, he hadn’t already mentally walked himself through the scene. He hadn’t convinced himself that it wouldn’t work…he simply arrived curious.

I helped him into the bondage of choice; which is different for everyone. Knowing certain poses, materials and equipment can all have powerful psychological effects, I’ve been tailoring the resting position to each unique person….and his was to be spread eagle on the floor, held limbs apart with thick iron spreader bars and rough rope tied strictly around his limbs. I wanted him to KNOW he was in bondage – not simply feel ‘held down’.

For the visual element, I chose to deprive his sight with a pillowy blindfold. One you’d expect to use on a long haul flight where their might be an abundance of light: incredibly heavy duty and soft enough to forget about. It’s tremendous how the mind will dance away when you have nothing to look at.

Oddly enough, I could feel him beginning to slip away before I placed the piece of this puzzle on him; he let out a breathy and anticipatory sigh as the headphones clamped over his ears. The first lines of his particular recording were meant to reach him and put him at ease…

” Don’t think, don’t worry, you’re not in control…..”

My audio poured into him like hot syrup as it began it’s sultry tones, throbbing beats and faintly whispered commands. I watched him for a moment in the silence of the dungeon, taking in how vast his inner world  had just become, where on the outside, I could hear a pin drop. It was so powerful to know I had taken complete control of his senses in such a slick and abrupt manner, he didn’t protest, he didn’t ask a lot of questions, he went boldly into the deep end.

I set about the dungeon, gathering a few implements to use at key times throughout the scene, and as I returned to begin my external torments, I saw the very obvious trace of goosebumps racing across his skin….

It was working….

Now as this blog is read equally by potential visitors and other practicing Dommes, this is where my description of what I actually *did* will end….but maybe, just maybe, I’ll soon post a perspective piece from someone who’s been on the receiving end of these particular ministrations via review form.  In the meantime, I hope this little appetizer will entice those who you who are curious, to take a bit of an adventure into the unknown.





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